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"The Kid" puts out bait for Mustafa. Leyla is about to fall for Mustafa's trap. As Şehzade Mehmet's time runs out, Yüce Efendi executes his deadly plan, but fails to anticipate Mustafa's next move. Mustafa foils a plot involving the Russians and the English. Lastly, Queen Victoria as a constitutional monarch would have had no part in the spying and international politics with the British portrayed in series 1. We don't have an overview translated in English. Mustafa pursues the Brotherhood Syndicate to find the abducted children. TV Series Miloş waits patiently for Mustafa to get to Akbar first. Filinta is an Ottoman detective fiction television series created for TRT1 by Yusuf Esenkal and Serdar Öğretici. Lara Zaharyas (26 Episodes) Mehmet Özgür. Mustafa and Davut Paşa look for a notebook to solve Esat Paşa's murder. As an American born and raised, I knew nothing about your country or your people. Ali and Mustafa find a link between Edmund and Akbar. Mustafa is preoccupied with a mysterious street assassination. Friday, For animated series, this should be a picture of their character(s). Cemil uses Şehzade Murat to stage a political uprising following the Thessaloniki affair, but Mustafa has a backup plan that only Leyla can foil. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cemil invites Feriha for tea and sweets. Wary of becoming dependent on the Americans, the padişah spurns Boris's proposal. Officer Mustafa solves crimes in 19th-century Istanbul while trying to clear his name after being framed by Boris Zaharyas, a man with a dark past. Mustafa and Gıyaseddin uncover a conspiracy behind Sir Thomas's alleged death, and Boris has the European dignitaries wrapped around his finger. As far as a concern by a fellow reviewer, I get what you are saying about the history as portrayed. А его цель – это раскрытие самых запутанных, порой даже безнадежных дел, кроме того, он ищет иностранные сети…. Kadı Gıyaseddin is a -kadı- (judge) who belongs to a well-established family, and was trained in Damascus, Bukhara, Cairo and Konya from an early age. Kayra Senocak as Hasan Süreyya makes a deal with Boris. This is generally used for anime. Mustafa interrogates Şehzade Mehmet and hits a dead end. Set in 19th century Istanbul, Filinta follows the adventures and intrigues of 'Filinta Mustafa' - a police officer. Drama needs to have their heads examined. Filinta 19. yüzyılda dünya dengeleri yeniden kurulurken bir imparatorluğun yaşadığı değişime ve adalet savaşçılarının verdikleri mücadeleye şahit oluyoruz. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Khadi Giyaseddin Hatemi is the tutor of Mustafa and knows his innocence but he has to prove Mustafa’s innocence with evidence. Devastated by grief and betrayed by someone close to him, Mustafa faces a heavy sentence, but Kadı Gıyaseddin is suspicious of the evidence. Boris, in fact, is the mafia leader who is behind these entire gun smuggling activities. Boris unleashes his wrath on Sir Henry. They were portrayed a gang members, thugs, assassins. Foto Abdullah - Abdullah Efendi, İstanbul’un ilk fotoğrafçılarından, zamanının teknoloji hastası. A mysterious letter helps Mustafa find the traitor, but his most dangerous enemy is closer than he thinks. After the envoys vote on the Balkan territories, the sultan comes up with a last-minute announcement that turns the tables on the Russians. But crazy weather might cancel the tradition unless the Rescue Riders can swoop in. Anita must clean up her mistake with the bank records. 110 min Hope Netflix gets the ball rolling and adds Seasons to various series so that we can watch them all . Mustafa offers Leyla a proposal and fulfills Gıyaseddin's wishes. Rıza slips through Mustafa's fingers. This series has been favorited by 3 people. Ali and Mustafa train to serve in the padişah's intelligence unit, and Davut Paşa introduces them to a new threat to the state. When an attaché is killed, diplomats seize the chance to sow chaos. Ali and Mustafa protect the padişah in a shootout. I watched season 1 and 2. The sultan buys time to plan his next move and negotiates with the German envoy. December 23, 2014. Rıza helps Mustafa and Ali rescue Gıyaseddin. I found it hard to take that you portrayed your countrymen in such a bad light. Was Istanbul really that thuggish? However, one day, Mustafa and his close friend Ali (Cem Ucan) find themselves in a big ambush planned by a wealthy merchant Boris (Serhat Tutumluer). The Masons present Mustafa with a dilemma, and the sultan believes Mustafa has betrayed him. Miloş is nowhere to be found. Akbar targets Mustafa, Ali and Farah in a new conspiracy. Young policeman Mustafa is on his way to career prominence, but a shadowy figure threatens to undo everything. Ali and Mustafa track down the woman who can shed light on Mustafa's past, but they're not the only ones who've been looking for her. Yeşil…”. Hazim Kormukcu Boris pressures Lara to leave Istanbul. Gıyaseddin asks the padişah to order a sweep of the palace in order to isolate the mole. A failed bank robber locks himself in a home, along with a real estate agent, two IKEA addicts, a pregnant woman, a suicidal millionaire and a rabbit.

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