firefly 2 change temperature without app

Did you buy it directly from firefly or another distributor? Why would Apple do this? Thank you very much for sharing your experiences, I really appreciate it. I’ve had a couple units for a few years now with no problems but I also don’t use them on the daily because I’m testing all sorts of vapes all the time. Thanks man, hopefully you get one soon! While I have not had any problems or off flavors from the plastic mouthpiece, I would prefer another material so I am hoping some new mouthpieces become available down the road. I would like your opinion on this matter. In true startup style, Firefly’s office is in a loft in SoMa in the heart of San Francisco. I appreciate my Arizer Air and Solo more. So this takes us into our first con. However, the Firefly 2 requires a very natural, effortless draw. If you wanted to get some better clouds, I recommend the medium-high setting, pack the chamber full of ground up herb, pre-heat the chamber until the light stops blinking and then slowly draw for about 30 seconds. (I don’t have a MacBook so I can’t use the altapp store). i guess i'll call them from work on monday. I’m mostly concerned with battery life (or replaceable extra batteries for on the go), and ease of cleaning. Thanks bro, and keep the good work up! Even though the battery is starting to die, the simplicity and consistency of the Mighty’s performance just absolutely blows the FF2 out of the water. Can you give the physical dimensions of the unit? The Firefly 2 uses an application available for both iOS and Android which connects to the Firefly 2 via Bluetooth. Please leave your valid email address below. My pleasure Toni! All vaporizers will smell, people generally say vapes smell half as much as smoking, but the smell goes away over twice as fast. Just something about the experience of using a flame/torch kind of brings you back to the old days but still no combustion. Maybe the FF is better for a single hit type situation, but it is truly and undeniably an inferior device and I can see why so many people are disappointed at this price point. If I maxed out the settings on my FF2 then I can guarantee that it would create a pile of ash. It was a chilly Wednesday night in San Francisco as my girlfriend and I briskly walked to Ganja Yoga at Merchants of Reality in SoMa (South of Market). I agree, Jet Black looks great! You can use the firefly 2 battery in your firefly 1, and the battery life is a lot better. The Firefly 2 is very easy to load and unload. The Firefly 2 comes with a 2 year warranty. Any thoughts? I really doubt it’s Apple’s issue or doing (outside of regular AppStore update/review processes, which technically would still be FF’s fault). I like to grind my herb pretty good and pack a fairly large bowl. Love your reviews, the one thing i am trying to find a portable vape with the coolest vapour and a direct path from herb to mouth. The Firefly 2 is an ultra-portable vaporizer that is designed to be super-easy to use. I spoke to Firefly and I am not sure I would like the Firefly 2 as well even though there are several improvements. Since the mouthpiece is removable, I am excited to see both what Firefly Vapor themselves and third-party vendors come up with. I was able to vape 26 bowls before I noticed any performance degradation. I think the FF2 is the perfect vape. The unit is now very similar in size and weight to the to the Crafty and the Air vaporizers thanks to them switching from a stainless steel body to a magnesium alloy body. Would the battery be depleted within this time or does it actually only release power with each drag to fire up the oven? I’m still blown away every time I pull it out for a quick session. Thanks again! If I smoked on the way to a movie and then kept the ff2 in my pocket, would it be noticeably smelly? If that’s their def of working properly, there you have it. Your favorite dried herbs will be put into the circular heating chamber. The first advantage is that magnesium is roughly 34% lighter than aluminum. Instant Vapor. 1. The battery issue has been solved with the FF2, I get double the battery life from a full charger, and now you get two batteries. I know you caught a lot of bs flack over on r/vaporents and I'm still not clear why. You simply load the amount of herb you want for that session and rip it. It's equally superb with flowers and extracts, ready in 3 seconds, and is easy to load and clean. Definitely not the easiest vaporizer to master! Clever. i can't change the temp at all without the app that doesn't exist. The Pax products are some of the most reliable in the niche and I’ve had great luck with them as well. If you want to charge the FF2 on the go with a battery, you will need to use a rubber band or hair tie to hold the unit on the doc. When should I empty? they said i could exchange for a Plenty or get it back. The Firefly 2 is 33% smaller and 55% lighter than the original Firefly. I’m concerned about the finnicky and technique I hear the FF2 has – while the GH seems so easy. the glass vaporway gets gunked up fast and smells heavy dont know why maybe more surface or its the glass gassing of the smell faster…. Firefly has a bit better flavor and vapor quality as well. I do make a small commission if you buy the vapes from my links. I’ve found shorter lower temp draws will produce a lighter, more refreshing type of session where the higher temps will create larger clouds and the effects will be more intense. The temperature range on the Firefly 2 is very wide. If you care a lot about overall vapor quality and especially flavor then you will really appreciate the Firefly 2 even after coming from some of my very favorite units (Volcano and Crafty). Press J to jump to the feed. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Share it with your friends! xwingman- i have been playing with lower settings, yet still the best experience i have had involves deep browning on the first hit and blackening on any subsequent hits (and this is stirring after EACH draw). thanks! Hold your fingers there, until you see the LED on top turn solid green. The big downside to the Grasshopper is the hotter vapor and the mouthpiece can get warm with prolonged use. Definitely a learning curve associated with it. Straight out of the box, there’s no way to charge the extra battery. ( Crafty was $458) and I would like a premium piece, as I am using Arizer Solo while the mercedes is in the shop, and its just not a luxury item. I cannot compare the reliability of the FF2 to the Pax2 and the Crafty/Mighty since it is so new, but you will get the best flavor, and the smoothest and coolest vapor from the Firefly 2, followed by the Crafty/Mighty followed by the Pax 2. The qualities I am looking for is something I can pick up and use here and there and not feel obligated to finish it it, something that is easy on my throat and heated in the healthiest way, something that has a lot of flavor and is easy to use. My second question is, with any of these units besides the FF2 , can I load them , take a hit , put it down , and come back to it later ? Is the issues of the GH that annoying, that sending it in every few months, outweigh it or at least make the technique on the FF2 bareable? By the time we arrived, there were still two spots up front. So now that we’ve covered pretty much everything about the Firefly 2, let’s jump into the vape session. The bowl is not open, it just has a viewing window so you can see into the bowl while its closed. That’s right, you can use an app on a smartphone to control the temperature of a portable handheld vaporizer ranging from: Concentrates 500°, High 420°, Medium High 400°, Medium 380°, and Low 360° (temperatures in fahrenheit). The new efficient design allows the unit to be much more responsive for heat up times and also much better at maintaining the proper heat setting during your session. You cant work the vape without the manufacturing bugs without the app. or just the vocal minority? Especially with the honeycomb hydratube. Dishonest, irresponsible, unethical, not nice, a hamfisted and greedy grab at cash. I sent my FF2 back because the buttons were being intermittent and I sometimes had to remove the battery and reinsert to get them to work. I was curious find out what internally was computing all of this, especially given the complexity and reduced size and weight of the device. While I am not a huge fan of plastic and I was not thrilled when I saw the mouthpiece was made out of it, it has turned out to be fine in my opinion. Posted by 4 years ago. Over the last month of testing I have really grown to love this vaporizer. The coconut oil product you are referring to is definitely not safe to vape. The Grasshopper works better in this case because like you said, you can load very tiny amounts. The first thing you’ll notice is the reduced weight and that’s a huge plus in the portable vaporizer category. From here select the unit that appears, you should have a connect button to click on. Firefly 2+ How to Change Temperature Settings without the App. A step by step on how to use the Firefly 2 Vaporizer, and to get the perfect hit from one of the Best vaporizers in the market. Let me know if you have any more questions. So the Firefly 2 is very easy to pocket on the go. I understand your upset and I value your opinion but my experiences with the Firefly 2 have been quite a bit different. Second, the Firefly 2 now has less thermal conductivity or heat transfer, meaning the heat stays where it is supposed to and the outside of the unit will stay cooler during use. That is both awesome that you can fix it yourself AND that they decided to just send out the part. Right now it’s a high priced paperweight because I simply don’t use it. First There was Fire, The Wheel and then The Firefly2. They kept all of the things that made the original Firefly great and improved on all of the downsides. It’ll flash red and the number of times it flashes tells you what it’s set too. Take it easy man and thanks again for checking out my site. I prefer a joint to a bowl. So really you won’t even have to leave herb in the Grasshopper. I get that it is “Food” Grade, but that just means from a eating off of it standpoint, not inhaling. I have had 3 FF2’s total, the first beta unit they sent me to test in the cold which I had to send back, then I got a review unit, and then I also bought my own unit on launch day.

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