firefly lane book club questions

Firefly Lane is my first book by her (sad, isn't?) From the New York Times bestselling author of On Mystic Lake comes a powerful novel of love, loss, and the magic of friendship. It follows Tully and Kate, two very different girls, through the ups and downs of a lifelong friendship. So cool to read about Bainbride Island), and it took place in the 70-80’s (this was the icing on the book)!!! She’s a voracious reader and she doesn’t often give me book recommendations. In my honest opinion, it's a powerful (there goes that word again) display of women's fiction. Terms of Service I think he obviously did at one time until he realized the person deep down she was. Privacy Policy. For her, I think she just needs to get in therapy or don't think about it and focus on what she has. 3. I think I liked it so much because it made me think about my friends (just what is a friend and what would you do for a friend?) How does this sense of being unwanted influence her life? Anyways, here are my answers:1. Not only was it a trip down memory lane, but more importantly, it was a poignant and touching reminder of why our friends are so important. I was a little surprised by this, because the characters pulled me into the story right away. Yeah, Kate was dying and perhaps I would want to talk to Tully one last time but I don't think I would be able to confide in her like I used to after that. I felt that in Kate’s character. Discussion Questions Firefly Lane. Did you like it? It stuck with me. Then, to her amazement, the “coolest girl in the world” moves in across the street and wants to be her friend. Benison, Apple Cider Mimosa – The Perfect Apple Cider Cocktail, Washington D.C. area Registered Dietitian | Recipes + Healthy Living, With Gage – Mommy Laid an Egg OR Where Do Babies Come From? . How does her troubled relationship with … I just finished hosting my book club for the book Firefly Lane. Nothing. I don't know that children are obligated to forgive their parents, but it seems like it's a necessary step to move on & get past something that happened. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to get book recommendations and all the latest news. One of the first things Tully says to Kate is a lie. I think Tully probably enjoys the power that she will always have over Johnny. What I really liked about their friendship is that they both provided missing puzzle pieces to the other. I see the generations of bad parenting on a daily basis at work! My 93 year old grandma has read every Kristin Hannah book. When my kids were little, it was also the thing that sent waves of panic over me – the idea of losing my kid in a crowd. Harriet Martineau. I shudder to think of the logic and actual mothering she will miss out on with Tully being one of her only female role models now! But I know it's easier said than done. Motherhood? Some of the reviews I read complained that the characters were one dimensional and stereotypical. I will be honest. Not possible.2. She is so good at playing the woman we love to hate. So, I think the universe was trying to tell me something. Click on the links to download the files. I definitely think Tully thinks of Kate and Johnny's relationship as something that she SHOULD have and not Kate. Did you feel that way? 3. The sequel is Fly Away. I'm not so sure Johnny really has feelings for Tully. and I will never forget it. I think Johnny will always have feelings for Tully. 2. My 93 year old grandma has read every Kristin Hannah book. SOME PEOPLE NEED TO BE STERLIZED. In Firefly Lane you meet Kate and Tully. All participants were put in a drawing for a Rubik cube. Literary Devices. I don't think she is capable of loving another person until she can love herself.4. It’s a coming of age novel, but mainly it’s a story of a friendship that defines these two women. Cloud? Still, this one sat with the growing pile of books on my “to read” shelf. Repeated rejection from her flighty mom has made Tully needy and hard at the same time. I really wanted to like Tully because she was daring and broken, but I found her kind of exhausting.

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