fish with long tail fin

Anal fin soft rays 4-10. Much of Pellegrin’s efforts with the Neotropical taxa were improved upon by Regan’s series of generic revisions in the next two years (Regan, 1905-1906), which remained the platform for all Neotropical cichlid systematics until the 1980s. Caudal fin separated from dorsal and anal fins by a short peduncle in Anarhichas, median fins confluent and tapering to a point in Anarrhichthys. Anal fin 21-41 soft rays. Distribution: Arctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Dichistiidae - (Galjoen fishes) Mostly bottom dwelling species feeding on a mixed diet of algae and benthic invertebrates; some are planktivores, and some are specialized to feed on skin or fins of larger fishes, with mimic as cleaner. 420 species (Ref. Marine; intertidal zone to outer continental shelf, mainly along rocky shores and at depths less than 150 m. Also Ref. Feeds on crustaceans and other invertebrates. Chaet- (gr.) Distribution: tropical and subtropical eastern North and South America, Africa, Asia, Kermadec Islands, and Hawaii. Two anteriorly directed processes in swim bladder. Maximum length about 8 cm. Short spinous dorsal fin, with 5 spines and 17-20 rays. Feed on small crustaceans and fishes. All with basisphenoid except in Nemophini. No spines; soft rays 48-65. 7. Scales ctenoid or cycloid. Dorsal fin continuous, with 6-16 spines and 15-30 soft rays. Dorsal fin single, continuous or almost separate; spines 14-22; soft rays 19-39. Feed on small crustaceans and fishes. Chaet- (gr.) To about 50 cm maximum length. A knob projecting backward at the articulation of lower jaw. Short spinous dorsal fin, with 5 spines and 17-20 rays. Some Synchiropus species are popular in the aquarium trade but are difficult to maintain as they feed only on small invertebrates. Anterior dorsal fin with 4 or 5 spines; the second dorsal fin with 1 short spine and about 18 or 19 soft rays. 94100). Mouth strongly oblique. Postcleithra 2. Scales absent, except small cycloid scales present in Cryptacanthodes giganteus. 96888). Three spines in anal fin, soft rays usually 13 or 14. Continuous dorsal fin with 12-43 unbranched soft rays. Cichlids are known by family or genus-level local names, commonly with an adjective to distinguish well-marked species. Important food fishes. Another early major treatise is by Jardine (1843), based on the Schomburgk collection from Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela (Kullander & Stawikowski, 1997a-b, for identifications). Cichlid diversity has been explained both by their advanced brood care and by the versatile design of the pharyngeal jaw complex used for food mastication. 8. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific from South Africa to Hawaii and Easter I. Anal fin 21-41 soft rays. Dorsal fins far apart. Distribution: North and South America. Interrupted lateral line in most species. 7463. Bartram’s bass are olive green to bronze with pale bellies that sometimes have a … Chiefly marine; rarely brackish. Snout fleshy and jutting beyond lower jaw. There is no scientific monograph covering all Neotropical cichlid species, but numerous aquarium books of variable quality, of which Stawikowski & Werner (1998) may be consulted for the most updated compilation of cichlasomine cichlids. Bussing (1998: 293-384) summarizes data on 24 Costa Rican cichlid species; Keith et al. Their tail makes a D-shape when viewed from the side. Most Atlantic coastal rivers of Brazil have 1-3 species of cichlids. Slender fishes with compressed head and body. 7463). Dactyloscopidae - (Sand stargazers) Distribution: South Africa and Madagascar. Colorful. Pelvic fins present in all but 2 species, before pectorals, with 1 short, inconspicuous spine and 2-4 segmented rays. Dorsal and anal fins long, extending to caudal fin base or confluent with caudal fin; dorsal fin with 60-80 stiff spines, anal fin with 0-3 spines and 43-52 soft rays. No teeth in vomer and palatines. Marine (often brackish); some in freshwater. A lateral line is present with about 50scales along its length. Among Neotropical taxa, lengths range from about 25-30 mm adult size in Apistogramma and Taeniacara, to about 1 meter in Cichla temensis. Primarily Indo-west Pacific. Most taxa are in the interval 10-20 cm, however. Chaetodontidae - (Butterflyfishes) The oral jaws are generally highly movable and protrusible, and tooth shape varies greatly, although most Neotropical cichlids have simple, subconical, unicuspid teeth, whereas African cichlids commonly have laterally bicuspid or tricuspid oral teeth. The current estimate of 450 South American taxa is based on species already represented in museum collections; it can be assumed that new collections will bring in many more new taxa. Eggs are demersal and adhesive (Ref. 9850). Dichistiidae - (Galjoen fishes) Chaetodontidae - (Butterflyfishes) Suggested new common name for this family from Ref. Primarily Indo-west Pacific. Conical or villiform jaw teeth. Three spines in anal fin, soft rays usually 13 or 14. Cryptacanthodidae - (Wrymouths) Cichlids are recognized by several unambiguous anatomical synapomorphies. Warm temperate to tropical (Ref. Maximum length about 60 cm reported for Heterostichus rostratus; mostly well below this size (Ref. Distribution: from India to Borneo in fresh and brackish waters. Smaller species, particularly in the genus Apistogramma, may be strongly sexually dimorphic. Adults with the lower 4-7 pectoral rays usually thickened, elongated, and free. Usually blunt head. Bramidae - (Pomfrets) Distribution: North and South America, tropical. Dorsal fin with 3 or 4 short, isolated spines preceeding the long, low soft dorsal fin. (2000: 146-229) summarize data for 38 cichlid species from French Guiana and adjacent countries; Greenfield & Thomerson (1997:184-206) cover 19 species from Belize Body compressed; usually elongated to anguilliform in Chaenopsis. The presence of characteristically shaped and distributed micro-branchiospines on the gill arches (Stiassny, 1981); A few species largely scaleless, except for lateral line scales which is always present. Maximum length 75 cm. Chironemidae - (Kelpfishes) Elongate pelvic fins, inserted before or behind pectoral fin base; with 1 spine and 5 soft rays 5. Scales ctenoid or cycloid. You may remember hearing about the scientific classification system in your high school biology class. Branchiostegal rays 6. Pectoral fins large and rounded, with 18-24 rays. Also Ref. Primarily Indo-west Pacific. Some of the most enigmatic cases includes ‘Cichlasoma’ urophthalmus, of which Hubbs (1936) described numerous subspecies. Most Neotropical Cichlidae are moderately to strongly sex dimorphic, and breed pairwise. The subterminal mouth is very effective for grazing invertebrates from rock surfaces. Now that I’ve passed on everything I know about the colors and patterns of bettas, it’s time to talk about their fins.Those fancy tails are one of the key features that draw people to these magnificent fish. A cordlike ligament stretches from ceratohyal to dentary symphasis. Champsodontidae - (Crocodile toothfishes) 101194). Colorful cichlids are reared as aquarium fish. A few species largely scaleless, except for lateral line scales which is always present. 58418. Body compressed; usually elongated to anguilliform in Chaenopsis. Much of this habitat is difficult to reach that torrentfish are not easily observed and relatively little is known about them. Males attract gravid females to lay their eggs in a small hole or crevice, or underneath empty bivalve shells. Elongate body; lower jaw protruding. Dorsal fin with more spines than soft rays; all fin rays simple. ), Lates (9 spp.) Cichlids are distributed in fresh- and brackish waters in Central and South America, Texas (1 species), West Indies, Africa, Madagascar, Syria, Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka, and coastal southern India. Body elongate, rounded anteriorly and compressed posteriorly; head broad, depressed, with eyes set high. The cichlids are the most species-rich non-Ostariophysan fish family in freshwaters world-wide, and one of the major vertebrate families, with at least 1300 species and with estimates approaching 1900 species (Kullander, 1998). 7463). Hide in holes at night (Ref. Most Atlantic coastal rivers of Brazil have 1-3 species of cichlids. Cichlidae - (Cichlids) Mouth nonprotrusible. Distribution: Antarctic. Pellegrin (1904) revised the family with diagnoses of all genera and species known to him. Pelvic fins lacking in Parona signata. Dactyloscopidae - (Sand stargazers) The presence of an extensive cartilaginous cap on the anterior margin of each second epibranchial bone (Stiassny, 1981); Scales absent, except small cycloid scales present in Cryptacanthodes giganteus. Journal of Cell Science s2-50 (198): 333–76. Scales usually inconspicuous; cycloid, having radii in all fields. Vertebrae 27 (10 + 17). 32-36 vertebrae, without urostyle; weak or breakable fin rays (Ref. Attain total lengths of 31-127 cm. Species flocks are reported from Africa. Vertebrae 24 or 25 (10 + 14 or 15).

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