flying fox fish

Flying fox - Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus. Moreover, there is a golden colored line that delimits the previous one. It really worth learning everything about them. They are also a peaceful fish, although they will more than likely eat other small invertebrates such as dwarf shrimp. If you want to improve this fish’s color, you will need to take their nutrition a notch higher. This fish is particularly seen in the lakes and rivers of Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, and Sumatra. In the Flying Fox, the thickness of this stripe is constant. Being omnivorous, vegetables such as spinach, zucchini and lettuce, as well as live planarians, tubifex worms, crustaceans and other aquatic insects are excellent staples for a flying fox. Ensure that the tank has tight fitting coverslides and there are no gaps where equipment feeds into the tank, as Flying Foxes are expert jumpers. The flying fox fish has a long body, their abdominal areas are flat, its color ranges from dark brown to olive around the dorsal area and … Please note your details will be added to our Recommend platform to allow us to tailor product recommendations to your specific interests. The silver flying fox doesn't appear to have been bred in the aquarium hobby although similar species have been induced to spawn artificially using hormone treatments. The Flying Fox is not an exception. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Flying foxes will not eat thread (hair) algae, and are of limited use as an algae eater. New TMC Reef Pumps with two exclusive lines to us, Thinking about a new pond? The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2019: e.T181151A91002676. It is quite uncommon for breeding to be done in an aquarium setting. @Bestcansiter 2019 All Rights Reserved. The black strip or band running along the body has a smooth edge for the flying fox and a rougher edge for the Siamese algae eater. However, as they mature, the females tend to have thicker bodies than the male ones. Common name: Flying fox. South East Asia; Flying fox are to … Be the first to receive fintastic fishkeeping tips, product news, special offers and personalised product recommendations direct to your inbox. You just have to look at any natural environment in which the fish live to see this. [3], The flying fox is similar to the Siamese algae eater (Crossocheilus oblongus) and the false flying fox (Garra cambodgiensis) when young.[5]. Lighting can be fairly bright to encourage algae growth, which the fish will enjoy browsing on for the micro-organisms it may contain. Sign up to receive our email newsletters and saved shopping basket notifications and receive all our latest fishkeeping news, special offers and personalised product recommendations direct to your inbox.

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