ford festiva race car

However, overseas markets got considerably more variety. Transmission, Ford Aspire with Phantom Grip limited slip differential, -          2005 (TV coverage on Speed Channel. The Ford Festiva is a subcompact car that was marketed by Ford between 1986 and 2002. Mazda’s tidy, glassy hatchback design was brought to life not by Mazda or Ford, but by a third party: South Korea’s Kia Motors, best-known at that time for building Mazda models under license for its home market. If your wiring is intact, there’s a harness residing behind the left tailight and all you have to do is disconnect everything. Mazda, Engine management, Mega Squirt EFI, ignition stock, Transmission, Ford Aspire with Phantom Grip limited slip differential, Rear brakes, factory drums (Aspire/Escort) w/ semi-metallic shoes and Festiva Motorsports high durometer Next, I decided to get rid of the hatch. Amazingly, it’s been a year of many fun Gambler 500 rallies for me. In Japan, for instance, buyers could choose the Festiva GT-X, with a twin-cam 1.3-liter engine putting out 87 horsepower — which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in a 1,700-pound hatchback was a riot. The Iranian car company SAIPA bought the rights to produce a Festiva-based car under license and continues to do so to this day. I started out easy by removing the rear seat. Comedian and former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno may be the country’s most famous car collector. With the spacers on and my fenders cut the car was ready for the home stretch! Well, drat. For example, the car sold here as the Mazda 626 … During this unfortunate instance I realized that these cars are really aggressive about their tiny wheel and tire size. I solved it same day by borrowing a Gambler’s reciprocating saw. The name "Festiva" is derived from the Spanish word for "festive". Of course they rubbed. The Festiva/121/Pride was offered as a five-door hatch, a small station wagon and a four-door sedan with a traditional trunk. Mundial), CRS Rally Championship The Aspire disappeared from the U.S. lineup in 1997, though it was still available in Japan and Australia until 2000. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Front suspension, Tokico Illumina Unfortunately, one tire was utterly destroyed after getting dragged down the road after his last rally. On the drive there I discovered the front tires rubbed on their shocks as well. Engine management, Mega Squirt EFI, ignition stock mech/elec Start by taking off your old wheels. Thankfully, half the build is done! Now crawl into the car and take off the gas strut. He's a Chicago-based writer and journalist whose automotive high points include hot laps at Sebring International Raceway, riding shotgun with Jackie Stewart, and driving from San Francisco to Ocean City, Maryland on U.S. 50. In fact, the SAIPA Saba is considered Iran’s most popular car, and if you look really close, you can see glimpses of the Festiva’s very-80s side contours in the Saba sedan’s profile. long), -          It was sold through a unique dealer network established with Mazda. For tires, I contacted a friend and former Gambler. But its past affiliation with Ford (which sold its part-interest in Kia to Hyundai) is still evident in each car. They served him well on a Geo Metro for many Rallycross runs and a Gambler 500 run. Mounting spacers is another first for me and wow are they easy to mount. I parked the little Festiva at work and like all of those silly “you know you bought the right car when” memes, I turned around and admired my insane work. Before you do anything, get in the car, turn the key, let the auto seatbelts get into position, then pull the 30A fuse labeled “belts” (ignore if you have an earlier car without auto belts). ), but a keen-eyed car spotter can probably still find a Festiva or two on the road today. Unfortunately, I rubbed on the fenders every single bump. bars, photo: Rim of the World Rally, May I mounted light bars to the bonnet, wired up my CB radio to the light bar’s harness, then wrapped it up by sticking RGB lighting and routing the cables. Eibach 8” 200lbs/in, -          But if you’re someone like me without the tools, skills, or income to do such a thing, you may want to find a car that can be turned into a kart without going that far. I wasn’t about to waste a perfectly good night of wrenching, so I went ahead and put my roof rack on. It certainly would have made a unique and fun alternative to the VW Cabrio or Geo Metro Convertible. I found them even easier to mount than wheels are! x .120 wall, with door and head Disassembly of a Ford Festiva is scary-easy. By Chris Perkins. Then you can just slide your wheel onto the spacer’s studs and use the new lug bolts to secure them. Designed by Mazda using the DA platform and B series inline-four engines, … And included in that collection is a silver 1989 Ford Festiva with a body kit that looks like it came from Pep Boys. Ford Festiva wallpapers - Free pictures of Ford Festiva for your desktop. The Festiva arrived in the industry when American carmakers worked with worldwide affiliates to help close gaps in their product lineups. Rally / Rally America I could then borrow a reciprocating saw then go to town on my fenders! for wheel probe drive, Custom 16 point roll cage, 1.50” O.D. Here in the Land Of The Free And The Home Of The F-150, Ford sold the Festiva strictly as a two-door hatch starting with the 1987 mode, befitting its status as an entry-level offering designed to give prospective buyers a brand new car for the price of a one or two-year-old Escort. Mounting the fronts was pretty easy and painless. Four bolts hold this one on. I finished out the night by wiring up my license plate light (a re-purposed light bar) and testing everything out!

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