frenchton puppies for sale

frenchton puppies in Missouri at – Classifieds across Missouri. The adorable designer cross between a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier, commonly known as the Frenchton, was bred to reduce some of the known health issues with the parent breeds.

We offer extensive, written health warrantees! This form must be presented at initial participating veterinarian visit in order for complementary veterinary services to be provided. Trainers: (704) 802-7939, Our Address (by Appointment Only)

(certain restrictions apply, see contract for details). They have a life span of approximately 8-15 years. For that reason, each puppy is delivered to us only by licensed and inspected transportation vehicles that are in full compliance of state and federal regulations, safely driven by experienced drivers and cared for by puppy technicians that provide quality care during their travel time. This is a generally healthy dog breed. That is why we have 24 hour on-site team members to care for your puppy everyday. As opposed to pet stores that price their puppies high and then drop the price lower after the puppy has sat in the store for a long time, our puppies are priced individually according to quality, providing a wide range of prices. (certain restrictions apply, see contract for details). We love our puppy!” – Michele H. The Frenchton is an adorable designer breed crossing the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. Let us know what you are looking for so we can pair you with your next fur baby .

“Great experience.

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All of the Puppies are Microchipped and ready to be ENROLLED under your Name, Phone Number and Address. Cleveland, NC 27013. The breeder then continues to provide protections against disease and viruses for their pups by vaccinating each puppy at the appropriate times, prior to leaving their home.

Offering comprehensive, written protections to our customers is our way of showing how much we care!

It is our promise to put your puppies welfare as our top priority.

Puppy Care: (704) 781-7639 1800 Amity Hill Rd. Every puppy we sell is certified by a licensed veterinarian as “fit for sale”.

They are great for families! Your $200 deposit will go towards your puppies adoption price. No sad puppy mill photos here!

You will be contacted by our team BEFORE your desired puppy is listed on our website, ensuring that you have pick of the litter. The Frenchton’s small size makes them great for … (certain restrictions apply, see contract for details). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Frenchtons originated in the US in the 1990’s and became a recognized by the International Designer Canine Association in 2009. More litters coming soon!

The Frenchton’s small size makes them great for apartment living.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and personal checks. for sale, FRENCH BULLDOG X BOSTON TERRIER (50/50 MIX) We currently have a New litter of Fr.

Chews A Puppy, Inc. is a licensed facility that is open to the public and offers adorable puppies for sale with an extensive and comprehensive written health warranty to prove our commitment to our customers. We firmly believe in transparency. BE CONFIDENT YOU ARE GETTING THE BEST PUPPY. Our breeders care about their puppies safety and so do we!

All of the puppies offered for sale through our licensed facility have been examined by a minimum of two licensed veterinarians prior to being offered for sale. *One Year health warranty– if the puppy is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian as “unfit for purchase” due to a congenital or genetic defect within 1 year after purchase, the customer has the option to return the puppy for a refund, return the puppy for a replacement, or to keep the puppy and receive reimbursement of reasonable veterinary fees incurred to attempt to cure the illness, up to the purchase price. We have a zero-tolerance for substandard breeders. Discover more about our Frenchton puppies for sale below. DOB: 01-23-2019 They are 7.5 weeks old and have been vet checked, wormed and shots given. Every puppy we sell is offered with the following health warranty: *Fourteen Day health warranty– if the puppy is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian as “unfit for purchase” within 14 days after purchase, the customer has the option to return the puppy for a refund, return the puppy for a replacement, or to keep the puppy and receive reimbursement of reasonable veterinary fees incurred to attempt to cure the illness, up to the purchase price. Depending upon breed type, age, bloodlines, conformation and coloration, prices may start as low as $399.00*. We are committed to ensuring your new puppy is healthy and ready to join your family. Americanlisted has classifieds in Hillsboro, North Carolina for … It’s important to us that our customers feel that we are doing our best, therefore all of our puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to arrival to us and examined again by a Florida licensed veterinarian prior to sale to add a double layer of protection that our puppies are ready for their new homes. For that reason, every puppy is micro-chipped.

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