gaia project strategy

Francisco is an entrepreneur, technologist/engineer and social activist. The galaxy is vast and the planets you find there come in many varieties, from harsh desert to the mild terra. [1] The project considers alcohol fuels to be a solution to fuel shortages, environmental damage, and public health issues caused by traditional cooking in the developing world. Christoph is working for GAIA since 2011 as technical director and controlled nearly all innovative technologies, which crossed our way so far. Fuel wood gathering, the responsibility of refugee women, has resulted in the almost complete deforestation of the regions around the refugee camps, and Ethiopia's government has banned all cutting of live trees around the camps. $42.10. This collection is a product of GAIA and was written by Caroline Petersson, who is one of the founders of Camino, a Swedish sustainable lifestyle magazine. Nigeria, like other West African countries, is energy poor and depends on fuelwood for cooking. ", "Vital, Ethanol brings an energy revolution to households in the developing world", "Reducing Black Carbon May Be the Fastest Strategy for Slowing Climate Change. “Clean, safe ethanol stoves for refugee homes”, "World Energy Assessment: Energy and the Challenge of Sustainability", “African Renewable Energy Access Biomass Energy Initiative for Africa”, "10 projections for the global population in 2050", “Assessment of Ethanol as a Household Fuel”, COP15 United Nations Climate Conference 2009,, Non-profit organizations based in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [4], Response to the stoves was very positive, both in households where families had experience with modern stoves and improved fuels, and in households without previous experience. In 2012, Gaia Association received a grant from the Nordic Climate Fund (NCF) to demonstrate the feasibility of locally produced ethanol for cooking.,,,,,,,,, [1], Project Gaia's team currently works with the alcohol-based CleanCook stove, a stable, stainless steel, one or two-burner stove adapted from the Origo stove invented by Bengt Ebbeson in 1979 and manufactured by Swedish company Dometic AB, the leading manufacturer of alcohol stoves and appliances worldwide. Our focus is on new technologies. National Historic Sites Map, €120,00. Amazing Auditions Judges. Contents: 10 Space Sector Tiles, 1 Research Board, 7 Double-Sided Faction Boards, 1 Scoring Board, 10 Round Scoring Tiles, 6 Final Scoring Tiles, 10 Round Boosters, 36 Standard Tech Tiles, 15 Advanced Tech Tiles, 6 Space Stations, 19 Federation Tokens, 12 Gaia Planet Tokens, 1 Lost Planet Tokens, 15 Record Tokens, 20 Action Tokens, 7 Automa Cards, 1 Terraforming Reference Card, 17 Decision Cards, 1 Automa Rulebook, 1 Automa Player Aid, 4 Player Aids, 1 Turn Order Card, 14 Credit Makers, 7 Ore Markers, 7 Knowledge Makers, 30 Quantum Intelligence Cubes, 50 Power Tokens, 1 Brainstone, 1 First Player Marker, Structures (in each player color): 8 Mines, 4 Trading Stations, 3 Research Labs, 2 Academies, 1 Planetary Institute, 3 Gaiaformers, 7 Player Tokens, 25 Satellites, €89,99 Compared with LPG, the CleanCook produced the same level of particulate emissions, but LPG released lower emissions of CO and was quicker to boil water. Wood and charcoal prices have risen because of the need to travel further and further outside of the city to gather them. After a month of free fuel, during which families could get used to cooking with the stove, each household paid for its fuel, allowing fuel use and rationing to be accurately documented. In June the Gaia Association won the prestigious Ashden award, funded by the Waterloo Foundation, worth US $40,000 for distribution of the CleanCook ethanol stove to thousands of refugees in Ethiopia. [4] This financing mechanism is the model used for mobile phones and airtime – the initial cost of the stove would be cheaper to ensure its affordability, and this discount would be recovered over the course of several years in a very small mark-up in fuel cost. He has a well established network of international contact, has extensive negotiation skills and successful marketing experience. How will stove and fuel be linked? [1] The CleanCook contains a non-pressurized, no-spill fuel tank that can hold methanol or ethanol. Our strategy involves GAIA seeking out and investing in exciting new inventions. Project Gaia works in collaboration with many organizations that help support pilot studies, encourage government involvement, and provide local or regional support. [4] As the alcohol fuel market increases, and acceptance of clean cookstoves grows, Project Gaia sees the potential for the use of other high-performing alcohol appliances that provide lighting, refrigeration and air-tempering, and generation. Regular price Some of the adaptations made to the CleanCook include the slight raising and redesign of the pot-stand to allow for larger pots and for more oxygen to reach the flame, and the addition of handles to make transport and refill of the stove easier. Charcoal, a processed biomass fuel, burns with less smoke, but emits carbon monoxide. Providing stoves and improved fuel, however, can save long-term costs by increasing productivity and well-being among refugees, increasing industry, and reducing health care costs.

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