gaius van baelsar speech text

HAHAH! Gaius does make for a great villain, though. Victory simply lay with those who have told the best story to the most willing of ears. A challenge for a hero of faith in the face of vast machines which aim to render the sacred obsolete. “When the dust of battle settles, it is ever the strong who dictate the fate of the weak… it is only right that I should take your realm, for none among you has the power to stop me.”. 0; 0; A legendary (★★★★★) card used in the game Triple Triad. Incarnations View all 2 versions of Gaius van Baelsar on BTVA. Gaius van Baelsar. His blind ambition for a better world in a twisted way made his character. Well he was wrong though. To this end, fascism is emptiness, an infantile display of nihilism. Wow spongebob is really different from how I remember it. Politics is a competition of storytelling. You: IT'S A GIRAFFE! Text Commands. Shit, the means Garlemald uses wouldn't even work! A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. He glares from across the room, mocking the character for all the beliefs they hold dear. I keep holding out hope that we'll see him again. Well he was wrong though. Non beast tribes are perfectly capable of summoning Primals. Gaius van Baelsar is a useful tool in processing the banality and incoherence of fascism. HAHAH! This was to be the basis for the butchering of millions from his appointment as Prime Minister of Italy in 1922 until his righteous end as the upside-down Duce in 1945. mirageisqueen liked this Press J to jump to the feed. share. It's a matter of ideals or means clashing. For every dialogue, the winner is not the most factual, the most well-researched, the most sensible, the kindest. Video Game: Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Franchise: Final Fantasy. Cookies help us deliver our Services. XD. That, for me, is the heartbreaking part. The Only leader that im wiling to sacrifice my life hehe. Millions of people like Gaius, who nearly took the belief that “might makes right” to the only possible conclusion. This is far more important than the work I should be doing. 1 comment. Puff. Press J to jump to the feed. The story of Gaius van Baelsar is, ultimately, the first step towards hope. 3 years ago. What he was doing was completely justified, no matter how wrong we thought he was. To those familiar with this world, van Baelsar’s statement is an admonishment of the Warrior of Light’s faith in the gods, a particular abstraction of the land of Eorzea. Due to these snakeways, we come to where van Baelsar’s greatest depraved influence lies, a Roman 2,000 years on from the days of Caesar: Benito Mussolini. Human life was built only upon domination, and a war that can never end. Would that not also entertain you? The Krabby Patty Secret Formula is the Ultima Weapon's true source of power! Neither do we want to be another province of Garlemald. But why not squidward? With lucidity, he comes to a new thesis: To believe in Garlemald is to believe in nothing. I respect the effort to dress like Patrick, He said Bikini Bottom the first time and I took 15 points of psychic damage. “To believe in Eorzea is to believe in nothing.” This memorable line from Gaius van Baelsar, an imperial general and antagonist in Final Fantasy XIV’s first main storyline, has flown around my temples like a persistent gnat. Untradable. Do we see a simplification of Caesar, the man whose genius and ego laid the foundations for the erosion of a 500-year republic? Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! HAHAH! For his belief system to persist, all that could exist was struggle. Push her to tweet more. The emphasis for this is really on point. We both desire the same end (Primals go away to stop eating aether), but want to use different means to get it. “Eorzea’s unity is forged on falsehoods… and its faith is an instrument of deception… Your Gods are no different from those of the beasts — eikons, every one.” Gaius rejects the power of divinity, and cannot fathom that there is a power greater than that which he can grab with his own two hands. The Garlean Empire is painted as a haunting parallel of the attitudes and beliefs of the post-World War Italian state, and it’s no coincidence that their notorious general shares a great deal with the father of fascism. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In this case, thankfully, this particular cycle of violence has come to an end. Gaius van Belsar in Prae MSQ: *Speaks* WoL: “Ok Boomer” 9 months ago: 186 notes: Tags: #ffxiv #Final Fantasy XIV #gaius van baelsar #Warrior of Light #submission #Anonymous Submission: kokerret reblogged this from totallycorrectffxivquotes. Where a more historically singular name (Lincoln, Thatcher, Stalin) would give definition to our analysis of the Legatus Legionis of the Garlean Empire, “Gaius” is scattershot, leading down paths of less certain origin. We had the power to stop him ... unfortunately. But like an insect wriggling in the mouth of a carnivorous plant, fascism will not survive. How is it done? It’s not an inevitability to be waited on, it’s a promise to be fulfilled. 24 minutes ago. In The Doctrine of Fascism, Mussolini never found the end. The first clue to understanding van Baelsar comes from his namesake. Posted by Jo Padilla on April 18, 2020. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. The Eorzea Database Gaius van Baelsar Card page. IX in Japan), said to have spilled the blood of nine aspirants to the crown. HAHAH! What does this say of van Baelsar? Gaius van Baelsar's Praetorium Elevator Speech but it's Text-to-Speech Spongebob ... Close • Posted by. Gaius van Baelsar's Praetorium Elevator Speech but it's Text-to-Speech Spongebob. I want my character to be as cool as him. I would have joined him. This memorable line from Gaius van Baelsar, an imperial general and antagonist in Final Fantasy XIV’s first main storyline, has flown around my temples like a persistent gnat. The all-consuming thoughts of superiority and conquest are lies. [Meme] spoiler. But by seeking out the depths of van Baelsar, we are led to an application of this line and the greater monologue which goes far beyond the lore of an online role playing game. Literally the best villain. Gaius to Lahabrea: You used me... FOR GOD DEVELOPMENT!!!! Since real talk, Gaius spent the majority of his adult life in Eorzea. We had the power to stop him ... unfortunately. Upon reaching the deepest workings of The Praetorium dungeon in FFXIV, we find van Baelsar in a regal form, composed of single-minded conviction. Working for the alliance pissed me off having to earn the trust of NPCs I'd rather just curb stomp with how they treated you. © 2020 Emerald Shield Media LLC | Designed by Valkyrie Studio and MPT Creative. Plankton would be Lahabrea obviously. Perhaps there isn’t anything worth believing in, but to believe in nothing is far worse. I am enlivened in the knowledge that one day, the tyrants of our age will be undone. I want to put my fedora and go atheist too, mastar Gaius, pls, let me join the empirah. RPGFan is a gaming website focused on roleplaying games and related genres such as graphic adventures, visual novels, and roguelikes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Michael McElhatton is the English dub voice of Gaius van Baelsar in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, and Akio Ōtsuka is the Japanese voice. Those who believed in égalité and suffered the unseen were weak, making his rule not only duty but destiny. Eva is a Chicago-based writer, teacher, and singer of the band August Hotel. If I remember right, Gaius wasn't like most Garleans though, especially the part where he promoted a Roe to the position of Tribune. Or is this a glimpse of Caligula, who gorged himself upon the achievements of the better men who preceded him? The gods are only manifestations of the beliefs of the poor of will, and they who have faith in these gods deserve a life of subjugation. To those familiar with this world, van Baelsar’s statement is an admonishment of the Warrior of Light’s faith in the gods, a particular … Click to see spoiler. “To believe in Eorzea is to believe in nothing.”. Gaius... Man if only he followed CID's path. So I wouldn't be surprised if Gaius, seeing the atrocities Zenos has done, shows up with a fury which pales all seven hells. Puff now. He held Ala Mhigo since it fell 20 years back up until just recently. And so, Gaius van Baelsar walks away from the debris, a Garlean no more. Name copied to clipboard. I remember his speech being so epic when I first heard it. What is defeat to a fascist if not an end to life? We cover franchises, creators, fandom, and everything inbetween. We defeat Gaius van Baelsar and his “all-powerful machinery.” And by doing so, the player tears asunder the core tenets of fascist dogma. His main weapon is a gunblade named Heirsbane (No. And alarmingly, at various times over the past century, the story of fascism has won the minds of millions. Gaius is a Garlean who wears an intimidating suit of black armor over a long red coat and a horned helmet bearing a skull-like visage and gasmask-like breathers and a ceruleum cannon attached to the back of his left hand.

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