genie wiley documentary full

0:03 - 0:06 have taken custody of a 13-year-old girl and they say. I glad they were sued. And like the coward he really was, he killed himself. Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. Her description is like a dance, telling a very sad story. I want to add that I can see why people found her captivating. People who had no idea what was going on made erroneous assumptions and destroyed her stability, and thus her progress. Genie is abused for 13 years, kept chained to a small potty and beaten if she made too much noise. The foster system is messed up and cruel all in itself because you don't know what kind of household a child is going into. While this was a long time ago, it is seemingly stated that her mother got off scot free of any charges due to the fact that she could argue that the father was abusive towards herself. Perhaps not maliciously, but her judgment could not be trusted. She continuously spat, sniffed, and clawed. You should just take her as she is and raise her as your child. These are the people we think are the brightest among us. But it is not enough, and it is not what comes first. He’s dead. [Narrator] Genie moved from home to home. So you can't really pin the blame on the scientists who took her in. Still brings tears to my eyes even now. I'm a psychologist, just watched this although I'd learned about the story long again. To even entertain the suit, much less award it, was also bad judgment on the part of the legal system. :). What Genie had been deprived of was love, the love of a competent and healthy person. There are obviously some men who shouldn't become fathers for the best interest of their children. To give a little happiness then snatch it away. Now, I'm not saying this was a good thing to put Genie through, I realize that this, Genie's conditions was only worsened by making her go from place to place, but what else were they supposed to do with so little options? There are men who should never be allowed to procreate or even to live! She was transported to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles where she instantly gained the affection of doctors and scientists. The girl allegedly was emitting immature noises and was still in diapers when social workers found about the case, but the officials were anticipating she may still possess a normal ability to learn. It's 1612 and a woman is in a courtroom. Did they not look into these foster parents? Who really dropped the ball here was the NIMH. Many people are frightened of the unknown, and of something (or someone in this case) who could disrupt their way of living. She was mute most of the time. ....As i see her, she was like a loving dog, she knew nothing of human behavior, she was truly innocent and could not do bad as we can, she was truly an animal mind, and was probably confused with human I was struck most by the people who had her for 6 years (if I remember correctly.) The said they wanted to send her to a good home. Select two versions then click the compare button. Then, she needed therapy, whose priority would be her emotional health. She was mentally warped herself. Humans who imperiously thought they knew better than the people who worked with her daily are to blame. Her father apparently hated children and tried to strangle Genie’s mother while she was pregnant with her first child. I don’t mean to come out in a afensive way but I think that’s a little to much,sure people don’t make the best decision some times when it comes to when’s the right time to have kids but that doesn’t mean you should have to go through a load of paperwork to start a family I feel as if there’s other ways to handle situations like that. But to believe Genie would miraculously change with a caring parent by her side is delusional at best. Her mother was an abuse victim so her actions should be judged based off of that. Ratings: 7.92 / 10 from 224 users. she was cared for, but she was not loved and she was not nurtured. All those "caring rescuers" just used that poor kid for all they could pump out of her until the money dried up (due to their incompetence). Susan (Genie) was not a wild child, she was an extremely abused child. He killer himself. Most of them cares only about making a name and career and if they needed to take that kid apart to achieve this they would. behavior she witnessed daily from people around her. Sad story. The mother, who witnessed and possibly participated in this torture of a child, is allowed to take back the child for the summer of her 15th year. Kathy H didn't say all men. Some wanted to help. Fully kept under control, she was made to sit alone every day and night. The people involved, the so called "intellectuals" make me sick. All these people are childish idiots. According to Curtiss’s book, when an earlier baby girl was born, he put the child in the garage because he couldn’t stand her crying: the baby died of pneumonia at two-and-a half months. 1) A loving family, 2) therapy, 3) education. Stop with the feminist’s childish. I'm not sure why anyone trusted her biological mother, especially in the case of a lawsuit. Just teach them what you can and try to give them a place to belong were they can love and be loved, we wouldn't put somebody through such torture simply to study it and so we shouldn't look upon such a thing happening outside of our control as an opportunity to do it either because then the only problem you're having is that you couldn't get away with it if you did emulate it rather than it being a problem of ethics at all. Even the wearing of clothes may have. The girl who gave an impression of an infant would be well known as "Genie." What strikes me now is how similar she seems to children with low functioning autism. The video evidence of her progress is clear. That goes for everyone! Awww be quiet....Its not all men doing this. Genie would have had a lot better memories and a whole lot of less frustration. First, this goes out to shaody who stated that people shoul only be able to procreate(have sex and reproduce) after going through thousands of papers and programs ?????!!?! This situation would only occur in the human species. In the course of all that, perhaps someone could have stood by with a clipboard and taken notes.

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