gold paladin deck 2020

Still annoying that you can’t craft adventure cards. Similar to archetypes like Mid Range Paladin back during Un’Goro, locking out aggro opponents in the mid-game thanks to buffed-up Taunt minions still serves to be one of the best strategies against these kinds of archetypes. Our Pure Paladin deck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this powerful Priest build for the Scholomance Academy expansion! In extremely long games, the incremental value you gain Lightforged Zealot has to be one of the strongest value 4-cost cards that ever existed in Hearthstone, and despite the fact that we have tons of weapon utility in this list already thanks to Libram of Justice, it should always find its way in a Pure Paladin deck. We've got all the decklists and the latest guides. Check out alternative versions of this deck on our Pure Paladin archetype page! However, its ability to force your opponent into suboptimal plays is often unseen. makes it an effective choice for a player looking to play Aggro.For a list of cards to craft in priorty, see our Paladin crafting guide. Personally I can’t leave collection manager without at least 1 Call to Adventure. You won’t hit the total discount amount in most games, but just 2 or 3 mana discounted is already enough to smoothen out your curve over the course of a game. It's almost been an entire year since I last profiled Garmore so I think he's due for an update. Pure Paladin Mulligan Strategy & Guide Vs Aggro Decks. Good players will focus on building up threats based on their opponents – may it be a full board of 4-attack minions against Highlander Priest, or just straight out ridiculously buffed boards against archetypes like Guardian Animals Druid. This spell transports heavy Dinosize vibes, which was regularly used to pump up a Silver Hand Recruit or other small minions in later stages of the game. Midrange class. Remember when we said to use Libram of Wisdom as often as possible? With a strong emphasis on Divine Shield minions such as Goody Two-Shields and Devout Pupil, Pure Paladin’s buff-centric playstyle shook up Scholomance’s early meta already and looks to be a top tier contender for the remainder of the expansion. PURE PALADIN Updated Nov 01, 2020. The new dual-class legendary called High Abbess Alura brings together what Pure Paladin really defines: Imminent threat through powerful buff spells triggered by Spellburst, massive mid-game snowball potential, and exceptional card design through an incredibly strong 3/6 stat line. What is of utmost importance though is how you play out your Libram cards – no matter the discount. Here you can find our latest Paladin decks for the latest Agreed! Pure Paladin does fairly well against aggro powerhouses like Aggro Rogue and Aggro Demon Hunter, but struggles against the up and coming superstar called Darkglare Zoo Warlock. Deck Profile | Standard: Garmore February 2020 | Gold Paladin Goody Two-Shields for example can turn into a menacing mid-game threat, not least thanks to its Spellburst effect. My 2 most played classes =\. Last but not least, Argent Braggart combines all beforementioned strengths – by simply copying them from another of our buffed-up minions. 4640 LIBRAM PALADIN Yes, saving this particular Libram against mid and late-game threats can be vital; however, being able to trade with that little Light's Justice turn after turn may also decide the game! It serves as a perfect example of an archetype that received ongoing development support which eventually paid off big time, and its ridiculously high base power level combined with multiple strong tech opportunities turns the archetype into one of the best choices in the early Scholomance meta. All in all, Pure Paladin just happens to rise up in the right place at the right time. Try to take risky trades, and you shall be rewarded. Don’t hesitate to get greedy once you’ve identified the strength of your opponent’s hand in terms of board removal. During playtesting it became obvious that its similarity to Equality doesn’t always play out well. Check out alternative versions of this deck on our Pure Paladin archetype page! In the history of Hearthstone, Divine Shield has been a “side mechanic” that never really took off in combination with a certain archetype. All minions are designed with their base stats in mind, and buffing them up even with a mere +1/+1 token can change everything – especially if they are protected by Divine Shield. Talking about bolstering your minions, the Buff package is another important group of cards in Pure Paladin’s toolkit. This blood elf is the main reason for it. Libram of Wisdom certainly provides the biggest amount of value of all Libram cards on average, and you should really treat it that way. Early face damage is vital to Pure Paladin’s game plan against control opponents, and going face with your Divine Shield minions often rewards you with both damage done and enemy minions and spells being used to trade. The third and last Libram is Libram of Hope, or as we should call it, Paladin’s very own and slightly less broken Ultimate Infestation. However, you should not treat Libram of Justice that way – mainly because of the attached 1/4 weapon. The Paladin class is a highly effective Control or With Aldor Attendant and Aldor Truthseeker, this list features a total of two Libram synergy cards that can decrease the cost of Librams by a total of 6 mana. One of Pure Paladin’s greatest “side advantages” is that many of its minions just happen to have Taunt. Julian "Tharid" Bischoff, a dinosaur in the fast-changing world of esports and self-proclaimed Warcraft expert, already created Hearthstone-related content for Red Bull, ESL and Hearthhead.

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