grandfather clock pendulum stops

If the beat is irregular like: tock,tick——tock, tick- an adjustment must be made or the clock will stop. My little clock which I’ve managed to get going via your demonstration is going well but I have another question. It is still a good idea to have your grandfather clock cleaned and oiled at least every 5- 7 years. 7. 2) Move only the shorter hour hand to the number on the dial that you just counted when the clock chimed. Can you make any suggestions? I need to replace my pendulum spring, who can point me in the right direction? After a few turns around the dial, the side weights are about 2” down and swing freely. Required fields are marked *. Hello Mike…We are glad this worked for you. Robert, So simple and yet so effective, thank you so much for this this demo as my little clock, with a lovely chime, has been ticking and chiming ever since! Robert. A clock running too fast or too slow, a clock that stops running or runs intermittently, does not chime or chimes out sequence are all repairs you can make at home. So far so good, thanks for the great advice. I have a grandfather clock that I couldn’t get working. After all this time, it’s been working for several hours now, and it’s great to once again hear it running and chime!!! For example, let’s say it is really 2:00 and your clock chimes 5 times to count the hour. The reason being the fact that pendulum clocks are completely powered by the pendulum. It is hard to say what specifically is causiong the grandfather clock not to run without seeing the clock but I have seen many that would not run when they have been left unused for many years. This indicates a problem in leveling from front to rear. All it took was your post and video and a little nudge of the pendulum hanger to restore the beat and continuous running. It will only make a slight difference. If necessary, gently bend the minute hand to avoid contact with the hour hand, the dial, or the glass. If the clock is getting power from the weight, the hanger should move back and forth quickly. You work toward equal time between the TICK and the TOCK. Left weight – Powers the Hour Count 6. If the clock is not level, this will also happen. continental USA. But we don’t know why the pendulum is stopping ?? Robert. If it is, you might want to slightly increase the height of the back levelers and see if it will clear it. I can’t thank you enough!!! I have no idea what the clock is although it is old and love it. 4) Listen to the ticking of the grandfather clock to make sure you are hearing a very even “tick-tock”. You might have to add about two finger pressure on the top of the middle weight to keep it going during this time. If your clock is chain driven, make sure the chains aren’t tangled or caught on anything. Dear Robert, In addition to writing web content and training manuals for small business clients and nonprofit organizations, including ERA Realtors and the Bay Area Humane Society, Lohrey also works as a finance data analyst for a global business outsourcing company. The clock is leveled and runs but it stops about 25 of the hour. I bet it is dragging on the weights or chime rods. Howard Miller did not return my call so I called another Clock service Company. The best way to check this is by viewing the pendulum through the lower side window of the case. If it still touches the chime rod, the rod will be to be bent back to the pendulum may swing freely on your clock. It chimed on the qtr when we first put it in our home yesterday, and ran a couple min. All grandfather clocks are powered by the gravitational force of its two or three weights, which drop slightly with each swing of the pendulum. Do you have any suggestions? If the front is too high, it will drag on the chime rods. Check The “Beat”: Listen to the tick-tock on the clock and see if it is nice, even tick-tock. I am glad this worked for you. Simply start the pendulum swinging and move the case gently until the tic and toc are in good balance. How to repair Clocks: Grandfather clock repair, British Antique Clocks: How to set up an antique longcase/grandfather clock, SJ Bean Dial Restoration: Setting up guides, Green and Cockburn Antique Restoration: Setting up your antique long case clock, Pendulum of Mayfair: Setting up Antique Clocks. According to horologica, the best idea is to screw the back of the clock casing to a wall once it is correctly set up as this will prevent unnecessary movement from uneven floorboards or carpet. how to set your grandfather clock in beat,,,,,,, New Farm House Wall Clocks Are Now Available, WIFI Clocks – New Designs for Home or Office, Howard Miller Westminster Melody 4AA Operating Instructions, Howard Miller Westminster Melody Operating Instructions, Setting Your Moon Dial On Grandfather Clocks, Grandfather Clock Does Not Chime At Proper Time. It is called Voice Memos. Please keep us in mind for any future needs. Are the hands touching the glass? My Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, Model 610-317, No. Both mantle and wall clocks must rest on a level surface to keep correct time. Usually, there are two or three. I can Hi James, This should work easily for you. It stopped working 2 years ago and one of the hands is loose. Also, I am now in a small townhouse and the chimes are almost overwhelming. The clock has been running well but the beat still sounds a little off to me, but it doesn’t stop ticking. It can be ordered online from Howard Miller at: If it is obviously running too fast or slow, repeat the process. The tick-tock wasn’t consistent, and your video and description helped me get it working. If the hands still touch, slightly bend the minute hand toward you. Then move the minute hand forward and stop at each quarter-hour when you hear a click. I would suggest getting a tech to remove all the old oil and clean it…then oil it with a good clock oil. This way you will not have to reset the time and the clock will run as if you never left. To ensure accuracy of time, it needs to be wedged to prevent it from moving about as this can interfere with the mechanism, causing it to stop. Check the clock hands and pendulum arm to make sure they are not bent or touching each other. When the tick tock sounds even, adjust the levelers at the bottom of the clock or use a bracket to secure the clock at that angle to the wall. Hi Frank, Good Luck, Inside it looks as if the mechanism is not quite straight judging from how the pendulum falls. Inherited a Pearl grandfather clock from my parents. Robert, I’m at my wits end with my clock. The mechanical parts, hands and pendulum can be sensitive to conditions such as its location and being moved too often. Thanks, Hi Tommy, However, the pendulum will stop eventually. A tall pendulum clock, such as a grandfather clock, must have the weights working in correct order for chimes to ring. Check your leveling first and if the leveling is good, it is probably a distorted suspension spring. Hi Daphne…I am glad you found the information useful. This only takes a few minutes to readjust and all pendulum clock owners should learn how as this will happen eventually. A pendulum clock in need of repair does not require a trip to the clockmaker and an expensive repair bill. 1) Examine the dial on the grandfather clock and check to make sure the hands are not touching or hanging on any parts of the dial or second hand. This should create the needed clearance space. Let the chime complete and proceed to the next quarter-hour until you arrive at the correct time. If we move the hands it will chime but the pendulum will not keep swinging so it does not keep time, any help will be much appreciated, Hi Tracy, If this doesn’t work, it might be time to find a tech. Hi Doug…It is difficult to set the beat if you cannot hear the clock ticking. Good Luck, Facing the grandfather clock: Either your chimes are turned off or they are jammed. I am glad this worked for you and saved you some money.

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