great diamond island sea glass beach

Some people have reported filling bags and bags of glass in under an hour's time! We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. Lots of pretty rocks though!

I am mentioning the most well-publicized sites here, which means they can also become the most picked-over. Jasper Beach, located along the northern shores of Howard Bay in Machias Bay near the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, has sometimes been called the beach with a billion billion stones. What a hidden gem. Plus, the sunsets here rival those in Orleans — or anywhere in New England — and the historic Paragon Carousel is a charming throwback to days gone Nantasket is among the busiest beaches in Greater Boston, though, so plan accordingly. It is a private community with a hotel, homes and restaurants. Then you can begin to truly appreciate the unique pieces you may find or have already found along your local beaches.

However, there have also been beautiful blues, from cobalt to brilliant turquoise, along with occasional pale pink or lavender and bright red finds. Sea Glass Beach in the Diamond Cove section of Great Diamond Island was never opened to the public. Since this beach is more sandy than rocky, a cat litter scoop may be a helpful tool to turn the surface for better finds.

It is part of the city of Portland, Maine. It is positioned to ideally capture tidal debris washed into Boston Harbor. Because this and other beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore are sandy, beach glass gets buried pretty easily and sometimes requires some uncovering. Located at the upper end of the Quoddy Narrows in northern Maine, Mowry Beach receives many treasures with the tides. Exploring and taking photos of your finds makes a wonderful day trip.

Skaket Beach is best known for its green, white, and some blue sea glass. For decades, Spectacle was the city’s eyesore, a landfill that on windy days could be smelled from shore. The northward “hook” of the Cape Cod peninsula forms a catch basin for the ocean currents that push past Maine, New Hampshire, the North Shore, and Boston, making it a fertile area for sea glass.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Beachcombers have reported finding dark blue and red glass.

Be sure to visit the website before heading there to get the most up-to-date information.

Whenever I’m home to visit from Minnesota I always hit up the bug light in South Portland and sometimes Crescent Beach. The Outer Banks is a long strip of islands just offshore in North Carolina. That said, here are a few of our favorite places to go hunting. Once you've found your spot, you may be able to find sea glass of all colors! Phippsburg has two popular beach areas for finding sea glass. There is no hiking or walking on that side of the island unless you are staying in a home or the hotel located on Diamond Cove The other side of GDI is public, but no access to Sea Glass Beach, My personal favorite: Pebble Beach, Monhegan Island. The northward pointing “hook” of the Cape Cod peninsula creates a catch basin of the Western Main Coastal Current.

Under current COVID-19 conditions, paid parking areas are restricted to 50% capacity, and public restroom facilities are closed. Word on the street is that pale pink sea glass can sometimes be found here. Eventually, the edges of these pieces are rounded and made smooth, and the previously shiny glass takes on a frosted appearance.

Biking or getting around the island via golf cart is de rigueur– no gas-powered vehicles are allowed. There should never be sharp edges left on the glass. Eventually, the edges of these pieces are rounded and made smooth, and the previously shiny glass takes on a frosted appearance. Only small pieces, though. Michelle has lived in many places, but counts Maine as one of the best.

Please note that businesses, attractions, and destinations throughout New England have been closed and/or canceled in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. Based on ocean currents and tides, these pieces of glass wash ashore, awaiting beachcombers who come and take them to be re-purposed.

Located on the bay side of the Cape, Skaket Beach is a landing spot for many interesting gifts from the sea. They have security at the dock. Not only is this a nice place for sea glass adventuring, you'll also be able to take in the views of Spring Point Lighthouse. This jewel features picnic areas and hiking trails that allow for taking in the island beauty as well as an inn, a 5-star restaurant, and marina. It’s spectacular, My family spent hours searching for sea glass on Skaket and at race point, with s total find of ONE piece! The waves bring in debris that becomes trapped for local collectors and historians. New England Christmas Getaways | Merry Inns & B&Bs, 3 Favorite New England Gourmet Donuts (Plus 6 More Favorite Donut Shops), Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Winter Guide, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Summer Guide, 63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Autumn in New England, Get Rid of Skunk Odor | Methods to Deskunk Your Dog, 10 Prettiest Coastal Towns in New England. Benefitting from the same coastal currents as Skaket Beach, Race Point Beach is almost always awash in sea glass, with a proliferation of greens and blues. the glass of broken bottles and other miscellaneous objects lost in the sea are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years. We stayed at the Inn last year and went to this beach. 5.

Head to the southern end to find the best sea glass. Or you can eat or stay overnight. This just might be THE place to find sea glass. Yankee’s New England Adventures is your go-to source for in-depth travel information, with the same stunning photography and practical know-how Yankee brings to you every month. A beach that has no sea glass one afternoon might be loaded with it the next; a beach that was a treasure trove might be bare the next day. While sea glass is not as abundant along Florida coasts, there are still a few areas where it is found regularly, including along the Gulf Coast, where many shipwrecks along with a few dumping sites provide adventure for collectors and hobbyists. These 6 Restaurants In Maine Are So Good They Were Featured On Television, Your Tastebuds Will Take Flight When You Visit Pilots Cove Cafe On An Active Runway In Maine, Get Outside With These 10 Accessible Trails In Maine That Are Great For Many, The Most Haunted Place In Maine Is Said To Be Mount Hope Cemetery And This Is Why, Visiting These 10 Secret Maine Beaches Will Make You The Envy Of Everyone You Know, 7 Tremendous Tidal Pools Hiding In Maine You’ll Want To Check Out This Summer, 10 Little Known Beaches in Maine That’ll Make Your Summer Even Better, The Amazing Sand Dollar Beach Every Mainer Will Want To Visit,, mmcothern / Flickr (design by Only in Maine), The 6 Best Ways To Explore The Sebago Lake Area In Maine This Winter, There’s Nothing Better Than This Mouthwatering Lobster Roll Trail In Maine, This Secret Maine Hike Might Be The Most Gorgeous In America, This Restaurant Way Out In The Maine Countryside Has The Best Doggone Food You’ve Tried In Ages, 10 Campgrounds In Maine Perfect For Those Who Hate Camping, The Ice Cream From Kettle Cove Creamery In Maine Is The Perfect Treat On A Summer Day. It should be thrown back to finish a bit longer.

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