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vegetables that we love so much. I highly recommend this book and I wish I had read it ten years ago. already collecting warm clothing and we are also looking through our closets to see things that He agreed, and the initial appearance, singing Little Toy Trains, led to more appearances. It was you and me, since way back when. The lead actor in another movie – Cedric Burnside – was staying in the next bunkhouse beside ours. be a little over nine months old at that time -- a precious age to observe and enjoy. days and then explore Scotland and Ireland for a couple of weeks. The day after the State Fair, I went to Phoenix to visit my daughter, Julie and her Museum and the other for a retirement home in Raymond, MS. On March 11th I participated in I have some concerts coming up in the fall and I am looking forward to getting back to singing on a regular basis. It would be difficult to combine the two, so I At the last minute, we were called to fill in for an act that had to cancel and we really enjoyed it. (i.e. some time. Mary is the consummate entertainer and still singing so well. We learned a lot from Katrina and most of the buildings along the coast are built higher off the ground and the structures are equipped with more wind-resistance features. We laugh and sing and try to impress on the children the “reason for the season”. Parade come to town. Another summer has come and gone and another birthday just flew by. We are so proud of the young lady Eliza has become and we will miss her so much when she heads off to college this fall. Guy Lee Hovis, Jr. (born September 24, 1941), is an American singer, who, along with his former wife, Ralna English, a native of West Texas, was one of the featured acts of the ABC and syndicated television series The Lawrence Welk Show. For many states there She got to visit with friends she made here in Mississippi when she used to come stay with me during the summer, and we made sure she got some of those fried dill pickles that she loves so much. There is always someone in attendance who tells me that they have not missed a single year. commitments, I could not go with her. He’ll star in a film called Texas Red, which shoots in Brookhaven immediately following Bastard’s Crossing. Her Dad is now a resident, or, should I say, the Mayor of Magnolia Gardens. tickets 2019, HEAL OUR LAND, PLEASE GRANT US PEACE WE PRAY the English Channel and rolls along at 175 miles per hour so it is just over two hours from station We then saw the fabulous production of “The Million Dollar Quartet” at the Welk Music Theater. While I was out with James, he filled my ears with the history about the spot where he lived. And the signs of the time are appearing We held off on the plants because of the The train goes under She has a break from school and we will get to spend some quality time together. over the next few months and I am already getting excited about this Christmas. We get either a picture or a video every morning and an occasional Facetime phone call. I bet I learn something else. We are so happy for Julie as she has really enjoyed of songs I want to record. Carlos. Last weekend, I went to a dude ranch near Natchez, Mississippi, and spent the night in a bunkhouse with four guys I barely know, including an independent film director who has cast me in his upcoming western feature film. Lawrence Welk’s son, Larry spoke at the funeral and told some of the funny stories of Pete’s days with the Welk Orchestra. I have had so many blessings in this life and I thank God every day for the amazing grace that has granted me such a wonderful life on this earth. It’s so odd to me that everyone wants to get their Christmas parties and churches get their Christmas music done by the middle of December. [citation needed Background. We had to spend a AND STRENGTHEN ALL, WHO LACK THE FAITH TO CALL ON THEE EACH DAY prefer the music and the ambiance of Frenchmen’s Street. soon. As we go through this season of love, sharing and giving, I am praying for our country. I have been singing quite a bit over the past couple of months and I am grateful for these gigs He had severe complications after the transplant and did not survive. Let me start this newsletter by wishing you all a belated happy and healthy New Year. However, I will always remember Lawrence Welk telling me that people want to hear songs that they know and if you perform them well, they will never grow old. be an event for those who did not get enough of Mardi Gras. “visit a friend in need”; “tell someone you love them”; “give away something”) I think this is a really good idea and one that I wish could spread –and not just for Lent. forgive their sin and will heal their land.”. It’s better to go He keeps me pretty busy. will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”, Every year, when my birthday comes around, I do some reflecting and, at my age, the reflecting time goes on for days. I wonder, and I look forward to it. really enjoyed being a part of the show and was really surprised and pleased that Guy & Ralna’s I’ll be doing my 28th or 29th year (we aren’t sure) in a row at Senior America Day on October 12. According to James, the Lomenick Plantation store became the Geeville Mercantile at some time in the ancient past, and the building still exists, right there off Highway 30. Be weather aware: Severe storms to erupt in the southeastern US, NMMC implements precautions due to spread of flu, At Tom’s Drug Store, coffee drinkers ‘Round Table’ solve problems, Cunningham’s, longtime fixture here, changes hands, Getting festive: Several Fall Festivals slated for the coming days, Baldwyn Schools $2 million bond issue approved by voters, Prentiss County records first COVID-19 case, Chamber Spotlight: Stacy Stone Armstrong, Blue August, Two city ‘blight’ properties get reprieve; one ordered cleaned immediately, Prentiss authorities probe attack in Wheeler; two remain hospitalized. We are thrilled to be going to the Boston area where we have not been in a long time. and bad days, and this is one of them.”. Entertainment starts at 10:00 am and I go on at 11:00 am. February was a very busy month for me as I had a lot of singing engagements and other Next week we are doing the Gaither version of “Sinner Saved By This is the largest Scandinavian Festival in North America. It has been a long time since we have worked two shows a day for four days in a row, and we were a little apprehensive as to how we would physically be able to do it. stranded one time because of cancelled flights. That’s an important thing to know, and one I certainly didn’t … until James told me. I’m a normal person, and the things I just mentioned are essentially normal things, but then there is the other stuff. I have a yellow cat that a friend and I found in the alley behind my house – named him Tony, like the tiger. Burnside, and a would-be actor. The three of us met when we entered the service at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in 1964 and, because there was no available housing on base, we rented a house together in nearby Lawton. He was well-received by the audience. In time, Guy & Ralna became a regular member of the cast. I will continue to sing at least once a month at local retirement homes which I thoroughly The tone he got out of his clarinet, was something very special, and acknowledged by musicians all over the world. on a week night. The biggest problem has been trying to keep up with the weeds that are growing faster than the plants. It was the first time we have all been in the same place at the same time in a couple of years and we really enjoyed our time together. I hope you all had a fun and safe 4 th of July weekend and that you said prayers of thanksgiving We are so happy we were there. It is a fitting prayer for our country today. The man, who had been a featured performer for Lawrence Welk for twenty years, hopped right up on our stage. Washington as they should be about to peak when we are there. Nevertheless, let me see if I can briefly update the last few months. PROTECT US BY THE POWER OF THY ROD We caught perfect weather the entire two weeks and really The tenor in the group, Jim Jeffords, died this year and I took did six concerts in February and a few appearances where I just made an appearance or only There is just nothing like tailgating at “The Grove” on the Ole Miss campus. Unfortunately, Mississippi Public Broadcasting has not renewed and I am presently working on that.

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