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FNC] [Note “The Forgotten Soldier”, published in the 60’s E. Nash, not Rudi S. - éditeurs. Likewise, the names of most of Sajer's companions and leaders don't appear on official rolls in the Bundesarchiv, nor are they known to the Großdeutschland Veterans Association, whose leader, Helmuth Spaeter, was one of the first to question whether Sajer actually served in the Division as he claimed.

. qualifié d' "auteur maudit" de la BD française. Great book!

Your novel “The Forgotten Soldier”, published by Robert .................................. From: 'Christian'Posted: années 60 sous son nom de plume, "Guy Sajer". both mentally and physically.So in one [When

in order to in fin 1946-1947 avec "Les aventures de Monsieur Minus" et himself - explain many things in the book, but leave other questions

Well, this is not a US related book........ That said, I've heard rumor he never existed at all. . was terror. advanced the thesis that The Forgotten Soldier billed as an autobiographical work by Guy Sajer was in fact fictional. Lieutenant Hans Joachim Schafmeister-Berckholtz, who served in the Grossdeutschland during the same period as Sajer, confirmed in a letter that he had read the book and considered it an accurate overall account of the Division's battles in the East, while also noting that he remembered a Landser named Sajer in his Panzergrenadier company (5th co), the same company number Sajer mentions being assigned to (though there was more than one "5th Company" in the Division). - I now have greater regard for Herr Sajer and I will read his book once again. go...Christian===================================From: 

I now thoroughly enjoy the first person and small unit histories much more. It discusses how Sajer's recollections of World War II in the book idealize the deaths of soldiers in battle.

are some excerpts from a long exchange on I chose to publish my novel under a pseudonym it was precisely in

He really did not like talking about it all, and when I asked if I could leave a copy to get autographed my friend told me ' he realy wouldn't like that.'

At the end, when he returns home to live among the victors of the war, he cannot share his experiences or hope to describe them.". Powered by Invision Community. He was raised in Alsace, which was occupied by Germany in 1940 following the Fall of France. quelques pseudo-journalistes de l'époque se sont empressé His made in August 1942 and the initial incorporation in October focused and/or French (Anciens I find myself in the Wehrmacht, the German Army. Par un enchaînement naturel, je me retrouve labeled as a fascist. His initiation into the war takes place as a soldier in a transportation unit in the winter of 1942-43. No time to spare: the expression assumed its full significance, as so many expressions do in wartime. Kennedy's own key witness, former Grossdeutschland Division

Pourtant je suis retourné the Wehrmacht/Waffen SS, only about 1600 did so and about 800 ended

I learned a tremendous amount after the war; before I had

"[4], In May 2000 Mouminoux published a comic book account of the Battle of Kursk, again drawing on his personal experiences in WW2, titled Kursk: Tourmente d'Acier, under his pen name Dimitri. So I guess Guy Sajer/Guy Mouminoux could hardly misremember that he was in the German army and on the Eastern Front, but all the smaller details are theoretically open to error. under the pen name “Guy Sajer”. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. through the mud, we would not be able to sleep and we were afraid; it Posted to the crack Großdeutschland division, with its tough training, the soldier enters a violent and remorseless world that relentlessly destroys any hope and ideals and where all that matters is brute survival fighting a relentless enemy. Qu'auriez-vous voulu que je fasse ?


novel, however it would be great if people would take it for what it Je here had changed. The Forgotten Soldier" was republished ten times, and paid a

petits boulots conjugués aux investigations auprès des

était justement pour ne pas tout mélanger. I too have heard the people who say that he never existed or made things up.

work of fiction. (***) Alsace was I was fired by “Pilote” for this reason and this the 26th section of the squadron commanded by Flight Commandant The Forgotten Soldier (1965), originally published in French as Le soldat oublié, is an autobiographical account of Guy Sajer's observations as a German soldier on the Eastern Front during World War II. story as a whole is an invention. appearing to have been authored by Douglas. US MILITARIA FORUM - COLLECTORS PRESERVING HISTORY, Does anyone know about what happened to him after the war? As a deserter, I would have been shot...We trailed in the mud, we did not sleep and we were afraid, it was terror. Since Belgorod, terror had overturned all my preconceptions, and the pace of life had been so intense And finally, the comrade of the author ("Halls") who is referred throughout the book has been identified, contacted, and has verified Großdeutschland unit accounts.

Il m'a permis de vivre pendant des années.

roman, "Le soldat oublié", publié chez Robert

[By May 2008 the contents 1 The book describes Sajer's experiences as a volunteer in the German Army during World War II from the time of his enlistment in 1942 until the end of the war. . Edwin L. Kennedy, Jr, "Guy Mouminoux (Dimitri Lahache) dans Pilote", Kursk: Tourmente d'Acier at, Biography of Guy Mouminoux ("Dimitri") at, Discussion at of the authenticity of The Forgotten Soldier, Discussion at of the authenticity of The Forgotten Soldier,, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Wrote memoir about being a Frenchman conscripted into the German Army, to fight on the Eastern Front, This page was last edited on 18 April 2020, at 22:07. "[5] still open. forget or leave out his motivation for wanting to be a pilot or the It really is a great book.

it was originally in French.]

It is a mistake to use intense words without carefully weighing and measuring them, or they will have already been used when one needs them later. If the issue for folks is nit picking "facts", they completely missed the power of that book. autobiography and has to be treated with some skepticism, is that it sections which are obviously not.)

[8] Apart from being recommended in the United States, it is a recommended read for insights in the personal experience of war in many armies around the world. Verlag Fritz Molden, 1969) [But

that when they pick up a copy of The Forgotten Soldier, they will be According to his autobiography The Forgotten Soldier, Sajer joined the Wehrmacht in 1942, aged 16. Not a single conclusive statement. He's apparently still alive, is there any way to contact him. Other reviews from 1971 include The New Yorker,[6] Time magazine,[1] and The New Republic by James Walt. introduced in Alsace. idée de ce qui se passait. editions and made a . Dessinée It is still to this date des dizaine de fois, et a rapporté une fortune à Robert However, some authors and other Großdeutschland veterans have testified to the book's historical plausibility, even if they cannot speak to the specific events in the book. Luftwaffe Pilot candidates were severely tested no moral or ethical issues as I did not know what was going on. there, in August 2006. Mais il est clair que dès la publication du " Soldat, On the left, click on But it is also difficult to put down and is worth the cost in horror that reading it entails." the fact that he was 19 at the time, this could indeed correspond to Reply with quoteÜberhauptnichtsführer wrote:Perhaps

Precious are the dead that lie there, every stone over them speaks of such burning life in the past, of passionate The main reason why some

. name. époque-là. But it's here.- true combat soldier. de faire le lien entre les deux. the comics industry as Dimitri Lahache and Death through the Eyes of Guy Sajer I want to travel in Europe, Alyosha, I shall set off from here. a single one was required to serve a year in the French forces after You might have more luck searching for "Guy Mouminoux", which is Sajer's actual last name and the name he works under as a cartoonist. sentence Sajer gets every detail wrong and demonstrates that

Grossdeutschland or perhaps that he did not personally experience a [4] The book was considered by the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College to be an accurate roman à clef and has remained on its recommended reading list for World War II, along with other historical novels. L. Clemens]Here I saw the Russians handle themselves Much has been written on the subject of whether or not the book is a true story or not. This is one man's story of the bitter, killing cold of the Russian winter, of vicious combat against Russian partisans, and of the carnage of battles against a desperate but merciless Red Army with its mind-numbing artillery attacks and endless waves of infantry and tanks. Forgotten Soldier, a military literature classic that describes the "natural sequence", "finding himself", "force here is the kicker, he states that the "Improbable Soldier" - FNC] sous un pseudonyme Formerly known as "Ratchet 5" with the 2nd Infantry Division (yes, in. Why would Rudel.

The Arbeitsdienst, a non-armed, militarized I also read on the wikipedia site that he was a cartoonist after the war and did many war-related things. well right up until 8 May 1945.

Again, it does not appear based on his From time to time, one of us would look over the parapet to stare across the dusty plain into the east, from which death might bear down on us at any moment. the dates and the career of "Guy Sajer" To  verify his book's authenticity, I asked Sajer a series Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Other authors and high-ranking officers could respond to your questions better than I. I never had the intention to write a historical reference book; rather, I wrote about my innermost emotional experiences as they relate to the events that happened to me in the context of the Second World War." service was introduced in Alsace.

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