gwent meta 2020

You can join our Discord if you have any questions. Having a smaller player pool does make it more difficult to know what the meta is at any given moment. Not at all! There’s always a chance that one of your threats will survive, while the Ozzrel finisher is very powerful, especially if you have the last say. The whole meta is shaping around Shieldwall due to its incredibly powerful interactions with Prince Anséis, Seltkirk and Anna Strenger. Experiments seem to continue with both Devotion and Non-Devotion versions of Overwhelming Hunger (which is the most prominent MO leader ability at the moment) and you can expect to see both variants in equal measure in your ladder experience. Surely you’ve played against this deck at some point. Deadeye Elves has also emerged as the most powerful Scoia’tael deck replacing the Harmony package with Symbiosis.. Two other old archetypes- reinvigorated with some … Privacy Policy. It presents a different and a totally viable approach to playing NR, as opposed to the classic, somewhat boring Shieldwall. Editing: Wusubi For Syndicate, the same basic Passiflora core has emerged as a decent 4th faction option for many players on Pro Ladder. On top of losing flexibility, Greatsword got nerfed as well. The idea is to swarm the board with Daerlan Soldiers and Vrygheff, then get a lot of value using Vreemde and Bone Talisman. The game plan is simple, first set-up your Assimilate engines with the help of Portal, Ramon and Artorius Vigo, then use different Create cards. I’ll long be an advocate of CD Projekt RED’s standalone card game Gwent. Video Database Updates: Ethereal Fruits, Schirru, Midrange Warriors, Crimes, NR Devotion, Passiflora Meta Reports: TLG, Elder Blood Tournament Decklists: Gwent Open 4 Qualifier #1 (Season of Griffin Top 16) The post-hotfix meta has an emerged as a balanced one. However, with the huge buff to Sacred Flame, the deck finally feels viable and even good in many cases. Best Decks in Gwent – May 2020 Meta. Despite the low playrate, the faction has a respectable PAT4F of 49.22% and a solid winrate which is only expected to improve as the season progresses. The faction is effectively running rampant. October 24, 2020 wusubi Welcome to our 19th meta report! A few notable changes were nerfs to a number of scenarios, which was offset by the rework to Bomb Heaver, who previously destroyed artifacts. About 9.3% of the total games that were played did not contribute to Top 4 fMMRs. With just over a week remaining, it looks like the meta is converging towards stability. For the first time in recent memory, there is a no overwhelming Tier 1 deck(s) and every faction has a competitive deck. -KingChezz93, - Stays low to the ground, hence bricking any tall punish cards, - With its combo pieces intact, the deck can generate an astounding amount of points in a long Round 3, - The deck is combo dependant and is thus weak to being bled, - Row punish like Werecat, Schirrú and decks that can easily remove most of your units (e.g.

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