handsome jack death

It’s exactly the reaction you’d expect from a narcissist confronted by his mortality and fallibility—abject denial—and it’s here that my catharsis against Handsome Jack occurred. That is why I always hand the finishing blow off to Lilith. On the flip side, ye gods am I tired of killing people (or whatever) only for it not to take, comic-book style, because the writers were too afraid to create more good characters. The Handsome Jackpot was a scam, designed by Jack to bleed customers dry of their money. Satisfaction comes from catharsis, from the built up tension of emotion developed within the person by interaction with another entity ultimately subsequently released by a conflict. Jack is probably alive too, why would he only have 1 AI chip when he could make multiple and have an entire jack AI army if his tech got loose? After being defeated by the Vault Hunters, Jack takes the already-charged Vault Key and uses it to summon and control the Warrior. He also created the Jackpot battle suit which Pretty Boy would later use. Additionally, Jack would find ways to impound vehicles and escape options from the Jackpot which would force individuals to essentially live on the Jackpot and spend everything they owned. Jack accuses the Vault Hunters of being bandits even though he commits many of the same atrocities he accuses them of; maybe Jack’s ultimate victory is really over the player, behaving so despicably and unforgivably that I turn into a shadow of him through the deathblow. You name it! The collared shirt is unbuttoned and goes down to his knees. Change ), When the Vault Hunter player character of, is sent to Thousand Cuts to recruit The Slab King, they happen across an NPC offering a sidequest. This leads the Vault Hunters to confront her, where it's revealed that Angel actually wants them to kill her so that her father can't take advantage of her Siren powers. Handsome Jack is a ruthless and cruel leader and a self-proclaimed "Hero". Character Type I feel like The Tales from The Borderlands gave him a amazing and final ending for him and The Handsome Jackpot was the perfect sendoff for him. Me still holding back tears from scooters deaths: Yea :/. He was a great bad guy. Handsome Jack was partially inspired by a particular interview with Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has a knockoff bar called "Foxxi's", and in his control tower one can find a picture of Angel on one side of the room, and a picture of Moxxi on the other. So that may be the ultimate catharsis of the death of Handsome Jack. Welcome to Pandora, kiddos. Manipulate the Vault Hunters into opening the Vault of the Destroyer.Kill Tassiter and take over his position as leader of Hyperion.Open the vault of the Sentinel (all succeeded).Kill the Vault Hunters and "cleanse" Pandora from all bandits and dangerous creatures (failed).Become Immortal.Regain power (both succeeded).Gain Rhys' Trust.Convince Rhys to take over Hyperion with him by his side (both succeeded/failed).Take complete control of Rhys' body.Make an army of jacks by putting endoskeletons inside corpses so he can have even more power.Kill Rhys for betraying him.Prevent Rhys from destroying Helios.Kill Rhys for destroying his legacy (all failed).Kill Bandits while being used as a gun (succeeded). He then stole the vault key from Patricia Tannis, and used the rare mineral arose after the Vault was opened (eridium), to use as fuel to increase Angel's power in order to charge the vault key. If we take a look back at everything that's happened in the series, from the first stop in Fyrestone, up to the time of his demise- Jack was a tactician; a bit of a dick about it, but a tactician nontheless. Due to him being the manipulator of the events that occurred in Borderlands, the villain in Borderlands 2, and his AI being one of the main antagonists in Tales From The Borderlands and the orchestrator of the events in Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, Handsome Jack can be considered the main antagonist of the Borderlands franchise. But that was incorrect. Borderlands 3 launches on September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development. The quest itself is either a hilarious parody or a reductive deconstruction, demonstrating how every objective in a first-person shooter must, inevitably, be reduced to shooting something. He fooled Angel into thinking she was actually doing good. Timothy is a unit tho, imo a viable outlet for people's jack fix.

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