henry 160 vs 200

Numatic’s iconic Henry vacuum cleaners have … This increases suction power but reduces the run-time on each vacuum to around 25-minutes. It also includes similar accessories and on-board tool storage to Henry. It also has a large 15L capacity for dry debris. There are a few downsides though. This means the vac has a six litre capacity, 10 metre power cord and a 620W motor. While the Micro is more expensive than the standard Henry, the filter makes it a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. If you don't suffer from an airborne allergy, stick with the cheaper standard Henry. Numatic has stuck with human names for each model, which makes them distinctive - but it's not immediately obvious what a vacuum is for (in the way the Shark True Pet, for example, is clearly a pet vacuum).

The main difference between the George and Charles is versatility. Like Charles, George has a powerful 1060W motor. While the powerful suction and large capacity remains the same, each model has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you have pets and prefer the pink design of the Hetty, the PEH200 provides the same excellent performance as the Harry. In addition to the standard tools and floorhead, the Xtra comes with Numatic's AiroBrush. It's not that much more expensive than the basic model, however, and the longer hose is a welcome addition. The Numatic vacuum range can be broadly divided into two categories: dry-only (such as Henry and Harry) and wet and dry (such as George). The first head is for wet work, while the second is a combination tool for hard floors and carpets. This means it has a 2.2 metre hose, 9 litre capacity and an adjustable floorhead.

Explore the complete range! James also comes with a range of tools and accessories for greater versatility.

Signup for the newsletter today. As its core, the Reach is the Henry Compact. The result is a powerful vacuum that's great on hard floors, carpets, laminate and even with pet hair. Henry® Blueskin® VP160 is a self-adhered vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier membrane consisting of an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film.

While the cute face catches the eye, Henry has remained popular due to its powerful suction, no-nonsense design and large capacity. They are claimed to be up to 15 times more efficient than a standard paper bag for retaining dust, so they are particularly useful for people with allergies.

With over 11 million Henrys and Hettys made, and most still in use today, they really are vacuums you can trust. Note: We haven't included duplicate models (such as Hetty) or those with minor differences (Reach or Micro) in this table, but you can see them by scrolling to the reviews below.​. The wet mode leaves surfaces dry in a relatively short time too. The biggest downside, in fact, is that James doesn't provide a huge saving. Aside from vacuuming wet and dry substances, the George can scrub hard floors, deep clean carpets, unblock sinks and a variety of other tasks. They are more common for commercial purposes, but some people use them for household chores too. Here are mini reviews of both vacuums to help you decide.

If you want most of the cleaning performance of Henry but for less money, the James is worth considering. The most popular models, such as the Henry or Henry Compact, can be found at most major electronics retailers, including Currys, John Lewis, Amazon, Argos and more. It also retains the cable rewind and storage system, TriTex filtration and HepaFlo bags. Powerful, no-nonsense and fuss-free features.
The HVR160 isn't just a smaller Henry though. Henry Homeowner Brochure This next generation vapor permeable air barrier picks up where traditional polymeric wraps leave off. If you charge both, the vacuum can run for up to an hour in one go. If you need a wet and dry vacuum, the Charles CVC370 does an excellent job for a reasonably low price. It's also built to last. The difference between the Hetty Compact and Henry Compact is the colour scheme and face. To help you find the right Henry Hoover, we've put together a list of current models along with their strengths, weaknesses and accessories. Alongside Henry, Numatic has introduced a family of new models. If you want a powerful vacuum that can do it all, George is a great choice. Henry is probably the most iconic vacuum cleaner in the world. These are great for tackling liquid spills or unblocking sinks, while also providing plenty of suction for dry debris. It's slightly heavier than the compact, but only by 0.2kg. If you want the versatility of a lightweight cordless, look elsewhere. The Hetty is a 620W cylinder vacuum with an A-rating for energy efficiency. As the name suggests, the Henry Xtra takes everything that's good about the standard Henry and adds a few extra features. The Henry Micro comes with the same features as the standard Henry.

The tubes are made from lightweight aluminium to prevent rusting. Dry vacuums are more common in UK homes, as they are cheaper and less bulky. The HVB160 is also one of the only bagged wireless vacs, so it's great for allergy sufferers. Aside from its motor, George has a large 15 litre capacity for dry spills - although make sure you use the right size Hepaflo bags to avoid them splitting. Download product manual: HVR160 User Intructions, Get all the latest information on new products, sales and offers. Their great features make cleaning easy, including their super long-reach, "trouble free" rewind 10 metre cable, huge capacity and on-board tool storage. Where it differs is in the filtration system. The aluminium tubes are also excellent quality and it's not too heavy or bulky. Like most Numatic vacuums, it has a wide cleaning radius and uses HepaFlo bags. This is much longer than the similarly priced Dyson V6 range, which can only last 20 minutes. If you click a link on this site, we may receive a small commssion when you purchase an item. Not what you’re looking for? With that said, all reviews are the opinion of the writer only. It would be understandable to assume the Henry Micro was a smaller version - but this isn't the case (thanks Numatic!) For these reasons, stick with Charles if you just want to vacuum liquid spills and dry debris. It has a slightly smaller capacity, no TriTex filter and doesn't include the cable rewind and storage system - but is available for a lower price. Since 1999, PriceRunner has helped millions of visitors find the best While 9kg isn't light for a vacuum cleaner (some cordless models weigh as little as 2kg) this is only 1kg heavier than the standard Henry. As you would expect from Numatic, Hetty is highly durable and built to last. It's also surprisingly lightweight considering its size and power. Henry ® Blueskin ® VP160 is a self-adhered vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier membrane consisting of an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film.Blueskin ® VP160 is fully adhered to the wall substrates in a weatherboard method without mechanical attachment. There's also the option of running the Henry on full-power mode. There's no longer just "Henry," but a whole range of Numatic vacuums to meet a variety of purposes. While the range of Henry Hoovers might be confusing, we hope this article has helped you choose the best model for your requirements. This has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation, so it's a better choice for allergy sufferers than the standard Henry. It's a wet and dry model with a 1060W TwinFlo motor and the same excellent suction as the Charles.

You also get a mattress nozzle, in addition to the standard tools, which is great for removing allergens from your bed. George has been designed for a variety of cleaning tasks, including dry vacuuming, extraction vacuuming (for cleaning carpets and upholstery) and wet vacuuming. There's also the option of buying second hand or used from sites such as Ebay or Craigslist, although it's important to make sure the vacuum is in good condition. If you're confused about which Henry is best for your home, this is the only article you'll need! When it comes to cleaning, the Henry does a decent job on all surfaces.

Bagged vacuums are, in general, better for allergies too.

The heavy design also puts the Henry Cordless at the other end of the spectrum to models like the lightweight Dyson V8 and Vax Blade Pro. Residential and Light CommercialBuilding Envelope Systems®, Fortifiber® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System, FIND Henry® AT YOUR LOCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE. These include compact, cordless, pet, and wet & dry vacuums, so there's a Henry out there for everyone. There's also a hard floor brush that's useful for quickly cleaning large areas. Both include a turbo tool for getting rid of pet hair in carpets and upholstery. We find creating a separate Hetty product code with the same features a strange choice.

It's also powered by a 620W motor and uses disposable bags. When the mess is gone, Henry packs neatly and tidily away with on-board tool storage and “trouble-free” cable rewind system. Well, until the next time….

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. NS200 23.5 ps vs 15.5ps. Instead of the TriTex filter, the Micro comes with Henry's MicroTex filter. It's easy to unclog though. This provides more effective cleaning performance on carpets and when tackling pet hair. The Numatic vacuum range, often known as the Henry Hoover series, is one of the most dependable on the market. If you need a vacuum that's durable and can tackle hard-to-reach areas, it's an option to consider. These include an adjustable floorhead, 2.2 metre hose, 8kg total weight and a 620W motor. Then there’s the trail of dried mud leading to what I can only assume were once a pair of wellington boots… The table’s covered in scraps of paper from the latest papier-mâché homework project and to be perfectly honest, I can’t even bear to think about the state of the car, let alone the garage after our latest (attempt at) DIY. Our goal is to provide reliable and trustworthy information about vacuum cleaners.
Making emptying quick, easy and mess-free, Henry’s innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, so unlike with bagless vacuums, you can empty with no dust, no mess and no allergens escaping. Wet and dry vacs, as the name suggests, can handle liquid spills along with regular debris. Numatic Henry HVR 200 Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing & First Look - Duration: 43:39 .

One of the confusing things about the Henry Hoover range is that Numatic has duplicates with different product codes. If you have pets, the green Harry HHR200 is a great choice. HepaFlo Filter Bags x10 (NVM-2BH) for Charles & George.

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