hero wars tier list 2020

Jorgen is one of the best heroes in the Hero Wars game – he is one of the best tank-class heroes out there with unqiue abilities that support the allies and controls the enemies – thanks to the amazing CC and supportive skills. We have classified the heroes into seven tiers; Tier #1(best heroes; OP performance), Tier #2(Excellent heroes), Tier #3(Good Heroes), Tier #4(Average Heroes), Tier #5(Below average to average heroes), Tier #6(Not good), and Tier #7(Worst). Lord of the Storm – puts a Mark of Water to enemies. Both these heroes belong to the Mage class. Hero war is a role playing fantasy adventure game which was released in 2020 to mesmerize fantasy game players around the globe. Heroes within a tier are sorted alphabetically by name. Can steal energy. Galahad / Martha / Jhu / Orion / Helios I plan to build team like. Let’s take a look at his skills and how he can help you in the battles: –, Another support-type hero with CC abilities in the game. The higher level white bomb attack will create a fire which will do damage to the enemy and the enemies team until the inflicted person does a passive attack or someone destroys the fire. The third is that she has more hp than heidi unless Heidi is a much heigher level. They are at very very High level …. I wonder why daredevil is good, to me, he is worse than heidi, there are a few reasons. I think celeste should be an s tier hero because she does so much damage on her normal attacks, she is one of the best healer and with her cursed flame every other hero is useless. You can select the heroes of your choice. He also regenerates your first hero which is about to die and shields the team. Her damage levels are massive in comparison to her level, and she out performs contemporaries in pure damage terms. You have to kill all the bosses of the enemy to win the game. Let’s take a look at his skills: –, Celeste is one of the best healers in Hero Wars. They are supporters and warriors respectively. Easy wins between heals and his hp drain he consistently shreds the front line. I think Astaroth is a A really low A or B tier. Both heroes play the role of Mage. Phobos is the controller and Dark Star is Marksman. And you would have way more players. Includes Corvus and Morrigan. Some of them are locked in the game. You can unlock these by the points you get on winning the games. So this would be all in this post on Hero Wars Tier List 2020 – best heroes and the worst heroes. There is no any tank or warrior in the team. The cycle of Energies – with this skill, Jorgen protects an ally with a magic shield. Genshin Impact Codes: Promo Code, Redemption Code(November 2020), The Grand Mafia Redemption Codes: Cheats & Gift Codes. If so, should I do it for Galahad, Corvus, or Luther? Pochi HP ??? Therefore, we’ve created this Hero Wars tier list to give you an overview of each hero’s potential in the game overall. 18. Extremely viable hero and fits into every team setup really well. S Tier – Necessary. Also he has a shield feature and he gets passive very fast. True though once he gets blue or purple he has really good passives and does very high damage. But for late-game, #1 and #2 Tier heroes are the best ones. Better pair him with Peppy. If you use Kai with K’arkh, then it’s A+. Some of the characters in the group B- are Phobos M and Dark Star. I’m at level 40, I’m working on Astaroth, Keira, Qing Mao, Dark Star, and Thea (since I don’t have Martha or Celeste), but Astaroth is Magical, not Physical, so should I switch him? All are at red+2 and level t he max level (Level 130) except Heidi and Dante , which I did not even bother because they is so bad. Tier #4 and Tier #5 heroes are average and might not be useful after a certain point in the game – they can carry you in the early game, as well as, mid-game. It’s mentioned in the bottom of this article. Mine which is still a lev 66 has about 80k of life (with Oliver’s support, but without the animal it has about 70k). Share your best team combo in the comments! Otherwise, it’s C+. She is butonce you get higher levels and farther in campaign she can not be as good. ), Can do some tanking and applies water marks, paired with Lars beast, Paired with Krista beast damage dealer due to the watermarks, increases all damage, great abilities, boosts any team, great support, denies more debuffs compared to mobile version, great with most teams, only Helios counter her hard, protects all allies (not just the ones in front of him like Facebook version), Also good healer, steals life from enemies and buffs physical damage, good survivability, lifesteal.

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