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He secretly rates the Hunters on the scene using a scale of his own and is apparently quite happy with the power of some members of the Zodiacs:Kanzai, Ginta and Piyon. Hisoka is completely obsessed with Gon, what is emphasized almost every time Morow appears o… Also Known As HisoGon isn't a very popular ship in the fandom, but at the same time isn't a rarepair either. The following are the results for Hisoka in Heavens Arena. Hisoka becomes worried, when hearing about Gon's serious state from Illumi. Gon is searching for a way to recover his Nen. Read 7u7 Especial from the story Imágenes Gonkillu by Zar12-fuck (Una Sombra) with 757 reads. Being a Zoldyck leaves someone with very special needs. They groom children to fit their own desires and to make them more susceptible to their advances. Generally, when he fights one on one, he limits himself to counterattacking as he lays a lethal trap with his Nen abilities. A huge part of the fandom thinks about HisoGon as pedophilia, but it's hard to tell that it really is pedophilia, when Hisoka said himself, that he'll wait until Gon will become an adult and he actually waits for that. Kurapika and Leorio have got quite an interesting chemistry with each other and work very well together, despite quarreling quite often. Morow was obviously intrigued by Freecss already from that moment, but Hunter x Hunter fandom thinks that he started to have a crush on Gon, only when they met for the 2nd time. He even assists the protagonists if there is “fun” in doing so or if it will make them stronger leading to a more entertaining fight in the future. He then leaves after telling Gon that the next time they fight, they will be risking their lives. Hunter x Hunter Manga Stylish 3D Digital Print T Shirt, All-round Fun And Stylish Graphic Design. When they meet, even without using En he still notices that there is someone hiding behind a tree and threatens to kills that person if they don’t show up, which frustrates Nobunaga. See more ideas about Killua, Hisoka, Hunter x hunter. to help give you the best experience we can. All the more, he tried to do something to keep him alive. She tells him that everyone in the Phantom Troupe must meet up inYorknew City at noon on August 30. [38], Hisoka appearing before the Phantom Troupe. Unable to add item to List. His inhuman resistance, coupled with what looks like a total disregard for his own life and a battle frenzy, makes him unstoppable. [Hunter x Hunter] Hisoka teams up with Gon & Killua - YouTube Master Weapon Specialist: Hisoka is an unrivaled master in the usage of cards as edge weapons. Hisoka follows Gon and Killua to the Heavens Arena and prevents the duo from entering the 200th floor unless they have learned how to use Nen. A story filled with lemon, smut, angst, shocks, cliffhangers, hormones...you name it! Hisoka and Illumi are two of the most powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter, both of which have temporarily served as members of the Phantom Troupe. [23], Hisoka’s appearance in the Yorknew City arc, On 30 August, Hisoka meets the other members of the Phantom Troupe in an abandoned building in Yorknew City, where their leader Chrollo Lucilfer gives the order to rob the Mafia of the auction items. HisoGon is a ship with quite a lot of moments. MY BOIS!~ Hisoka frees himself by hurling the referee at him. Killua's been openly gay since freshman year of high school. Although they're very powerful, Gon and Killua's talent surpasses their power by quite a mile. Glupi widget, ali iskoristicu ga da bi ispao pametan. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. Killua Zoldyck 3 Togari Hisoka Morow 4 Sniper Illumi Zoldyck 5 Goz Illumi Zoldyck 6 Agon Hisoka Morow 7 Geretta Hisoka Morow 8 Bourbon Ponzu's bees 9 Bodoro Killua Zoldyck 10 ... Gon Freecss 35 Baro Gon Freecss 36 Rhino Killua Zoldyck 37 Leol's Squad Kite 38 Pokkle Neferpitou 39 Kite Neferpitou 40 Peggy Meruem 41 Turtle Meruem 42 Hunter x Hunter Manga Stylish 3D Digital Print T Shirt, All-round Fun And Stylish Graphic Design. Whenever Hisoka considered Gon and Killua's relationship, he had always expected them to be the kind of innocent pair to swear to take their time, savoring each sweet, tender moment shared, delicate and slowly threading into whatever they decided was their next step towards intimacy. You and him never get along. [2]During the first phase, out of a desire to satiate his appetite for murder, Hisoka “plays proctor” and kills a number of applicants in the Numere Wetlands. However their potential and quick development whet his blood-lust, impelling him to find someone to kill. During the Greed Island arc, Hisoka wears a Greed Island Ring on his left middle finger. Hisoka and Illumi talk over the phone after killing their attackers. He then casts a blank vote after showing it to them, which annoys Kanzai. What day is it?'. Their strength was said to be majestic, however, Uvogin was easily defeated by Kurapika, while Nobunaga's powers don't seem to be anything special at the moment. There was a problem completing your request. He ran away from the lifestyle he didn't want. Ripple Junction Mens One Piece Anime T-Shirt - One Piece Mens Fashion Shirt - Monke... Riot Society Japan Koi Lotus Mens Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black, Large, FunStation Tee for Anime My Hero Academia Cosplay Costume T-Shirt Sweatershirt 01 S. MS Fun Hunter X Hunter Anime Art Prints Poster Together Original Design Hisoka Kill... To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. [22] As they continue, Hisoka easily defeats him by TKO. After that he sits there scouting out the crowd. At twelve years old, Killua ran away from his family. Although they were stronger than Gon and Killua at the beginning of the arc, as the story progressed, they were left behind. Hisoka tries to fuck everyone, but he fails. [9] Hisoka has his badge stolen by Gon, who had been tailing him, while attacking another examineeand stealing his plate. [29] Later, after they have returned to their hideout, he wants to tell Kurapika that the corpses of several Troupe’s members left behind are fake, but can’t contact him. After his good enough punch, Gon gives Hisoka his pin back. Hisoka’s past is never explored in Hunter × Hunter. His attire is usually adorned with various suit symbols on the front and back torso, and he changes outfits in each story arc. Hisoka and Gon first met during the Hunter Exam. He also effortlessly dodged Kastro’s attacks when the latter was not using his clone, and kept avoiding the clone’s blows while talking casually even after losing both arms, despite Kastro being a martial artist said to be on par with a Floor Master. He can plan whole battles beforehand and prepare his victory right after the get-go. After Illumi asks Hisoka what's he gonna do now about Gon, Hisoka states he'll wait until Gon will become mature. He was able to deduce Kastro’s double ability by simply allowing himself to get hit, even though Killua, a highly intelligent fighter himself, could not figure it out. He tries to do something to keep Gon alive, in his own way. Machine Wash, Quick Drying, Easy Care, Durable. Apparently, he doesn’t fight according to any conventional martial art, combining his tremendous physical attributes with razor-sharp poker cards, an unpredictable mind and an unquenchable thirst for killing. Hisoka and Gon have a little fight. [25] Kurapika tells him to meet again on the 3rd of September, at the same time. Although Hisoka did this to anger Illumi it still makes this scene incredibly creepy. Excited by his feat, Gon is soon after ambushed and temporarily paralyzed by Geretta, who just so happens to be Hisoka’s designed target. [26], Hisoka’s smile while teaming up with Machi, The next day, he has an unexpected meeting with Gon and Killua after the two were captured and brought to the Troupe’s hideout but they pretend not to know each other. Gon and Hisoka have the most interactions in this arc. After fighting for a while, he whispers something to Kurapika then renounces the match. This is a common tactic for Pedos. Approximately 500 words per chapter. Holy shit . Gon pretends and actually tries to be happy and optimistic, but we could see in the Chimera Ant arc, that there are times, when it's only a mask. He offers to send Illumi a copy, albeit one that is altered by his Texture Surprise. Hisoka knocks him down and whispers something to him. To ensure your best fit, please buy 1-2 Size Bigger. Hisoka has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. Gon and Killua work wonderfully well as a team and they also push each other to get stronger. Al ver que éste corre peligro dentro de la isla, Killua decide que no se detendrá hasta sacarlo de ahí. Illumi suddenly releases a murderous aura and warns him. [19] After the fight, it is revealed that Hisoka is a member of the Phantom Troupe. Hisoka tells Gon to give him back his pin, when he'll be strong enough to firmly punch him. And in Hisoka's official spin-off, it's even more visible. He is able to formulate accurate conclusions based on mere observations. [39], Hisoka and Illumi are next seen talking to each other in an airship bar. [38] And so, Hisoka spares his life and leaves, telling Pakunoda that he’s never been attracted to broken toys. He can take having his arms cut off, one after the other, as if it were nothing. [3] He takes an interest in Gon and his friends after the boy uses his father’s fishing rod to stop Hisoka from killing Leorio. Friends; crush on Hisoka's side There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Suitable For All Kinds Of Daily Life.The Best Gifts For Japanese Anime Fans. • Battle Couple• Villainous Crush• Opposites Attract• Not So Different• Love Makes You Crazy• Mad Love• There Are No Coincidences• Fate Drives Us Together. 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