how did durer promote italian ideas in northern europe

[9] In the years leading to 1520 he produced a wide range of works, including the woodblocks for the first western printed star charts in 1515[23] and portraits in tempera on linen in 1516. Albrecht Durer: Watercolours and drawings. Watch the YouTube video of BBC Northern Renaissance 02 The Birth of the Artist. The Italian humanist scholars of the period maintained a lively exchange of news and ideas with their northern colleagues. And the rapid translation of the artist's textbooks on art, mathematics, geometry and fortifications into Latin and other vernacular languages was an index of his status as a leading theorist of the age. Early years: Albrecht Durer was the son of a Hungarian goldsmith, with the same name. Between 1507 and 1511 Dürer worked on some of his most celebrated paintings: Adam and Eve (1507), Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand (1508, for Frederick of Saxony), Virgin with the Iris (1508), the altarpiece Assumption of the Virgin (1509, for Jacob Heller of Frankfurt), and Adoration of the Trinity (1511, for Matthaeus Landauer). Dürer's geometric constructions include helices, conchoids and epicycloids. Either way, his drawings were destroyed during the cutting of the block. Arguably his best works in the first years of the workshop were his woodcut prints, mostly religious, but including secular scenes such as The Men's Bath House (ca. Albrecht Dürer (/ˈdjʊərər/;[1] German: [ˈʔalbʁɛçt ˈdyːʁɐ];[2][3][1] 21 May 1471 – 6 April 1528),[4] sometimes spelt in English as Durer or Duerer (without an umlaut), was a German painter, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance. His Prodigal Son was a particular masterpiece from this category as he used it to detail landscapes and animals.At this time he also started to combine watercolors and bodycolors, as seen in the Young Hare before heading back to Italy and working with linen and tempera. It contained an unprecedented 1,809 woodcut illustrations (albeit with many repeated uses of the same block) by the Wolgemut workshop. [41] The first book was mainly composed by 1512/13 and completed by 1523, showing five differently constructed types of both male and female figures, all parts of the body expressed in fractions of the total height. Dutchman Lucas van Leyden was the only engraver to have relative success following in Durer's footsteps.Durer's trips to Italy meant that his influence spread to the Southern European country and his landscapes were copied partially by the new Italian generation of engravers that included Christofano Robetta, Agostino Veneziano, Giulio Campagnola and Marcantonia Raimondi.Influence in painting: Durer's painting was impressive in its appearance but had little influence from the countries that he exposed himself to. He made watercolour sketches as he traveled over the Alps. [9], Because Dürer left autobiographical writings and was widely known by his mid-twenties, his life is well documented in several sources. [16] De' Barbari was unwilling to explain everything he knew, so Dürer began his own studies, which would become a lifelong preoccupation. Bartrum, 204.

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