how did josh bay die

Buck Tole was surprised to hear Josh’s name when I reached him by phone. Buck remembers that his father wouldn’t let him go to Josh’s funeral and told his son only the barest of information: They found Josh hanging in the barn. Family members said Dowd, who worked as manager for semiconductor company, became unusually sick in late January and was forced to cancel plans to go to a weekend funeral. showed up with police. When Josh was born, she named him after Joshua in the Bible, the one God commanded to be “strong and courageous” so that “no one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life.”. Judi said she thought she was doing the right thing when she convinced Atkins to “let us take care of Josh for a while while she got on her feet.” What could be better for a boy than life on a farm, raising rabbits and riding horses? Atkins said she had no choice but to institutionalize Josh. Atkins fell for him the way all the women would: “He was just sprinkled with cowboy dust, I guess.”, She was seven months along before she told him she was pregnant — and neither were ready to be parents. She admitted her failures but said they were only part of the story  of Josh’s traumatic life and heartbreaking death. The Klavers hadn’t lived here in years, having picked up and moved to Oklahoma. There was something else Sandoval says always struck him. No one has interviewed him about it for nearly three decades. Who was the Cornelia Marie named after? At their wedding, Josh, not quite 3, carried the rings on a little white pillow and wore a powder blue tux, white corsage and cowboy boots, just like his dad. (Photo courtesy of Kathy Atkins. At times, Josh’s tantrums were so violent, they had to physically restrain him. Had he been older, Buck said, he would have asked more questions. At the same time, Klaver met and married a woman who was 11 years older, owned the Nails R Us salon in Gilroy and was raising three boys of her own. That’s when the county’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Michelle Jorden, took her extraordinary mission to the barn 25 years after Josh’s death. A study shows roughly 4% of L.A. County residents have contracted COVID-19, suggesting it might be less fatal locally than originally believed. hug his son and tell him he loved him,” Sandoval told me. Frances won two DramaLogue Awards and was nominated for a Los Angeles Dramatic Critics' Award. Initial sampling showed water temperatures nearing 90 degrees and low oxygen levels. “‘I’m here to help you.’”. Hospitalized as the result of being struck by a car in Glendale, CA, on November 21st, 2002. (Courtesy of Kathy Atkins), Kathy Atkins and her husband, Dennis, pose for a family photo with Josh, and his half-sister, Kristin Atkins. In a declaration to the court that now seems tragically ironic, Klaver wrote: “I am at a loss to understand how the risk of placing Joshua with me on a temporary basis could possibly be more dangerous than the likelihood of a continuing need to institutionalize him.”, When the battle returned to Santa Clara County Family Court in December 1987, Judge Jeremy Fogel was on the bench for an emergency hearing. Over time, a story emerged of a child failed by nearly all the adults in his life — and a system that should have done more to protect him. Bay appeared in many productions, including the Doctor Who story The Crusade in 1965, playing the fourth Earl of Leicester. Frances acted several times for David Lynch: she's Kyle MacLachlan's sweet doddery aunt in Blue Velvet (1986), a gruff, profane whorehouse madam in Wild at Heart (1990), and the spooky Mrs. Tremond in the cult TV series Twin Peaks (1990) and its spin-off feature Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992). would do.”. “We all understand if we're out of shape, you suffer on the treadmill. A naturally gifted singer, Groban dropped out of college after only a few months to pursue a recording career. The two were best buddies. He hit a neighbor with a bat and wielded a carving knife at his mother. During a four-day custody trial in 1986, with Werner and her eldest son taking the stand, Atkins says she found out for the first time the extent of the abuse Josh had suffered. (Courtesy of Judi Werner), Detectives recently visited Judi Werner, pictured at her San Jose home, to ask if she thought K.W. ), Chapter 2: Investigators quickly decide — suicide. |  Ray Tole was working on his car in the driveway next door. BIS, BISS Ch. He seemed to be doing better until about nine months later when the school called to report that Josh had written an alarming message in a journal — that he wished he were dead. Why did this happen?”, Klaver never mentioned Josh after that, Tole said, not over the fence, not at breakfast at Betsy’s Cafe in Morgan Hill, “not a single word about him.”.

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