how to get legendary dinosaurs in jurassic world alive

Scents also pull heavily from the local pool so knowing what could spawn around you can be very helpful to figuring out what scent you should be using to target a specific creature. The top number is the number of Sanctuary Points that action will award to the Sanctuary. These enclosures are essentially different locales where your dinosaurs can be. The higher level, the higher rewards. Tarbosaurus What else is there to know? Jurassic World Alive software © 2019 Ludia Inc. © 2007 - 2019 Ludia Inc. All rights reserved. Erlikosaurus Gen 2 All Rights Reserved. There are certain dinosaurs that can and cannot be placed in a Sanctuary. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. When I clicked Pachy, I got the below message. Mortem Rex Raid Guide - How To Beat Mortem Rex, Sinoceratops Raid Guide - And Taking It Down With Two Players, Jurassic World Alive: Dinodex 2.0 - Battle Sim Counters, Best Against, And More. Stegoceratops We'll be sure to update this article as we learn more. The final way you could find dinosaurs is via Hybrid Pursuit, a feature added in patch 1.5. And since locals divide (usually) at roads, you can generally tell where the change occurs and a new local begins. For the moment, though the scenery in the background changes for each enclosure, it doesn't seem like there's any difference in placing creatures in one over the other. Take a look at what common dinosaurs are spawning around you, and find one of the commons on the grid below to figure out which local you are in. We are still working on the image for Daily Creatures, but here is the full list: Nests do exist in Jurassic World Alive, but they work a bit differently than nests in something like Pokemon Go. Any changes to zones are noted in italics. Ankylosaurus You can see how many you have by clicking your inventory or by clicking on any creature in a Sanctuary to interact. Entelodon Another good general rule to understand is the later in the week you go, the more rare the creatures. Legendary 4500 1800 106 15% 20% Megalosuchus: Legendary 3600 1000 109 0% 5% … This version was last updated on 04/28/2020 (Patch 1.13) for sim results, stats, and moves. The pattern is quite simple. These dinos, however, can't be attracted by scents. Parks also generally contain a much higher percentage of Special Event Supply Drops (the green ones) which also means most parks have lots of featured dinosaurs as well. Licensed by Universal Studios. Velociraptor, Arambourgiania East/West, they alternate either 1/3 or 2/4. Clicking on the Sanctuary also shows you a few other things. Thankfully, these dinosaurs are literally returned to your inventory without any action needed at all. There is no way in game to identify which local you are in, but thankfully there is an easy way to figure it out yourself. All Rights Reserved. Mortem Rex Raid Guide - How To Beat Mortem Rex, Sinoceratops Raid Guide - And Taking It Down With Two Players. It is worth noting, at the moment, that daily dinosaurs do not spawn when you use scents. In 1.11 we have seen more "hidden parks" pop up where there is not any green on the map but the area spawns park dinos. Spinotahraptor, Gorgosuchus Spinosaurus This version was last updated on 04/28/2020 (Patch 1.13) for sim results, stats, and moves. will benefit most from being placed in sanctuaries. Tanycolagreus The bottom is the number of DNA you will be immediately given for feeding/interacting/playing with the creature. The moment you add a creature to a Sanctuary, it will immediately be shared with your alliance. Note, I'm looking at a level 1 Sanctuary and an Epic creature so the DNA gains are about as small as they can get. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. This may change as well but for now they are not on the scent tables. In Cincinnati, we’ve found they run the opposite but still follow the 1, 2, 3, 4 order. Deinonychus Postimetrodon, Pteranodon You can personally place up to 4 dinosaurs total in Sanctuaries at any one time. Some creatures prefer playing, while others prefer eating or being interacted with. Consider supporting GamePress and the author of this article by joining GamePress Boost! The list of shared Sanctuaries looks like this below: The final big question that was asked a few times was how to collect your dinosaurs once the timer runs out. Parks also have a local as well so if you run a scent in a park in Local 1 you will have a chance to spawn either set of creatures. These Sanctuaries will stay on the list for 24 hours, unless someone adds another dinosaur to a sanctuary -- in which case the 24 hour timer restarts and it will again be viewable for 24 hours. We will keep you up to date on our main page with the current hybrid pursuit. In the example below, my player level was 19 and Pachy required a player level of 20 before it could be placed in the enclosure. Triceratops Gen 2 Holidays tend to be the exception -- often Ludia … So make sure to check back here often to see where you are! Below I've placed all four in a level 1 sanctuary, but you could place two in one and two in another or one dino in four separate sanctuaries -- but the cap is four dinos at any one time can be out among the many possible sanctuaries. You can see a list of the featured dinosaurs on our home page (we always list it on top) and an example of what these look like below. Amargocephalus Musician, Author, World-Traveler, Pet-Enthusiast, Still probably has a level 70 Fire Mage in WoW, and writer for GamePress. What else is there to know? Utahraptor, Deinocheirus Clicking on any creature (yours or someone elses) will bring up the below menu where you can choose to interact with the creature, feed the creature, or play with the creature. Zones rotate on the first Monday of every month. But we can talk more about that in our in-depth review of scents. Pachycephalosaurus Jurassic World Alive software © 2019 Ludia Inc. © 2007 - 2019 Ludia Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Thanks to the help of our discord member, Kelociraptor, we found there is a method to the madness. Each week, a different component for a hybrid is announced via the official Ludia twitter and is available as a global spawn. I hate cold weather and the book is always better than the movie. The below example shows you what it looks like when choosing which caring actions to take for your creatures and some of the differences between the DNA gained. Jurassic World and all related marks and logos are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Jurassic World and all related marks and logos are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Each local is approximately 5 to 10 square blocks (varying widely depending on where you're living) but they are broken out in a grid that spans city and country alike. We can’t wait to see how these work in the wild! For instance, in the example below, between Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday you can dart any combination of Allosaurus, Gallimimus, Apatosaurus, and Stygimoloch Gen 2 for up to a grand total of 36 attempts. So in those three days, you could dart 9 of each creature, or 36 Allosaurus, or 12 Allosaurus, 12 Gallimimus and 12 Apatosaurus, or any other combination you can think of. You simply click on your inventory (it'll show a red number to indicate you've got dinos ready to be retrieved) and you will see all the dinos to collect. Sanctuary points will increase your sanctuary level. Each day, you will see a common and a rare creature spawning for that day. We'll continue to dig into the data for a more complete guide on levels of sanctuaries and the sanctuary points needed for each one and keep you updated once we know more. Epics This may change as time goes on, but for now daily dinosaurs are grouped in sets like this. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dimetrodon Jurassic World and all related marks and logos are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Arena exclusive and hard to find creatures (Irriatator anyone?) Below is an example of Hybrid pursuit. The following creatures were added for 2.2: If you're familiar with Pokemon Go, you may be wondering how to find your favorite dinosaurs out in the wild. This means the local zone you are in right now will be different next month. These are: We'll leave them in the dinodex without their photos below, but no promises they ever make it into the game. You can level up a Sanctuary from level 1 to level 20, and each level gives you one new slot to use for putting creatures inside as well as increasing the amount of DNA you get from creatures you interact with in the enclosures. * They are working on Sanctuaries so they can welcome flying and cenozoic creatures in the future. Welcome to our Dinodex - the official catalog of dinosaurs currently in the code in Jurassic World Alive. The sharing icon comes up on the Alliance screen. Sanctuary Guide, 1.8 Patch, Jurassic World Alive, Once you enter a Sanctuary, you'll notice you can swipe left or right to see the various enclosures.These enclosures are essentially different locales where your dinosaurs can be. The trick is figuring out what your creature needs in order to produce the most DNA. In additional to creatures on that are on your strike team, they clarified that there are some additional creatures that cannot be placed in sanctuaries: Creatures that you already placed in another Sanctuary (creatures can’t be in two places at once!). After patch 1.7, many park dinosaurs were moved to the new daily dinosaur feature -- which was excellent as parks were getting very crowded and it was getting very hard to find anything consistently in a park. Secodontosaurus For example, in Phoenix, they run 1 through 4, North to South. Overall we are very excited about this new feature. Common creatures give more DNA than Rare, which in turn gives more than Epic. There's a brand new feature in Jurassic World Alive: and they're called Sanctuaries. While they provide a great mix of other dinosaurs, they aren't quite as reliable a source of finding a specific dinosaur as a local would be. Worry not, you do not need to wander aimlessly in some direction in hopes of finding the zone you seek. Ouranosaurus So if you're seeing a lot of Paralophosaurus, driving a few blocks in any direction should get you to a different set of dinosaurs. Food and Toys are gained from spinning supply drops. So it's always helpful to get your attempts in over the weekend and later in the week. If you remove it from your strike team, you can then place it (as long as the creature is not too powerful for your player level). Instead of being a large area, parks lie on top of locals anywhere on your map where the ground is green (well for the most part). Your inventory holds up to 12 food items, 12 toys, and 8 interaction items. Some images are lower quality as they were not provided by Ludia and we made do with in-game images. Hatzegopteryx New creatures are identified by italics.

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