how to hang ikea ribba frame with command strips

I taped up a level line for reference before I started hanging. Don’t throw the RIBBA backing paper away just yet. THANKS! I’m starting to lean into my desire to only put things on my walls that are meaningful to us; that tells our story in some way (okay, or maybe I just like it )! I’ve wanted a cake stand for awhile, but storing a one use item never made sense in our tiny apartments. The problem is that the tab on the back of the frame is not long enough to reach most framing hooks. We have 5,000 (+ counting!) Not ideal…ideal would be IKEA keeping the wire clips from the old Ribba version…but this should do. Well, I think you’ll really enjoy today’s DIY project! The picture above shows how the parts fit together. My husband and I just used your tips to hang about 30 ribba frames on our stairs wall - it was super easy! PH-neutral mount; will not discolour the picture. The picture below shows the back of a RIBBA 20x25cm frame. Unless you are using a VERY long screw or nail to hang this on, it will be a challenge attaching the hanger to the wall exactly where you’d like it. (This is where having another pair of hands is… um… handy.) It’s yellow plastic w a level My frames have a 2-inch space between each frame. haha thank you so much for this solution. After seven years of renting, I am very familiar with the power of Command Strips. It was not in my possession at the exact moment when I wanted to hang the frames. It’s tough to choose; it feels permanent in a way, doesn’t it? | Decorum DIYer, 5 Practical, Functional Tips For Your Home | Practically Functional, Fancy walls on the cheap: 36 easy, beautiful DIY art ideas - * View Along the Way *. You place your picture on it and then find your spot on the wall. Glue the dowel under the top of the frame. Thanks for a great idea! Like I mentioned above, keep both pieces of the Command Strip velcro-ed together on the back of the frame. If you don’t get them “quite right” it’s no problem – that’s the beauty of Command Strips! Thanks. With such an overhang, the torque on the screw would have been quite strong and I was afraid the drywall anchors would fail. I bought 9 IKEA Ribba frames, they’re cheap, look nice and had the exact size I needed (12×16 inches). Lindsey uses Command strips on her IKEA candlestick & plate for a budget friendly cake stand that easily disassembles! Probably, just glue some blocks to the edge of the frame to have something to attach the wire. Step #3: Hang the frame with the dowel resting on both Screw Hooks. Plus, we have a store 20 minutes from our house! Unless you are using a VERY long screw or nail to hang this on, it will be a challenge attaching the hanger to the wall exactly where you’d like it. Brilliant fix but IKEA now seem to have changed the spec of the Ribba again and made the problem even worse! Perfect, renter-friendly solutions for all over your house. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The charging basket keeps your counter clean and large Command curtain hooks keep you from drilling into your cabinets. You can tweak them as much as you need to. Keep the dowel flush with the frame back. Name * Email * Website. – would that work? I then folded the wire in 2 with a loop wide enough to fit on the hook nailed to the wall. Remove the mat from a deep shadow box picture frame (like the RIBBA) and add a column of small Command hooks inside for a quick sunglasses organizer or entryway catchall for keys and mail. Ikea replaced them but it required a lengthy phone call. Be sure to remove that film from both sides before you add your photos! Turn the frame over. Instead of the hinged sawtooth hanger (as your photos show), the frame now has a fixed sawtooth bracket. I checked the back as well and it’s fine, I was afraid it could bend being pulled towards the wall but it’s still perfectly flat. Beware, if you plan on ordering your frames online, several of ours arrived damaged and broken. My 5 Favorite Wall Art Inspirations - Allison Patel Photography, How To Assemble An Ikea Picture Frame | Money, How To Attach Hardware To Ikea Ribba Frame | Careersgear. Ikea Ribba and Target Frames. Just figure out how you want your frames spaced out, take out your laser level, measure and make your marks, and hang the frames. As soon as you label anything ‘industrial’ another 0 gets added to the price tag. Stick those gorgeous frames back on the wall and admire your work! Your frame is now good to hang. This was the winner!) what is the total length of frames on the wall? Got a tip, kitchen tour, or other story our readers should see? We have several in different sizes for a consistent gallery look. This is the length I was missing between the tab and the hook. I also added a few frames from Target. For all of you obsessed with Monstera leaves, and planning a wedding or helping someone plan a wedding, or just want some rad wall decor, this backdrop is big on impact but low on effort. They are a beautiful addition to any room: dining room, bedroom, family room, or office. If you look around my house, you can find one of a few things on my walls: photos, mirrors, shelves, quotes, or a painting. So in January, I resolved to focus on this room! Use a drill bit slightly larger than the. These are the few items you’ll need for this hack: RIBBA picture frame; A length of 3/16″ diameter wooden dowel (to fit the inside width of the frame). (A small price to pay for sanity, certainly.) Simply, my solution is to drill a small hole in the back of each frame and hang it using Hercules Hooks. So everyone else out there, don’t use sawtooths. I then ran into a strange issue, these frames are not easy to hang on regular framing hooks. Exactly the solution I was looking for. I’ve been having a hard time with these frames. The mount enhances the picture and makes framing easy. 12 Clever & Beautiful Uses for Adhesive Strips & Hooks You Might Not Have Thought Of, Renter-Approved: Smart Ideas for Using Adhesive Hooks & Strips Everywhere, quick sunglasses organizer or entryway catchall, 14 Ways Command Strips Can Make Your Kitchen More Organized. As long as the sawtooth hardware stays attached to the back the wire should be fine: Photo of the new hardware with wire wrap: Hanging picture frames made easy. For those unfamiliar, Hercules Hooks are great hanging options for drywall. I used several different styles of frames from Ikea. Using the “W” grooves on the tab guarantees that the wire loop will remain centered. We’re absolutely loving our gallery wall and hope this post has encouraged you to create your own! Note the worthless metal notch thing highlighted in my red box. There’s about a 4mm slot between the bracket and the hardboard with no scope for adjustment at all. were somewhat expensive and difficult to find in multiple sizes in the same style. Adds a nice 1/8" buffer between frame and wall. Washington, DC-area resident that can't help providing friends, family, and strangers unsolicited advice. The problem is that the tab on the back of the frame is not long enough to reach most framing hooks. We also just got the frame with the new annoying hardware and i was able to use wire to extend it still. The FINTORP series gets new life as a charging station right off Maggie’s kitchen peninsula. Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Ribba frames can be painted in various colors to fit your creation, and you may use them for various purposes, not only to display your photos or create a photo collage. I bought “picture wire”, which is a bunch of small wires twisted together (I assume that’s what you mean by ‘stranded’?) Step #1: Cut the dowel to fit between the two sides of the frame. We hung up the frames back in January and just added the prints March 1st! Suzy screwed up from the bottom of the original metal shelves through the wood, but if you don’t have a drill, Command strips are perfect for keeping wood additions in place! Then, forget about it because, at about 1 inch deep within the frame, it's useless. There is a hanging “tab” on the back of the frame but the frames are thick and the tab is buried all the way inside, far away from the wall. Here are the detailed instructions to hang a Ribba series frame using the process. Required fields are marked *. Keeping them level is important. First, you want to measure the wall where you envision your gallery wall and how many frames you want in your grid. moved in and painted another to create a pantry, Command 3M Picture Frame Hangers (12 pack), Subscribe to receive the latest post to your inbox, Our 1970s Basement Update: When DIYs are Not Enjoyable, 3 Simple Tips from Mom to Add to Your Overnight Guest Room for Under $15, 6 x 16″x20″ map prints ordered from a local printer (created by Mike), Mike designed the map of our city with a border around the entire composition – inspired by. Earn a $20 credit on your first Uber ride using the following referral link: A couple months ago, the boss assigned me a project to hang a number of family photos in our hallway using simple, black shadow box frames. Last step: Add pictures of your, Do This: Log Into Your AT&T Wireless Account to See if the Price of Your Plan Dropped, Buy This: Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones for $179.81, Use This: Cash Back Portals for Online Shopping, Flip Frame Over, Curse Worthless Metal Thing, Mark Halfway Point of Top of Frame for Hole, Select a Drill Bit Slightly Larger than the Hercules Hook, Installed Hercules Hook on Scrap Piece of Drywall, Installed Frame: Level and Flush Against the Wall, Note My Two Small Marks Spaced 7 Inches Apart, Centered, Level, and Aligned Frames: Note Drilled Hole is not Visible. Step #2: Screw the Screw Hooks into the drywall. If it’s applied to the frame, it might block the backing and you won’t be able to switch out your photo! I do something very similar, however I nail a little toothed bracket to top of frame, and at the bottom of frame I put little cabinet bumpers. I could have bought some hanging wire and installed it on the back of each frame, but this would have been time consuming and costly. I notice one problem though. Y’all, Command Strips are my new best friend. – Hobby Lobby’s cute colorful clothespins Start by disassembling the frame. Hate those metal tabs on the back that secure the backing? And they’re up! Adapted in size to hang several together. The back of the frames are just a simple box. – an IKEA Ribba Frame – a piece of scrapbook paper (thanks to everyone’s vote on our IG story. This makes it really simple to hang a long row of pictures all at the same level! I’ve just noticed the same thing — my ‘bending tab’ snapped off, so bought new frame to use its saw-tooth tab — but the saw-tooth is in a different spot, and now it doesn’t align with my other frames! It is full of hand-me-downs (you all know I love), but none quite felt inspiring. Hanging picture frames on the wall sounds simple.

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