how to open toilet paper dispenser without key

Go to #4, Violent Entry Method: Blasting cap and C4 ---Success? This method is easier and more discrete than other methods such as cutting it open with bolt cutters. are also made sturdier than the stuff you find at Big Box. Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser, Translucent Dark (PFO-RD0039-02F), Palmer Dual Roll Standard Toilet Paper Dispenser (PFO-RD0025-01), Georgia Pacific Single Jumbo Jr. 9" Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (GPC 590-09), Georgia Pacific High-Capacity Centerpull Toilet Paper Dispenser (GPC56501), San Jamar Toilet Paper Dispenser w/Stub Roll, Black Pearl (SJMR6500TBK), Palmer Dual Jumbo Jr. The average burglar uses a hammer, a crowbar or a foot to gain entry. If you have a key to use as an example, try to replicate its shape as well as you can. If there is no slack - even with the door closed - you can always use the hook and elastic method: Get a peel-and-stick hook and an elastic. any key, screwdriver, whatever will turn it. Toilet paper dispensers are available in plastic or metal models. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Well, you can usually do the same thing with a paper clip. Lowest price in 30 days. I'd like to do this as needed so that we all can dry our hands. Open dispenser with key 2. Every toilet paper dispenser has a "roll size" that it fits. It should have a slot at the top for a key. Close dispenser Blocking mechanism Sliding panels can be moved over to reveal the next roll (in horizontally-aligned models), or the next roll can simply drop into place (vertically-aligned models) once the stub roll is exhaused. About: My name is Jason Poel Smith. If you really want to do this on a regular basis, you could rig a stick-on hook with an extension that pulls the chain inward and outward away from the door as you would if you were taking off the chain by hand, lessening the chance of it binding. Then use one end to depress each of the plates at the same time. Many multiple roll dispensers are now designed to protect additional rolls of toilet paper until the first roll is completely used, thereby eliminating the risks of stub roll waste and the unfortunate occurrence of paper running out. Failure? A paper clip or small flat screwdriver may work? Except the doorchain, when properly installed, must be pulled towards the center of the door to unlatch it. The lock is generally located on the top of the paper-towel dispenser. Some are cheaply constructed. Place toilet paper rolls on core (be cautious of the direction your customer likes the toilet paper to roll) 3. Slowly close the door and the elastic will pull the chain out of the track. If you don’t have a traditional key hole it’s usual a matter of pushing in simultaneously at two locations either with a special “key” or your fingers. I wouldn't futz around with it because you might need to replace the unit if you mess up trying it on your own. Unless you're Popeye you should be able to get your arm through far enough to touch the knob at the end of the chain. Based in Lancaster, PA. WebstaurantStore is the largest online restaurant supply store servicing professionals and individual customers worldwide. This illustrates how most locks are primarily just a deterrent and aren't 100% secure.Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. Folded toilet paper dispensers offer one-at-a-time dispensing, as opposed to roll style dispensing. Most often you can open a dispenser by inserting the straightened tip of a paper clip into the key slot and pressing down on the plate below. Turn tool clockwise to lock. Medico did redesign their locks after the bump-technique was revealed and they made a claim that the new design was bump-proof. Failure? Integrated teeth built right in at the dispensing level. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Lower capacity than jumbo roll dispensers, Better suited for low traffic environments, or areas where space is of concern, Great for use in hotel rooms, small, intimate establishments, and office restrooms, Higher capacity than standard roll dispensers, Better suited for high traffic environments. The unit is owned by my employer. posted by justkevin at 1:48 PM on January 11, 2008 I am also of the "manually open malfunctioning toilet paper dispenser" persuasion. Others are simply poorly installed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Rejoice! © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — There was a problem submitting the request, please try again. Original Tork® Plastic Dispenser Key (TPDK) will open: - Ultraslim Multifold Mini Hand Towel Dispenser H4 (2293796) - Tork Jumbo Junior Toilet Roll Dispenser T21 System (2242122) - Tork Dispenser Toilet Paper Roll Tripleline Blue T4 System (000692) - Tork Ultraslim Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser … Thank you! Remove any stray bits of paper towel that you find. Most dispensers are not adjustable, so once you have settled on a dispenser, you must always use the designated roll size for that unit.

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