how to put bow in erhu

When playing this instrument, keep the shoulders and both arms relaxed. We did an experiment with our Shanghai Rosewood erhu to … There should be a ornamented box-like structure below the strings. The inner string is tuned to D and the outer string is tuned to A. Session #8 – Covid-19 Updates | Price-Friendly Chinese Music Inst. A simple basic erhu setup should you buy an erhu from a place that does not setup the erhu properly. The inner string should be most toward you and the outer string should be farther away from you. If you accidentally cut it or if it has unravelled by itself, click here to buy a roll of qianjin string from us. An ehru is a Chinese instrument that has two strings. 5) BowJust like the violin bow you will need to rosin the Erhu bow before you play it. How may I … You need rosin to start. Practice with various speeds. The two strings - inner and outer, are the only strings of the erhu. When I play an up bow (moving my right hand towards the erhu) on the inner string, the pitch is slightly lower than when I play a down bow (moving my right hand away from the erhu). Oily substances will reduce the ability of the hair to grab the strings, leading to uneven tone. Theng Chann, sounds good I like to study China erhu sound and Khmer erhu sound too! But if you think it is easier to do it that way, twist the end pin of the erhu bow out and you can detach the frog from the bamboo. Here’s a video explanation of the Basic Erhu Setup: But seriously, the only place you should buy an erhu online is from Eason Music. Notice we use the word basic because there are little details and nuances to each area which we can take the whole day to talk about. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Or put it on a table. 31.10.2020 byvim Post in 427. or the Qianjin is not too loose. Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle, What's New in iOS 14? Click here to watch a video on how to tie the Qianjin string, Click here to watch another video on measuring the correct position of the Qianjin string. 2. If it is a completely new bow, you will need to rosin it much more for the first time. It doesn’t matter with the rosin. Wonderful! Keep your fingers off the hair as well because the oil on your fingers might contaminate the hair. 5) Bow Just like the violin bow you will need to rosin the Erhu bow before you play it. Does it matter if you have violin rosin for your erhu or do you need erhu rosin. Dear Ling, If it is too thick, it will be difficult to slide the damper underneath the strings. There is an inner string and an outer string. The inner string refers to the string that is closer to you and the outer string is the string that is further from you. It is played by using a bow to resonate the two strings while fretting the neck of the instrument to change its pitch, much like a violin. There is a slight twitch of the wrist on attack of each stroke. The Professional Beijing Erhu Bow by Li Huai Gang is a definite must have for all Erhu players, and is the bow of choice for Erhu luminaries such as Yu Hong Mei, Ma Xiang Hua, and Yang Xue. Does it matter if you have violin rosin for your erhu or do you need erhu rosin, It doesn’t matter with the rosin. The Erhu is mainly a instrument for melody in a sense like voice. Erhu Gaohu Zhonghu Pipa Guzheng Liuqin Ruan Sanxian Yangqin Hulusi Dizi Suona Sheng Xiao Gong Cymbals Drum, Introduction of Chinese Bamboo Flute (Dizi) Video, The Dizi That is Too Clever For Its Own Good, Performances by Lovely Ladies in Greek Goddess Garb. This video will benefit those viewers who are interested in playing the Erhu, and would like to learn how to bow to be able to play the instrument. Pull up the strings and carefully slide in the erhu bridge so that you do not damage the scales. You can easily rosin your erhu bow. Once that is out, take the frog and slide it out between the strings. 4) DamperAfter the bridge is in place, you can then put the damper underneath the bridge. If it is a completely new bow, you will need to rosin it much more for the first time. Will that just come with more experience or am I doing something wrong? However, the ehru is not held; instead, it rests on the floor and the player sits next to it. The lesson is to show you how to bow the erhu. Make sure you rosin it both sides of the bow as both sides are needed to play the inner and outer stringa. And also make sure to put a little more pressure when playing in bowm, so the string is resonated properly. Keep the bow hair away from oil, grease, wax or soap. Practice bowing the whole length of the bow. even when i moving the bow its not make a sound like yours. I personally prefer the felt cloth. Can you give me some advice how I could solve this problem? So there you have it. The only pressure point is where you hold the bow. if you sign up the lesson, you will get more videos. As all our erhus come setup properly, so this will help all those people who bought erhus from eBay, craiglist or any other places and the erhu does not come properly setup. Saray. 5th Dec 2015 04:41:51. Thanks for join the community. Now go the next part of the bow and do This video is to show you how to rosin the erhu bow, as the bow is trapped in between the two strings, sometimes it can be uneasy to rosin the bow. So if your erhu is not very responsive to begin with, putting Erquan strings on the erhu will make it even more difficult to bow. Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home job prospects to the next level? I from Cambodia. Go fullscreen. Thank you! 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