how to refinish mercedes wood trim

picture) holding the frame in, and the glovebox light/switch assembly. One is that it is thick and rubbery and tends to hold joints apart with a slight gap. It may snap in, or may have The best Thats it! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts ... mercedes w123 zebrano 240d wood trim set 1024.jpg. In some places it could be a fairly deep brown, but in others it may be almost white. Be careful and take your time. better access if you slide all the levers to the inside (toward the center). If the manufacturer was not too careful in his choice of solid wood, particularly with some of the cheap mahoganies, you may even find that there are light or white coloured streaks running in the grain of a single piece of wood. any shorting. right side there are two more screws. You can get a small 10mm socket on the right side nut, but a miniature combination Unscrew Cracks in the clear go into the veneer, because the clear cracked all the way through including where it had soaked into the veneer when it was originally applied. should be able to get to it. For the driver's side, you can unhook the spring from under the dash... see No matter how hard you try to clamp the panel together again, the split seldom closes up properly, especially if it has been there for some years. To restore real wood trim strips and dashboards is very different from trying to imitate a photo-printed grain pattern, and—thank goodness—considerably easier. When pushing it down into the split, carve it off with a knife just proud of the surface, then tap it down gently with a block of wood. After the glue has dried cut it once again with a craft knife, then sandpaper again, finally to level it. Some rights reserved, AUCTIONS: Don Draper’s 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible Is Up For Bid, Streetside: 1974 Dodge Dart Sport – Economical Flair, STREETSIDE: 1983 AMC Eagle Wagon, The Original Crossover. To prevent this, pry a wide screw driver Air dryed rattle cans take a long time to really dry/harden and usually don't hold up very well. Join the discussion. Remove all of the screws at the top and bottom inside the glove box. Ideally, you should take all the woodwork out of the car before starting to refinish it. Whichever type of varnish you choose, a much more durable and better finish will result if you thin the varnish well, then apply a large number of thin coats, rather than a small number of coats straight from the tin. These instructions are for an original Becker. The wood trim on W123's is very high quality, however the finish does degrade after 30+ years. Comments Off on Restoring Classic Car Wood Trim. No doubt there are many other brands of stripper which will do an excellent job without staining the wood, but having found one which works well for me, I recommend it. I've had good luck stripping old finishes with a product called Citristrip. A good automotive paint store can advise. As an alternative to using a plastic type of filler, try the old cabinet makers’ method of melting shellac into the depression, then scraping it down level with a craft knife or similar sharp blade. separate from the hoses. Spray it on, let it sit for 10-15 min. The problem is that I just followed the directions. picture), remove the washer, then remove the retaining nut. Once any repairs are finished, rub down the surface again with fine glass-paper; it is now ready for varnishing to start. Its tight, but doable. to see a larger view. Mercedes-Benz Tech Information and Support,, Got me some cheap dash wood for my W123 300D. Almost any paint stripper will remove the old varnish successfully, but be wary of the very powerful ones which might contain the chemical called lye. I recommend that you try out the filler or plastic wood you have chosen on a spare piece of wood, and mix some colouring dye or stain with it, to bring it as near as possible to the colour the finished panel will take on after it is varnished. Theme: Ari by Elmastudio. Sometimes this has a much better effect on some stains than oxalic acid. Wood veneer in your classic car needs to look the part, or the entire interior is a let-down.  In our first video below, Edd China of Wheeler Dealers demonstrates the old-school way to refinish a veneer.  He is an artist.  The meticulous, time-consuming, and skillful way he approaches the refurbishment of this Jaguar console is a  thing of beauty any car lover will respect, as you can see in the first video. This page will cover the first of this, with more pages to follow in the future (maybe). March 2012 by admin Other blemishes which may have to be tackled are bruises and dents, oil stains (where someone has lubricated a starter or choke cable), cigarette burns round an ashtray, holes in the woodwork where previous owners have added either extra instruments, or a map reading light and, in the case of solid wood panels, possible splits from fixing screw holes. replaced it, so try pulling the cluster out first. needs to bend a little bit. I'm not sure just yet either! about that sticking right now... it will come off with the trim. Plan on about a 3 month project - longer if you have a day job. an amplifier cable. 36.9 KB Views: 489. easy to chip the wood. You should finish up with a completely smooth satin-like surface to the wood with all the pores of the grain filled. If you get your hand on some good wood trim to replace your cracked and/or warped pieces, this guide will show you how to replace these items. Some of the operators using these guns became so skilled, that they could even blend together ordinary white deal and quite dark mahogany. of the air box, being careful not to damage it. For the toggle switches, its best to get at them from behind to avoid It takes from three hours to an overnight halt to do its job of bleaching, and is more effective on some stains than others. starting with the glove box. Loosen the bolts, side the brackets up, then out. There is a lot of work to do: Removing the wood, preparing it, refinishing, I too used a plastic scraper, but one from the paint supply section, metal would easily gouge the thin veneer. There is a lot of work to do: Removing the wood, preparing it, refinishing, and installation. If a plug of wood is pushed in, and then cut down level with the surface, an end grain is left which will soak up any colouring or varnish, then turn darker than the flat surface of the surrounding wood. Remove them and the piece should be loose. On the inside, there are two screw... remove them and pull the door straight Got me some cheap dash wood for my W123 300D - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum,, 1980 280CE US with Euro M110 + 4 speed 126k, mercedes w123 zebrano 240d wood trim set 1024.jpg, mercedes w123 burl wood trim set 1024.jpg, mercedes w123 before and after restoration zebrano 1024.jpg, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The best way to strip the wood is get an aluminum turkey pan or another metallic dish to hold the parts, place parts inside and cover. I used the turkey and made an aluminum foil lid. In recent years, we have also expanded to include the 400E and E420 models, which are directly related to the 500E/E500. around a little more. There are "spider web" marks from where the orignial finished cracked -- the wood itself is scared and there is some dirt embedded too, but I only took off what would come out with stripper. I will never have to worry about cracking again, just oil once in a while like a fine piece of furniture. a bit. 24. An alternative to a spirit stain is a water-base stain which some people prefer. I will never have to worry about cracking again, just oil once in a while like a fine piece of furniture. So I'm the only one with a nightmare experience with Heritage? Really this is merely a matter of choice. To remove the rear view Most of the knobs on the push-pull switches simply unscrew. If you can handle them, you can use a modern impact adhesive but to my mind this has two disadvantages. unit out. Though the assistant in the craft shop might look a little askance if you go into the shop carrying a car dashboard, then ask to see a selection of veneers which you can dampen to see whether they match the colour of the dash, it is worth taking the trouble. Polishing wood trim I recently pulled my center console trim to replace the ash tray bulb, and took the opportunity to clean up the wood trim. Keep working, and the piece will flip up toward Since its founding in late 2008, 500Eboard has become the leading resource on the Internet for all things related to the Mercedes-Benz 500E and E500. Be careful the back of the cluster doesn't scratch the By now, I'm sure your car looks pretty bad! If necessary, the can be pryed out from the front. Once again, it is important to wash out any traces of household bleach thoroughly, before you go on to the next stage. careful not to damage the wood. I agree with Palolo--soaking, especially in something strong, could be a bad idea. He is an artist. Its possible someone already removed the nut and never The frame will

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