how to rig a gator line

It was reclassified as Threatened in 1977, due largely to the fact that it closely resembles the American crocodile, and that a small market for meat and hides still exists. It is intriguing, though. Handle a snapping turtle with extreme care. Check your state laws to see if you need any kind of license to trap turtles. For baiting I use 40lb line test and then 30lb monofilament as a backer. Use a sturdy fishing rod to pull in the line if the turtle is too far for you to reach. “They get so much heavier and stronger, and they’re a lot smarter, too.”. That quickly did it; the gator took off, and so did the heavy 20-foot johnboat; we were on a gator-powered sleigh ride through the night. McKee and Garland had earned the right to pursue gators last season by being drawn in the state’s permitting system. Always remember to keep the line attached to the boat or a fishing pole on the boat. Rubbing the back of the turtle with the stick will be unpleasant and cause the turtle to attempt to escape from the sensation without harming it. The Florida FWC considers alligators a Species of Special Concern. You said you had a high capacity reel, right? 0000040521 00000 n For the 2009 season, begin watching the FWC Web site and news releases in April for the application process. Gator charters typically cost $800 to $1,000. That’s a huge success, given that unregulated commercial harvest in the early 1900s decimated the species. If using lighter line from float to boat you can get back to float if broken off by gator or boat flying by. We went on to hook five more gators that night, all in the 8- to 10-foot range, but each time luck was on the alligator’s side; hooks pulled, lines busted—and in one case, the anglers simply decided the gator was too small. Clouds of flocculent muck bubbled up into the lights as Charley strained the 150-pound-test braided polyethylene line to near breaking, but the gator was not moving. That's when I take out the 14/0 hook to lift stuff to the surface for detangling. ... work well for patrolling the fire line and attacking skips). Get the Top Stories from Florida Sportsman Delivered to Your Inbox Every Week. The gentleman also recommended rigging a line with three treble hooks and a weight on the end. Peg for us has always just helped secure bait from sliding off line. Slip this loop under the O-ring on the shaft and then slide the point on the end of the arrow. Use a clothes pin to hold the line, for easy line removal by the alligator. All Rights Reserved, Entering your valid email address signifies you wish to receive our newsletter and have read the. Especially the one regarding goal of peg... to stay put, or stay in bait. Some good questions IMO. From now on, says Dutton, if you catch it, you bought it. The heaviest came from Orange Lake and weighed 1,043 pounds. You can't clip bait line to a float once he eats. Popular spoon lures continue to catch inshore and offshore fish. “The intent is to allow hunters another way of harvesting alligators,” says Dutton. Check the bait daily, and add more bait or move the device as necessary. Some folks, in an effort to attract a gator to the surface to harpoon or snare, use baited lines to lure their prey within striking distance. © Copyright 2020 The Lakeland Ledger — All rights reserved. “Only nine feet or so—I’m looking for a 10-footer or better.”. o like to cast for gators get a new tool in their arsenal, as the FWC now authorizes “fishing” for alligators with artificial lures. Free Voice & Video Calls. Not the best 3 hours I've spent, but then there are days I spend 3 hours digging through weeds to find a nice 10+ gator on the other end. 70 16 From what I’ve read, hand-liners will drill a hole through the peg and attach it to a length of parachute cord or other thin rope. 85 0 obj<>stream Tie the bait so that there is a gap of 2-3" between the bait and peg. Annual harvests in Florida include about 6,000 on public waters, another 6,100 on private lands, and some 10,000 under the nuisance alligator program. %%EOF Josh dropped a cartridge into the .44 bangstick. Another change this year is in hunting hours, with the time extended to allow hunting an hour after sundown, and an hour after sunrise. EDIT: No. 0000012713 00000 n “When a gator gets over 10 feet long, it’s just a whole other animal from the smaller ones,” says McKee. If you want to apply for a gator permit next year, you may also want to attend the free FWC alligator hunting class, which covers regulations, allowable gear, harvest methods, safety and processing. Form a loop in the line about 6-7 inches from the knot for your loop. © 2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Both are avid anglers, and so it’s natural that their chosen weapon is rod and reel, in a sport where most use harpoons or bow and arrow. According to FWC gator program leader Harry Dutton, however, that’s not the case in the 2008 season, which began August 15 and runs through November 1. Finally had to harpoon him in the throat because he would only come up looking at me and I kept bouncing the harpoon off the back of his head. Christine Garland took this fine gator measuring 11 feet, 4 inches. It behooves the hunter to rig the peg to the bait prior to decomposition, flies, and various, ghastly bacterial diseases. Hence, maybre more likely to caugh it up if all one mass. x�b```��,@r� 00�X8v0������@�A �B�P�����Ǡ���Ǫ���������iy�� �BF˗@�����b�� d������H3�� �S� 0000033085 00000 n “I know small alligators love topwater lures, but I think the big guys are going to be hard to fool with anything that you could actually cast,” says Phil Walters, one of Florida’s best-known gator guides. common snapping turtle (chelydra serpentina) image by Bruce MacQueen from, Field-N-Water Outdoors: All About Snapping Turtles, Youtube: How to Pick Up a Common Snapping Turtle. When it comes to alligator lures, all will be homemade this season; there’s no commercially available model as yet. McKee and pal Josh, who hunt together any time Josh doesn’t have a charter, love gator hunting and gators of every size, but what really turns their crank are the dinosaurs 10 feet and up. The gator will also weave around, under, and through stuff like trees, roots, logs, etc. Though alligators are most active at night, they’re often on the prowl at dawn and dusk, as well, and this provision should make it much easier for hunters to take their quota. I put 20lb+ of drag on a 9' last year that wouldn't give up. You can tie a float to the line all you want as long as you do not let go of it. © 2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. “Guess he didn’t like that,” said Charley. trailer “If you get the hook in the head or neck, you can handle him after a while, but if you get it in the tail you’re in for a long fight,” says Garland. Some folks, in an effort to attract a gator to the surface to harpoon or snare, use baited lines to lure their prey within striking distance. Size 1 to 3 stainless steel fishing hook. The baited peg is typically thrown or cast near the alligator or near the area where it last submerged. It there are a lot of snags, you can remove the jug and tie the other end to a branch that hangs over the water. You want the turtle to be able to tug a little bit, but not too much. I've had the bait pop right out of the gator's mouth one too many times from too much pressure on it. 0000012679 00000 n Before we answer this, here are the guidelines from the FWC’s 2012 Statewide Alligator Harvest Training and Orientation Manual: “Baited wooden pegs less than two (2) inches in length have been used as a legal and effective method for attaching a restraining line to take an alligator. Tie the line on using a 3 inch loop in the line. 0000000995 00000 n The preferred baits for gators are rotten chicken and beef lung. Hence no need to add after the fact. Adult gators typically weigh 400 pounds and sometimes a lot more, and they’re enormously strong; it’s a real test to pump one in with a spinning rig. Those using fishing rods employ high-test mono leaders with a swivel to tie to the main line. Josh pulled up the pole. 0000022145 00000 n LINE is available for a variety of smartphone devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia) and even your PC. They live up to 50 years. There’s typically an initial run of a hundred feet or so, then the gator goes to the bottom and hangs on until you pull him up a bit, then another run, some thrashing on top, likely rolling in the line, another run, and so on. drilled hole in the middle of the Gator Point. “Gators everywhere,” Charley said happily. (I do fear my knot-tying skills for this operation. I've spent more than 3 hours digging through weeds only to find my beef lung was spit up and left behind. startxref Pull the loop tight and slide the o-ring … Put all the pressure you can on the line unless they look right at you and open their mouths. Suspend hook and line above water, 1 to 2 feet. Fishing With Spoons in Saltwater. Clouds of flocculent muck bubbled up into the lights as Charley strained the 150-pound-test braided polyethylene line to near breaking, but the gator was not ... pump one in with a spinning rig. Purpose of the knot is to let you know when you are close. Whatever bait is used is usually left in a bucket or trashcan for a few days in the heat to acquire the putrid stink that arouses a gator’s appetite. Permits for 2008 were granted by drawing in June. According to the FWC, the longest alligator ever taken in Florida came from Lake Monroe and taped 14 feet, 5⁄8 inch. Chicken gizzard or tough beef chunks. Always remember to keep the line attached to the boat or a fishing pole on the boat. Making your own snapping turtle lines is a simple process that requires very little cost or effort. This is a big advantage to those who want to “fish” for alligators, because it will allow them to spot gators with natural light and make a presentation to them that the gators can easily see, without being blinded by a spotlight. But under the new regulations, lures designed for the task of capturing alligators for harvest will specifically be made legal. The season was closed in 1962, followed by intensive, often very dangerous, efforts to curtail organized poaching. In dense populations, survival can be even lower; cannibalism is a major source of mortality in young alligators. Attach at least 15 inches of heavy-duty nylon line to the empty jug by tying a knot around the handle of the jug. The American alligator was listed as Endangered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service on the very first listing under the Endangered Species Act in 1967. Bait using the chicken gizzard or tough beef chunks, making sure to hide the hook. That float would put drag on the bait line anyway when / if he decides to swim. I was by myself so lost track of time. Items you will need. After about 10 minutes, Charley was sweating like he’d just finished a marathon in the hot, humid night air, but he managed to winch the boat up to the rolling, snapping, hissing saurian. 0000002723 00000 n Gator Pro Alligator Hunting Equipment - Including Harpoons, Bangsticks, Gator Calls, Snatch Hooks, Crossbows for Gator Hunting, Alligator Trapping Supplies, as well as a … Farm ponds are your best bet, especially when the bottom is mud rather than stone. Don't let your traps go unchecked; this is cruel to the turtle., With multiple hook lines followed by harpoon lines, the gator will come under your eventual control. 0000001367 00000 n HOWEVER, as I think about it more... if he's feeling tension on a large mass of flesh in gullet, or throat... that probably feels more awkward than just a peg.

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