how to tell if ammo is bad

Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. That’s right, your grandpa’s M1 Garand ran exclusively on corrosive ammunition. Why does it take hours? Some folks will rinse all of the ammonia and loosened corrosive salts off with hot water. This is not to say the Blazer ammunition aluminum cases are not to be used, just be aware it can happen. That’s a lot shooting, a lot of training, and a lot of fun. Lesson learned. The first pic was from over pressure, or brass with the hole too big…. Run a clean patch through the bore to dry it some then use that wet patch to clean the bolt face. It came through with out fail. Handloaders know the value of a good roll-crimp on the magnum calibers to prevent bullets from jumping forward under recoil and blocking cylinder rotation. Because I paid for 25 bullets and wanted to shoot 25 bullets. I remember the day I asked my father if we could shoot “the old .303.” To my delight, he said yes. It should slide in and out without hang-ups. Then a careful examination and relube all parts or spay them with Silicon spray. Probably, but maybe not. Norinco steel cased .308 shoots okay (looks like 7.62×39 on steroids) but is no longer available. If you pack it in a USGI ammunition can. Also, the same ammo in 38 S&W Special can jump the crimp if fired in the lightweight revolvers from various manufacturers. i bought a box of white box at wally world about a year ago. Most of the rounds had split necks. The biggest variable of course is the shooter. When I buy remanufactured cartridges for handgun or rifle, I inspect each, and then drop them into a Wilson check gauge appropriate for the cartridge to see if it will chamber and is not over-length. Again, probably, but maybe not. Inside would be .22 long rifle, but also .22 short, .22 long, .22 magnum and even the old .22 Winchester Rimfire. I am surprised. Any carbon steel should receive a light coating of lubricant. I trekked back to my now-departed father’s gun cabinet, grabbed the .303 and a few cartridges and marched down to the pond-dam range. Just tap that primer in with a punch and it’ll be fine. And that includes what I am told is “crap ammo” like Remington Thunderbolt. To discover some kind of average there were a half a dozen shooters firing numerous rifles each day. Still, however, you should practice the following tips to make sure your ammo is in tip-top shape when it’s finally loaded into the breech. I never even considered the ammunition, and it was cheapo ammo too. Which, alas, I didn’t realize until I closed the cylinder on my brand-new S&W 638 Airweight on it and left a nasty scratch on the back of the frame. I have a few boxes of Freedom Muntitions ammo with faulty primers. Plus 1 for KCSMITH. The other hazard of steel core ammo is sparks starting fires. in 2012 ammo disappeared off shelves, I was left with buying from SARCO and what I got was trash, corrosive trash (advertised as non-corrosive) to boot, I mixed ammonia and water in a 1 gallon jug which I use as described above and then clean and oil as normal. Load your own…..yeah I know…parts still somewhat iffy but componets can be had if one approaches buying powder/primers/etc with group buying unless you like spending hundreds of dollars at one punch buying for yourself online…which I do. The second has a dent in the corner as well and rasied the lid. Fact is, all modern ammo will last more than 10 years if it’s been stored reasonably well. - Redbear. These photos may be used for educational purposes with no restrictions. Tag: how to tell if ammo is bad. I use Friction Defense from Brownells quite a bit. * a few empty cases in bulk boxes — no bullet to be seen, and once or twice there was loose powder in the bottom of the box. With billions of rounds being cranked out over the years it’s not surprising that a few get by QC. Ammo: How to tell if it's bad User Name: Remember Me? The 400 series and similar stainless used in firearms and knives has less nickel and is corrosion resistant to a point. Load and unload it enough, and the crimp will be overcome and the bullet will set back a small distance. Like a food, I bought more hoping it was a bad batch- nope. And a small mess of powder in the box. Years ago while firing another person’s reloads in their Colt 1911 .45 ACP, a reloaded round with a small crack let go as it was struck by the firing pin. One afternoon we moved out to the long range and engaged reactive steel targets at 300 meters. Only one person to blame if something goes wrong but in the 20-30k of ammo I’ve made I’ve had three (3) instances of bad loads, and none of them caused damage to a gun or the shooter. Weapons maintenance is a priority second only to security and,… Read more ». found out the stuff walmart carriers is branded Winchester white box but made by S & B. found a bullet in a 100 pack that had the bullet shoved through the side of the casing as it was seated in the case mouth sideways. But this was out first close encounter with bad ammo. In the training I’m involved with, thousands of rounds are fired and I see things that are not right. And we’ve heard rumors that quality control was a little, uh, lacking. The ammunition you carry should be replaced regularly. The primers were dented to the same depth as rounds that had fired as expected. No flash hole in case: No need to edit we all know what you were talking about.I just can't resist making a smart ass post every once in awhile. In the 5.55mm/.223 Remington department, the match grade ammunition posted the best results. black powder sure heats up a gun. No problem with any .25 either. My friend loves reloads, I refuse to use them. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They view corrosive ammunition as archaic, something from the dark ages. I get manufacturer seconds ammo from a major factory. I’ve always had great luck with S&B but this past year I did see a box of S&B .380 with all the bullets stuffed into their cases backwards. I’ve had a few centerfire cartridges FTF. I honestly have never given commercially loaded ammo a second thought. Even with 22 lr ammo, I am dead serious when I say I have never had ammo fail to fire…fail to feed, yes, but not fail to fire. Thirty-some-odd years later--with his gun cabinet now flush with modern .308s, .243s and .30-06s--we dusted off the old rifle off and marched out of the house with two stripper clips full of greenish-colored .303 ammo to shoot. During the course of the exercise, the person thought they had experienced a squib when he noted an unusual report and lighter than normal recoil. That is reassuring. In the accuracy department there were some surprises as well as confirmations. According to the alt text on the image (hover your mouse pointer over the image for a couple seconds and it should appear), that bullet didn’t make it out of the barrel due to insufficient powder. Reloaded ammo starts with cleaning the cases and checking for cracks or other problems. I’ve got to imagine they would stand behind the line “Inspect each round before loading it” since it seems almost impossible not to. A Bonnier Corporation Company. What we found in our test and I’ve affirmed on my home range is that the biggest areas on the gun in danger of corrosion are the barrel, bolt/action, and any type of muzzle brake or flash suppressor. So here's the deal. Click Here For The Schedule Near You, Episode 452: The Value of Visual Stimulus in Defensive Firearm Training, Can I Use A Belt as a Tourniquet? LMAO! If your worried about rust in an old ammo can, get a plastic one and seal it with silicone. Only modern but same result? S&B doesn’t make crap ammo, so it just goes to show the eternal truth that all systems fail eventually. Either way, once the corrosive salts have been tackled with the window cleaner, it is time for an all-purpose brush (old toothbrush) and some gun oil. If you don’t have one for your semi-auto pistol and have a removeable barrel, such as a 1911, Glock, etc., you can use the barrel to see if the round fits the chamber correctly. If the smell ranges from no detectable odor to resembling alcohol, ether or acetone (from its solvent content), it is okay. Came right out of a brand new box. The Silver Bear zinc cased ammo was tighter and the new Hornady lacquered steel 5.45x39mm ammunition was better still. Was he shooting reloads? Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. I load 148gr HBWCs backwards for a wicked hollow point. If the bottom few rounds are not fired and you load and shoot without emptying the magazine, the bullets in the bottom rounds will be pushed further into the case. Click on a term to search for related topics. What “Commie” ammo? It can also lead to feeding issues if the round is too short. Even the slightest hint of rust in a used can (that you may not see) will propagate to your ammunition. Even if the defect rate is one-eighth of one percent (.125%) with 100M rounds…you’re talking 125,000 potential defects…. It jammed just slightly out of battery and I’d never been able to figure out how it happened. S.Moyes. Here are a few I’ve personally found over the years. Nothing made by man is 100% perfect 100% of the time. Jammed pistol closed. My safety glasses saved my eyes as there were small pieces of the brass case embedded all over my face with blood leaking from the holes! ammunition, bullet set-back, factory, feeding, front sight, handloader, primer, reloading, All comments are moderated to ensure compliance with our community guidelines, Your E-mail (will not be published) (required). If you’d recall…your beloved Ronnie Reagan single handedly defeated the Russkies (Can’t understand any logic on this being preached but ask Palin…I’m sure there’d be understandable logic with her response)…so…what “Commie” ammo would you be referring to? Question: How exactly do people load their magazines without “inspecting” each round as it’s inserted? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But after manufacturing, a round’s life comes down to the conditions under which it lives. Had two squib rounds out of the first 51. Terms of Use - Privacy Policy - Affiliates - Weapons Policy, *Looking For A Class? The ammo is at least 75 years old, if not 100. Guess I don’t know what I’ve been missing, but I’m good with that!

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