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He also uses the Sennheiser HD 599 SE headset, which is a rarer brand than many we see on these lists, but no less effective when trying to keep an ear out for your next target. Want an overpowered AR that acts more like an SMG? NICKMERCS usually runs his Grau alongside an AX-50 sniper (specs for which are further down this guide) in an Overkill loadout class. ® © 2020. Terms of UseAcceptable UsePrivacy PolicyCookie Policy. Since then he has also found success playing other FPS games such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone. NICKMERCS runs this FAL in an Overkill class with his famous Bruen Mk9, and has Double Time and Amped as his other perks. It increases the accuracy and range without hurting the mobility too badly, but it still might be best to choose a lighter weapon for when a player's team is on the run. The setup of this weapon is similar to the M4A1 with a tactical suppressor, 4.0x flip hybrid optic, merc foregrip, FSS ranger barrel, and 50 round magazine. The setup of this assault rifle is highly debated as many go without a suppressor in this game mode, which is useful in hiding a player's location. Stealth Optional may receive a small commission if you click a link from one of our articles onto a retail website and make a purchase. Related: Top Call of Duty: Warzone tips for winning in Verdansk. While there’s no extra ammunition, we feel that a loadout like this doesn’t need any extra bullets in the magazine. However, this thing is essentially a mobile turret; find your enemy, wait for them to line up, and knock ’em down. The community has had mostly positive reviews about the new multiplayer mode, even though it has had several game-breaking bugs. Those 50 Round Mags give you enough ammo to wipe out multiple players without having to reload and the Monolithic Suppressor means you won’t be appearing on the mini map while doing it. Here’s how NICKMERCS sets up his famous Bruen: These attachments see the Bruen’s accuracy, range, and control stats jump considerably, while only taking a small hit to its mobility. In any battle royale title, a sniper rifle is going to be an invaluable weapon in your arsenal. Lockdown magic – how to introduce your household to Magic: The Gathering, Audio-Technica USB Mic - so your fans can hear you loud and clear. Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas is a Twitch streamer and professional gamer for NRG Esports. NICKMERCS has run this Kilo both as a Ghost class with a Combat Knife secondary or as an Overkill class with an MP5. Although mobility does pay a small price with this setup it is worth it for the havoc this gun brings down upon opponents. The grip tape can also be traded for an optic if a player wants to add one in its stead. Silenced? As NICKMERCS isn’t much of a sniper, he doesn’t really have a favoured loadout for this Kar98k. While the Grau, M4A1, and Kilo reign supreme for ARs in Warzone, don’t sleep on the heavy-hitting RAM-7. Some find it easier to level up as well seeing as it is a common gun to find laying around early in the match. Check. Find more information here. So how does he set up his weapons and perks and which of NICKMERCS’ Warzone loadouts has he been running recently? Later on in the game, when you have enough money to buy another loadout, call in another and swap out Overkill for Ghost. This is the only sniper on our list because it is the best out of the bunch to include in a personal loadout for teams that like to sit. This is a great gun to use, as it is perfect for beginners, and is quite accurate even for greater distances. Early Black Friday Deals: Here are the BEST deals before Black Friday 2020 so far! This thing will rip from pretty much any distance (which is also why it’s favoured by a lot of hackers for cross-mapping people). Damage Profile (Head | Chest | Stomach | Limb). Here’s how NICKMERCS’ Warzone MP7 is set up: While the Merc Foregrip remains despite its nerf, it still works extremely effectively in tandem with the other attachments on this MP7. Here are the five attachments he has for his MP5: This MP5 setup is all about dealing as much damage at close range as possible and making sure you hit every shot while doing so. Best Warzone loadout for Season 6. NICKMERCS’ brutal Origin shotgun class takes an already overpowered weapon and decides to crank it up another few notches. It can be difficult for players to decide what guns to equip, as well as their specific attachments. Best Shotgun in Warzone [Season 6]: a guide to Shotguns in Call Of Duty: Warzone, Warzone weapon stats [Season 6]: recoil patterns, damage profiles, range dropoff values, and more. That delicious Monolithic Suppressor also makes you invisible on the mini map when you’re slaying. She enjoys starting fires in her kitchen and collecting pins when she's not writing for Valnet, Inc, as an Organic List Writer. HusKerrs, at least according to Best Gaming Settings, uses some impressive tech. The experimental streamer is always looking to create fresh new loadouts to ruin people’s day in Verdansk, so we’ll be sure to update this if he ever cooks up another meta-shifting class. For this reason, it can be tough to kit it out optimally, so here’s our in-depth SP-R 208 loadout guide to help you get the best possible kit on this exciting new marksman rifle. As with other LMG loadouts, NICKMERCS’ runs an MP5 alongside his FiNN thanks to the Overkill perk. With the Thermal Sniper Scope, you’ll be able to see your enemies at longer ranges and be highlighted on your HUD, making them easier to see. Best AR in Warzone [Season 6]: a guide to Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty: Warzone. Without further ado, here’s our favourite SP-R 208 loadout in Warzone so far. These attachments are screwed onto the Malphas blueprint and they’ll absolutely shred your opponents up close. If a player happens to add this weapon to their personal loadout, then they are looking for a more balanced weapon that can be used in any situation. We couldn’t find the specifics of HusKerrs Warzone button mappings, but we did find their Apex Legends butting mappings, so we’ve transposed those keybinds across to show what they might be using. The Monolithic Suppressor – a staple on almost all of NICKMERCS’ classes – is also added. Call of Duty: Warzone gives players the opportunity to give themselves a custom loadout, whether they find it in the map or buy it. This will give the gun greater accuracy and range, as well as more ammo, which should help in longer-range firefights that most teams find themselves tangled up in. The .338 Lapua Mag increases your damage to the point where you’re taking massive chunks out of your enemies’ health at all ranges with body shots, even if they’re armoured up. The new Marksman Rifle's stats and attachments. This build is also steady as a rock when it comes to recoil. Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and picked the best attachments to use on your HDR loadouts. A Heartbeat Sensor and a C4 are the tactical and lethal equipment of choice. For perks, Overkill, E.O.D, and Amped are the order of the day, while a Heartbeat Sensor and C4 are his tactical and lethal equipment. The listed weapons come complete with attachments, but some may have to level up before gaining access to all of the specified perks. This heavy hitting, quick-firing shotgun is terrorising players in Warzone – particularly with the fiery Dragon’s Breath Rounds. This does increase range and accuracy, but the mobility is a bit better than the latter and it has a better chance of success when it comes to the endgame. The name of the game with this loadout is damage at long ranges. Without further ado, here’s our favourite SP-R 208 loadout in Warzone so far. This greatly increases the accuracy and range, while minimally affecting a player's mobility while carrying this weapon. This M4A1 Warzone loadout focuses on accuracy, so your movement speed is noticeably reduced. In-depth stats on the new AS VAL and SP-R 208! This gun should be equipped with a monolithic integral suppressor barrel, ranger foregrip, 10 mm auto 30 round magazine, FTAC collapsible stock, and stippled grip tape. Call of Duty: Warzone gives players the opportunity to give themselves a custom loadout, whether they find it in the map or buy it. It’s no fun to continue losing at games, even ones as fast-paced as Warzone, and sometimes you need some advice to find your way. Check. Members of the MFAM will know by now that sniping isn’t really NICKMERCS’ style. Full-time Warzone content creator. Amped is a must, but then it’s really the user’s choice whether to take E.O.D. The staple equipment of a C4 and a Heartbeat sensor are of course part of NICKMERCS’ sniper class. It will slow mobility, but it does increase accuracy and range and is more well-rounded in terms of various tactical situations than the M4A1. Then you’ll want to play with NICKMERCS’ AS-VAL. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Here are the five attachments he uses: This is the ideal setup for a Grau loadout. Is the AS VAL the new best Assault Rifle in Warzone? Rock Paper Shotgun and RPS are registered trade marks of ReedPop Limited. Nasty scope? NICKMERCS’ FAL class maximises its power and quick fire-rate for a semi-auto rifle. Check. While he steers clear of the completely mental ChainSAW stock that essentially makes it a minigun, NICKMERCS’ FiNN build aims to replicate the long range slaying power all of his LMG classes possess: Massive damage range increase? To move around and finish people off, they use the Corsair K70 RGD MK.2 mechanical keyboard, and the Logitech G Pro wireless mouse. The meta since Season 4 is to run a Heartbeat Sensor and C4, which makes sense for Warzone. The Tac Laser is a great attachment that will allow you to perform better at closer ranges while also helping out at long ranges with your increased ADS speed and stability. NICKMERCS’ FiNN LMG class is the perfectly overpowered replacement for his now nerfed Bruen. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. For his equipment, he takes a C4 and a Heartbeat Sensor. Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas is a Twitch streamer and professional gamer for NRG Esports. This is how NICKMERCS sets up his Origin-12 shotgun: This particular Origin build uses the Engraven variant. Which is all of us. If that’s the case, then you’d do well to follow in the footsteps of HusKerrs, who has some very impressive stats. NICKMERCS has the usual Heartbeat Sensor and C4 combo for his equipment. A console gamer frequently belittled by the PC 'master race', Jamie is an avid Call of Duty and FIFA fan. The FAL has recently emerged as a popular weapon in Warzone due to its effectiveness at both long and close range. Aside from that, I love this loadout for all ranges, dishing out massive damage in just a few shots. This is how NICKMERCS sets up his Origin-12 shotgun: Choke Muzzle; FORGE TAC Impaler; 5mW Laser FIFA 21: Emil Forsberg Player Moments SBC Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, PS4 And PC, FIFA 21: UEFA Marquee Matchups Cheapest Solutions (3rd November) For Xbox One, PS4 And PC, FIFA 21 Road To The Final: Release Date, Latest News, Predictions, Expected Content And Everything You Need To Know. Not only does he reveal his setups on some of the most commonly used weapons, like the Grau or the M4A1, but he also manages to create some unique loadouts that shred enemies just as well. All these attachments are run on the Sworn Anemone blueprint which gives it a little accuracy boost.

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