i am a cripple essay

I am a cripple. After that, she creates an ironic tone by the sentence ‘Society is no readier to accept crippledness than to accept death, war, sex, sweat, or wrinkles.’ This sentence reveals that modern people are able to face the worst thing in the world such as war and death directly, however, they refuse to accept the less bad thing like crippledness. Multiple sclerosis eats away the old nerves and leaves scared and damaged tissue in its place. ...In this superbly written essay, Nancy Mairs, a feminist writer who has multiple sclerosis, defines the terms in which she will interact with the world. She deserves praise for being able to retain a positive frame of mind keeping in mind the unfortunate consequences of her illness. The author’s purpose is to identify herself as a confident and tough person capable of using the word “cripple” and able to rise above her disability. Thus, she would no longer use other words except ‘cripple’ to herself because of the same reason. I took the time to re-read this article several times. Mairs states “As a cripple, I swagger.” This powerful statement gives the audience a sense that she is not afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed of what she is. Ironically, as Mairs condemns society’s word choice of “differently abled,” she showcases her own diction that comes associated with pride in winning the “cripple” award. She takes the disease as a second chance to live, where others might just become depressed. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree on the, Nancy Grace Roman and Hubble Space Technology, Human Issues in Body Ritual Among the Nacirema, Comparison of literature - Relationship with nature, Review of Articles About Contemporary Mythology, Ask Writer For Her outlook on the situation is that, as long as you try to continue living to the fullest, you will enjoy every day that you have, because you are not guaranteed tomorrow. She does not consider herself “disabled”, “handicapped”, or “differently abled” - just “crippled”. Nancy Mairs, talks about her disease "multiple sclerosis", she is well aware of her disadvantage, although she did not choose the disease the disease chose her. Transforming text into the minds of the students is not enough, what is required is to read their minds and create such an environment where it can grow mature and sound. In our everyday lives, many people suffer with some type of disability. Type: The streets of Cripple Creek are literally paved with god – very low grade ore – and it’s no wonder, In the easy “On being a cripple” by Nancy Mairs, Nancy express’s how she lives her life with the difficulties of having multiple sclerosis. Type: She names herself a cripple so that she would not be named by others. Later in the first paragraph, she appeals to pathos by using the metaphor to describe herself as a tough customer who treated badly by the gods, fates, and viruses, but, she keeps to become confident, since she can face the truth bravely. The media portrayal of disabled people is limiting and discriminatory and should not occur. She works and teaches college courses on neurology. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. apes essay writing; essay writing jobs in pakistan; apa style dissertation cover page; easybcd para windows … For instance, Petroski regards his daily live as an engineer of sorts work, “for we all have the principles of machines and structures in our bones” Here, Petroski is trying to illustrate different types, “differently abled”. Type: This was the even that motivated her to write this essay. Mair is not like, “I am a cripple”— as these words settle in the mind, they create unpleasant feelings. She appeals to ethos by citing the thesis of George to convince the readers that ‘differently-abled is pure verbal garbage’. She begins by explaining where she was at the time when she began to write; she mentioned that she was at the restroom at her office and how she fell over in the toilet fully clothed. She uses many literary devices such as descriptive language, imagery, and strategic paragraph structure in order to further develop her essay. “Superman and Me” is an article by Sherman Alexie that addresses his early experiences with literature. Being street smart means having interest in other activities more than in school work, while being book smart is the complete opposite of that. Mairs hopes to be like the second woman. Since its discovery, we have yet to determine what causes it, what we can do to treat it, and how to cure it. She is a victim of multiple sclerosis and feels inferior to everyone because she has a disability. She moves to places with either a brace, cane or wheelchair. In fact Mairs knows all too well that unpleasant reality. Her remarkable personality shows in many of her essays especially in Disability which was first published in 1987 in the New York Times. Alongside the fact that Nancy thinks there shouldn't be major differences between disabled and non disabled people, not even differences at all, in her opinion there is no reason why disabled people can't take part in advertisements and to nancy, this is nothing but an excuse advertisers use in order to get away with it. also offered here. In her, In the essay, “On Being a Cripple”, the author, Nancy Mairs, discusses her experiences being crippled as well as her struggle to overcome her personal fears and the pressures from society that come with her disease. Dr. Cynthia Kimball Mairs ends her article by setting an ironic tone to assert that she doesn’t assume that she is so different from others just because she gets diseases and further offers the reasons why she believes it’s foolish to use a euphemism. Copying content is not allowed on this website, Ask a professional writer to help you with your text, Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need, Please indicate where to send you the sample. Order now Login . Mairs is aware she is not the only person who had this type of disease and will experience some sort of mental and physical breakdown. Chapter I The Problem and Its Setting A.Introduction “Open a journalist’s desk drawer and inside you’ll find an unfinished novel.” This was what Scanlan (2004) wrote in his essay From Fact to Fiction: Making the Leap. She talks about her condition and how she’s never seen a crippled woman like her in the media. She describes even if people call undeveloped countries to develop countries, countries will not become strong because of the euphemism, people will continue to starve to suggest that euphemism can’t change the truth and it’s meaningless to use such words to block the reality. Faculty of Health Sciences It is not an illness. PART A: Mairs hopes that she will be able to continue living the life that she is. The Cripple Essay 1309 Words | 6 Pages. Multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and spine, can cause many symptoms. In the article, “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff discusses the topic of book smart versus street smart. She defines multiple sclerosis as being, “…a chronic degenerative disease of the central nervous system" (pg 144). Later in the first paragraph, she appeals to pathos by using the metaphor to describe herself … Some disabilities set a boundary for what you can do mentally or physically. I want them to see me as a tough customer, one to whom the fates, gods, viruses have not been kind, but who can face the brutal truth of her existence squarely. The structure of the argumentative essay is held together by the following.They also believe that doing homework fosters responsibility and organizational skills, and that doing well on homework … Illiteracy is a huge issue in some lower class groups. The descriptive essay, "On Being A Cripple," by Nancy Mairs demonstrates a purpose to postulate the way society has brainwashed people to judge others incorrectly in order to expose the true thoughts of a person living beneath the glamorized world. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! In Nancy Mairs' article "On Being a Cripple" she begins by classifying herself as a "cripple" stating, "First the matter of semantics.

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