iceco portable refrigerator

But how much battery capacity do you need? Hi Jeana, we found that warranty information from several sources, but I just followed up with Dometic directly and the 3+2 warranty is only offered in Australia. We haven’t heard of any reliability issues with ARB fridges, and we’ve had zero problems with ours. For detailed info on wiring and installing your van’s electrical and solar setup, check out our guide to DIY van build electrical! 25+ fridge models. However, many fridge manufacturers do not make these levels available. The VMOS (Variable Motor Speed Optimization) controller was to VMOS2 in our CFX line, which together makes our CFX more efficient than our CF models.”, I’ve heard people shutting off their Dometic cooler at night while sleeping and there only being a small temp difference in the morning. — LED Display & Digitized Temperature Adjustment John is the co-founder of Gnomad Home. 3-way absorption fridges are more commonly found in RVs, and in our opinion don’t make much sense for vanlife. Works great and fast plugin to 110 volt in minutes wall was extremely cold. It's been running non-stop for about 3 weeks(2 defrosts). Built-in AC adaptor, easy to connect with socket. It appears the shipper wasn't too careful because the box was damaged in the same spot. So far, I’m extremely impressed with this unit! Glad I chose your unit. Thanks! I contacted ICECO through their web site Email contact and received a reply in ten minutes. By signing up here, you are agreeing to receive periodic email updates, news and special promotional offers from Touch of Modern. Anyone have specs on the TruckFridge65 as far as incline? Overall the JP50 is a good size Fridge it can hold much more items than it seems. This makes it easy to grab food and drinks no matter which side you have your cooler placed in your car. ARB’s portable 12V fridge/freezers are excellent, and they draw a very low amount of power (this fridge is one of the top performers that we looked at). ARB fridges include all the features you expect, like low voltage cutoff, digital display, interior lighting, removable lid, and drain plug. It was a brand I was not familiar with so some research was needed. But it should be pointed out that Costway is a company that basically imports “white labelled” products from China and rebrands them with their label. Lids that hinge from the side need less overhead clearance to fully open, and since you’re facing the fridge from the longer side it may be easier to view and reach the contents. Whynter FM-452SG 45 Quart Slimfit Portable Refrigerator, … Here’s their contact page: Thank you for sharing your review. The latches are robust and twice the size they need to be. Lots of choices out there for a good quality refrigerator. (BTW…If you change temperature setting while in “MIN” mode, the compressor will go to “MAX” and draw more current until it reaches the new temperature), Below the control panel is the connecting panel, AC…Auto Sensing 120 or 240 volts (BTW…AC overrides DC. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To make sure you see all of our emails, go ahead and add [email protected] to your preferred contacts. I used the included cigarette lighter cord for all this testing. We have detailed information on system sizing in our epic electrical post, but a good general rule of thumb is to match solar panel watts to battery Ah (so a minimum of 100W of solar for every 100 Ah of battery capacity). Man, did that pay off! I am sensitive to appliance noise and want the quietest one so I can sleep next to it. — Shockproof Design & Impact Resistant Caps Dometic also uses their own proprietary compressor, while ARB uses the Danfoss. Amazing customer service! Surprisingly draws less than 50 watts when compressor kicks on as well which is nice , So many options for this unit! Since you never want to fully deplete your battery, we recommend taking your energy usage and doubling it to determine your battery capacity. I dont do serious overlanding but plenty of potholed gravel roads. Probably the highest quality truck freezer money can buy. We couldn’t find any accessories like slides or insulated covers out there, but that doesn’t prevent you from making your own. Buying a camper fridge that’s too big means spending more than you need to, and giving up more space in your van. Whynter offers portable 12V fridges in the following sizes and configurations: Whynter portable fridges are efficient, but they may be a bit inconsistent. Its a poor warranty from what I am reading and a lot of money for their product! I got to stress that i measure amps behind the inverter so whatever its using gets counted. Promotions, new products and sales. I set it for 0 and put a plastic cup of water inside - I figured it would fight to get an empty cooler to a low temp and keep it there - I was very impressed to see the cup solid as a rock. But the same general idea applies. The easiest (and cheapest) way to charge your batteries is with a battery isolator, which siphons power from your vehicle’s alternator. Set the same temperature for the freezer on both sides or set be cooler than the other. These fridges will not be as efficient as 12V fridges, and you’ll have to sink some time into building this setup. When you’re living off-grid, energy efficiency is a huge concern. If you want to see the data we’ve collected on all 25+ models that we looked at, we’ve compiled it into a detailed spreadsheet. One nit - a little squealing when the compressor runs. Here are some tutorials we’ve found detailing a DIY fridge conversion: In the world of 12V DC compressor fridges, there are two broad styles: top-opening chest fridges, and front-opening upright fridges. According to Engel’s own performance data, the MR040 draws about 1.5A per hour in 95°F ambient temperature with the control knob set to “1” (the lowest refrigeration setting). According to Indel B, the 50L TB51 draws a super low 0.8A per hour – although they give no indication under what conditions their tests were done. Sturdy and durable platinum paint shell for long-term using, heavy-duty corner-cap, built-in spring steel handles. The Indel B fridge drew about 1.6A per hour in 73°F ambient temps. Here’s a breakdown: Compressor fridges are the most common type of fridge you’ll see on the road, and for good reason. To cut to the chase, the refrigerator worked great! He's also passionate about creating, both hands on and digitally - he's the driving force behind our vehicle builds, and he's also in charge of the web design/development around here. This fridge is definitely worth the investment. And while Whynter fridges are energy efficient, power draw tests and user reports tend to be all over the map, further suggesting that there may be some quality control issues with this brand. Most 12v portable refrigerators on the market use the exact same highly efficient, variable speed compressor – the Secop/Danfoss BD35F (BD50F in bigger fridges) – although Dometic/Waeco, Engel (Sawafuji), and Whynter/Edgestar use their own units. I am going on a 2 week desert trip - bought this well ahead of time and let it run in my kitchen on AC. I use cheap modified sine wave and only as big as needed. Engel fridges draw a bit more power than our top choice Dometic and ARB fridges, but they are still very efficient. Factory warranties give you a degree of security in case something goes wrong and needs to be fixed or replaced. ARB fridges are tops in efficiency and durability, but our number one pick Dometic fridges also perform well and we think they’re a better overall value. I’m telling you everything about that thing is identical to my Vitrifrigo! I wonder if they make it. — Removable Wire Baskets Luck would have it that the AMAZON Black Friday sale is orchestrated from California and I’m in Massachusetts…..It was still Friday there! All of the other fridges we looked at can natively use 110V AC power, and come with a standard 3-prong power cord. ※ 【IMPACT-RESISTANT CAPS】 - Provide superior corner strength and impact resistance for long-lasting use. Get started today so you can get out there on the road! When you’re living in a van, you really need a go-anywhere fridge that’s also energy efficient, and 3-way absorption fridges just don’t fit the bill. In the US, Dometic currently offers a 2-year warranty, but according to them that covers all parts, labor, and defects, and is automatically in place (i.e. Thanks!

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