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If you can find one nearby, I would recommend using it as it gives the whole structure more strength. PS I recommend steaming/ironing them before you hang them. So I’m back here to rave about curtains. If you’re a real stickler for linen and you choose not to accept linen’s cotton doppelgänger then these curtains are not for you. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Not only are they way cheaper, they are wider and longer than alternatives. I’m super indecisive and one of the most difficult decisions I had to make was choosing the curtain rod colour. If you want your curtain rod brackets more flush with the wall or if you’re only planning to hang sheer curtains, then drill the longer end to the wall. Be sure to also attach the finials on the end of both rods. You want the curtains to blend into your wall and not be a feature item, Everything is light in the room and you don’t want to detract from this focus. This is a project you can actually do on your own without any assistance from a second pair of hands - because I actually installed all six windows worth of curtains (& curtain rods) all on my own and I’m still completely shocked at how easy it was, compared to what I had originally thought. Aug 2, 2016 - Custom window treatments are a huge investment and linen curtain panels are expensive. so do pop by here in a couple of days to see it all. Here are a few other budget-friendly posts! 1 x IKEA LEJONGAP Curtains: sheer white linen (each pack comes with two panels which were enough for our windows, though I’ve been toying with the idea of adding in a third panel on each window to have a more pleated look! Since documenting the installation process on IG stories, a number of you have already told me that you have gone ahead and purchased/installed these in your own homes as well, and it seems like I’m not the only one raving about them. Positioning your curtain rod brackets wider also gives room on the side for your curtains to hang without blocking light from the window, should you wish to draw them open. I own these as well and while I like the way they hang better than the Ritva, I like the color of the Ritva better. I did this after I hung them cuz I was too excited to get the curtains up but it was rather difficult to reach the tops (and so please ignore some of the creases at the top that I couldn’t reach - yes they’re bothering me too but I’ll fix them one day later!). I knew I wanted white linen-esque curtains with rod pockets. Ikea Ritva Drapes – What You Need to Know About These Inexpensive Curtains After searching for white linen alternatives online, a common theme appeared all across the web. The elusive curtains I’m talking about are the IKEA LEJONGAP curtains, they’re the perfect amount of sheer that lets in beautifully diffused sunlight whilst providing amazing privacy during the day (I’ve checked the outside of the house, numerous times) and are 100% linen. Once the curtain rod brackets are in, it’s basically time to hang your curtains! If screwing into plasterboard: I used these wall anchors + these appropriately sized screws to match the wall anchors as recommended by my dad - you can get both from Bunnings, If screwing into timber: timber screws - these are the ones I used, Stud finder (or you can go with the good old knocking technique). I got that Champagne taste on a beer budget baby. How to pleat Ikea AINA curtains without sewing. Travel, Lifestyle, Home & Sustainable Living, curtains, linen curtains, ikea australia, before and after, home decor, sheer curtains, zero waste, spell designs, spell, pantry, kitchen, home decor, guest bedroom transformation in this post over here, appropriately sized screws to match the wall anchors, timber screws - these are the ones I used. 1 x IKEA LEJONGAP Curtains: sheer white linen (each pack comes with two panels which were enough for our windows, though I’ve been toying with the idea of adding in a third panel on each window to have a more pleated look! If you are drilling into plain plasterboard: Make a pilot hole with a drill or screwdriver (make sure to follow the instructions on your wall anchor packaging), then gently screw the wall anchor into the wall. 7 Tips to Decorate Your First Apartment on a Budget, 8 Ways to Save: How to Furnish Your Home for a Fraction of the Price, Where to Shop for Throw Pillows (Plus, What to Look For), https://kelleynan.com/formal-living-room-tour/, https://rstyle.me/+5M-1rcv7mb_JM6Tc74PdaQ, Under $50 for a pair of panels, shipped (less in-store) — Order them, Unlike most, they come in 98″ and 118″, respectively, Are a ridiculously good linen knock-off for the price, Are a softer possibly off-white but unless you have stark white trim, appear white when hung, Have a material conducive to pooling or skimming the floor without looking crumpled. Turns out, it’s basically the same as hanging picture frames in a straight line. Today, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about how to install these curtains in your own home, as well as pass on some tips that I learnt along the way. For reference, I aimed to position my curtain rod brackets around 15 cm out from the window horizontally and 12 cm out from the window vertically. Also, use your stud finder to see if you can find any timber beams near where you’re thinking of positioning your curtains. This post was a lot longer than I expected so keep an eye out for my next post where I share before & after images of each window we transformed! They are actually almost on the yellow side. Your email address will not be published. If your curtains are too long, you can either leave them draped on the ground in a ‘floating’ kind of style. Sep 20, 2013 - Explore Best Home Fashion's board "White Curtains", followed by 1650 people on Pinterest. The difference is absolutely incredible (which is probably why I took so many pictures!) Using a your level and a pencil, make a mark on your wall as to where you plan to position your curtain rods. CB2 White Linen Curtain Panel West Elm – $55-238 per panel (what kind of a range is that?) In an attempt to finish decorating my living room without putting my family into bankruptcy I have been looking to Ikea regularly to save the day. See more ideas about White curtains, Curtains, Home. You have black or dark accents in the room to draw attention to these. For reference our windows measure 190cm in width and 220cm in height. These curtain brackets work great in that even if I’ve installed them this way, I can still hang a single layer of blinds by adjusting the placement of the rod holder along the bracket. You might remember that a few months ago we added our first set of curtains to our home when I wrote about our guest bedroom transformation in this post over here. I had no idea IKEA stocked these and after having a look, I found the LEJONGAP curtains - they were not just linen look, but 100% linen and were reasonably priced as well. And they’re just incredible! Watch out Pottery Barn, theres a new sheriff in town and she’s about to make some changes. It’s pretty rare someone wants just one panel per window. Thanks to Ikea I was able to find the perfect curtain at an outstanding price to complete the look I had intended for my living room and I can still pay Beyonce’s bills. Also there was a question about bleaching Ritva & the answer is yes. Well since then, I’ve been absolutely in love with how much those curtains have transformed the room and I’m back now to let you know that we’ve installed the same white sheer linen curtains onto the rest of the windows in our home. They also take a few days to a week after you hang them to get the creases out from their packaging. Hey guys! They are a bit more cream and more flowy than the Ritva and are not true to the color in the picture above at all. All the instructions are on the packaging! thank you for the answer to my question about the differences! PS I hope these comparison images help because I struggled to find images to compare the two! Pre-washing is important to account for any possible shrinkage. Once you’ve washed and steamed/ironed them, thread them onto the curtain rod and hang! My favorites were from Pottery Barn, CB2 and West Elm. Make sure when selecting your curtain rod that you select the right size! So it still looks perfectly fine in the interim with just one set of curtains up as well, but I can also adjust later when I add on a 2nd layer too. Sign up to receive your regular dose of gracious living, exclusive content, and the latest delivered straight to your inbox! 1 x IKEA RÄCKA Curtain rod: The RÄCKA curtain rod is the thinner rod from the IKEA range and is good for hanging sheers, if you’re looking for rods to hang block out curtains or a thicker 2nd layer, then use the HUGAD curtain rod. Watch out Pottery Everyone already knows how annoying it is that curtains are sold for obscene amounts of money and by the individual panel. They are lighter in weight than AINA but whiter, just off white with no yellow tint. Privacy Policy. I think this looks gorgeous if they’re only a little bit longer and gives the room a really dreamy kind of feel. Mar 8, 2020 - Natural linen curtains for farmhouse style living room, or French country style master bedroom. Once the wall anchor is installed, it’s back to usual - attach the bracket using a screw that fits the wall anchor. Your email address will not be published. After installing them in our guest bedroom, I was so pleased with how they looked and how much light they let in without being sheer from the outside, that I just knew they were the the ones for us. After I hung my curtains I folded them into pleats in the way I would like them to hang. Then, double checking the positioning of your bracket, drill the screws in. But’s okay if you can’t find any. The look of a white sofa is so crisp and clean. IKEA has 2 curtain rod colours (white and black) and our guest bedroom actually had white curtain rods installed. Apparently curtains are the trophy wives of home decor. When all hope was thought to be lost, Ikea Ritva swooped in and saved the day. You can also opt for hemming tape but I decided to just go with a hand stitch as I wanted something more temporary that I could undo in case I wanted to or made a mistake. I recommend where possible, positioning your curtain rod brackets high and wide. Check out these great looking, inexpensive Ikea Ritva Drapes!

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