immortan joe mask

The Immortan Joe breathing mask , from Mad Max Fury Road , already divided in 3 pieces modeled on an average human face from photogrammetry , the pipe joint is included in the files . multiple lifelong uses, or sales volume of final product after being paid for once. He is approx 1/4 scale. My mask had some extra-scary work done. We, The gas mask hoses are the childrens’ mask ones that I ordered from eBay, but now I need to find the darker, larger hose that connects to the other end of it. So, Immortan Joe’s mask opens up for added drama and intimidation during one scene in the film. Send your price offer to the author if you want to buy it at lower price. I then sprayed the plasticine with a mold release spray and… Once the resin had cured I painted the mask and made the other parts of the mask to fully complete the mask. After the molds were made I then proceeded to do a slush mold out of resin. Xcoser Men's Immortan Joe Mask PVC for MM 4 Fury Road Hot Movie Cosplay 3.3 out of 5 stars 17. Holes are present on the front for breathing purpose . Immortan Joe notices her, rolls down the window and tries to shoot her, but Toast grabs his arm. Read more. See All. Learn more about these masks. So, Immortan Joe’s mask opens up for added drama and intimidation during one scene in the film. $29.99. Today’s engineering challenge: Make that damn jaw open and close in a way that is durable and robust. My mask had some extra-scary work done. We’re still in the post-convention daze, but I took the evening to edit together some of the footage from the Twitch live stream of the event. Got the plugs for the gas mask hoses painted up and attached, bent a bit of thick-gauge copper wiring up and into the jaw, and I completely revamped the, I detached the brass hingework for now, but took the opportunity to add the gas mask hose connectors and sub-piping. Still working on the base and have final oil blending to do. … I was really nervous when I first did this because I had never slush cast before and had to make sure that the resin didn’t spill out of either side of the mask. He punches her in the face, but Furiosa rams the harpoon through the window and knocks the gun out of his hand, then hooks Joe's mask and his jaw. "Remember me" she says and drops the chain onto the back wheels of The Gigahorse, which spools the chain and swiftly rips Joe's mask off, along with most of … I hope I understand the process right, but I guess we’ll find out! ( Log Out /  The pipe is just for showing purpose and is suggested to put a real rubber hose for maximum quality . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Molding Immortan’s Mask, Part 2 . Today’s engineering challenge: Make that damn jaw open and close in a way that is durable and robust. See All. If you'll adjust scale in each axis independently use vent_left.stl and vent_right.stl and scale them also by the same amount. I ended up placing second in our category, A lot of totally awesome convention-goers have been taking pictures of our Immortan Joe costume on the floor of the event, and I just wanted to use this post to collect some of the, This costume still requires a significant amount of weathering and wear to be added, but I needed to take a large number of reference images of my own costume for submission into the NYCC 2016, And then there’s the mask. After Max is captured, he is used as a living blood bag and strapped to the front of a vehicle while wearing an improvised muzzle made of a garden fork. It's designed to print as a very thin shell so that you can accomodate any padding you wish, heat-bend it to whatever fit you desire.

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