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Cooke said he plans to amend court papers. Why didn’t Novacek immediately go to police or tell his parents? “Oh,” Novacek says. The text and email chain pertain to a hearsay report which Zach Allen received in January and February 2016 and which he had forgotten until it was rediscovered well after the lawsuit was filed. Blake Novacek is the son of famed Dallas Cowboys player Jay Novacek. But I didn’t see any hint of hazing. You’ll be done. His eye doctor predicts his blurred vision is a precursor to his going blind in his left eye. Welcome to my world.”. Novacek says he “withdrew” from most Beta activities. ", The complaint alleged that after the incident, Novacek "was then confronted by Defendant Gavin Martindale, who told Plaintiff to keep his mouth shut about the hazing incident.". He even joined in a boxing match, bloodying his nose in the process. “It’s sad, because I’ve had to watch my best friend just be broken down into someone I barely know,” says Amado Martinez, who has spoken with Blake at least every other day for seven years. He says Beta’s weekly calendar of events included Beer Pong Monday, Wine Bag Wednesday, an informal gathering at the Campus Corner sports bar on Thursday and parties every Friday and Saturday. I've known Novacek, of course, since he and I both came to Dallas in the early 90's, me to cover the Cowboys and him to win three Super Bowls on a way to a reclamation-project career that now has him under Hall of Fame consideration. “He’s unable to go to school, unable to work and he has multiple seizures.” The incident prompted a lawsuit, and the fraternity and the members named in the suit deny all of Novacek’s claims. Cooke shrugs off the inconsistency as a “minor clerical error” that has been amended. When Leanne's death made headlines, there was no mention of Blake's existence and authorities never revealed what drove her to take her own life. They had one daughter together, McKinley, who sports pundits said was spoken fondly of by her father. Mr. Allen made inquiries at the time, and the information obtained did not corroborate the report.”. Witness accounts confirm that he did not return to Norman until late that evening, and that neither he nor any other pledges were at the chapter house at any point during that day. All I ever envisioned.”. I was like ‘Damn, I am slipping!’ ’’. Yeah, right. His claims bear striking similarities to the case of Timothy Piazza, a Penn State student who died in February 12 hours after falling down stairs at the fraternity's house there following a night of drinking. Funeral Service was Private. Blake attended the film premiere and posed with one of its stars Sienna Miller. When he was unable to do that, the complaint alleges, Novacek was struck in the stomach with a baseball bat, which caused him to "fall backwards and strike his head on a hard object, knocking [him] unconscious. In a deposition taken May 18, Beta member Shane Muselmann admitted that the frat’s parties regularly featured alcohol, drugs, girls and underage drinking by pledges. Despite his silence, he says backlash came when a truck full of Betas yelled profanities at him and his grandmother during a spring visit, and later when his car was vandalized, although he admits to having no proof the culprits were Betas. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: California Privacy Policy | California Collection Notice | Do Not Sell My Info. But it’s the bigger goal of finishing something you started. Jay Novacek was not thrilled by his son’s decision to join a fraternity, especially one of the flashiest in the country, OU’s Beta. No bleeding from a wound. Jay Novacek 'fully supports' his son's case, his attorneys said. Novacek was a five-time Pro Bowler, who was selected to play each year from 1991 through 1995.He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2008. If only today’s fraternities were so tame. “He was just going to go out on the highway and walk into oncoming traffic,” Amy says. The plaintiff has not yet provided complete medical records. At the time, Novacek was a freshman at the college. Enter Cooke, who upon taking the case immediately asked Novacek why he was smoking that quality and quantity of marijuana. The lawsuit shoves Beta even more to the center of America’s growing discomfort with fraternity hazing. The answer triggered the attorney, who traveled to Oklahoma the next week and set the legal wheels in motion. In Old School, Will Ferrell’s “Frank the Tank” and his frat boys go streaking, tie cinder blocks to their penises and watch a pledge die while lube wrestling topless coeds. I just can’t put things together.”. We would pass one of his fraternity brothers and he’d start twitching. Alarmed, he took off his pillowcase and peeked under his blindfold to see a pledge on the floor having a panic attack. “Blake’s injuries are so severe he can’t recall the exact night of the assault.”. All rights reserved. “Without him getting pulled over, there’s no lawsuit against Beta.”. "We take any allegations of this character very seriously. “I knew something happened or else I wouldn’t have slept at the house,” he says. Jay Novacek: Pos: TE, Career: 158 G, 31 TD, All-Pro(1st), 5xProBowl, Cowboys/Cardinals 1985-1995, born SD 1962 “No alcohol. “I had tried 40 different medications,” he says. Beta allegedly had moles within OU’s Interfraternity Council who would tip it off to imminent alcohol checks. “I mean, oh my God, there’s the answer. We don’t believe that anything happened at Beta Theta Pi that contributed to his injuries and hope to resolve this lawsuit soon. We’ll ruin you and your family.”. “I thought Beta was the clean frat,” Novacek says. That was the point of the housing corporation’s statement shortly after the suit was filed. "We note in particular that Blake's petition alleges the subject events occurred in the early morning of Sunday, October 11, 2015. But an alum named Zach Allen, a successful, 54-year-old attorney, regularly visited the house and encouraged pledges to take alcohol/drug awareness classes. He could make connections. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Blake Novacek, the son of former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek, was an 18-year-old freshman and pledging to the Gamma Phi Chapter of … The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Blake Novacek in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, on Sept. 29, 2017. Allen also said the lawsuit was “the first any of us have heard of any of the plaintiff’s alleged grievances.” Muselmann issued a companion statement, echoing that the allegations “came as a complete surprise to me.”. His reward? His incident is just part of a pattern of cover-ups allowing Beta to get away with alcohol, drugs and crime.”, Beta responded to the exchange via its statement: “Before filing the lawsuit nearly two years after the alleged incident, based on all evidence known to us, at no time did Blake Novacek or his family or counsel ever express his assault allegations — verbally or in writing — to any other pledge or member of the fraternity, or to any alumni leadership of the fraternity. Novacek says initially he didn’t want to let down his family’s legacy at Beta and didn’t want to be considered a “quitter.” His plan was to lay low, get formally initiated and then go “inactive,” meaning he would be an official member of Beta without living at the house or taking part in fraternity activities. Plus, he used to never lose stuff. Novacek’s lawyer says he has evidence of a cover-up by the fraternity. “People should be behind bars, and the fraternity should be kicked off campus. With his goal crushed and his mental health deteriorating, Novacek didn’t even attend his class finals. Blake is the son of former Dallas Cowboys star Jay Novacek. He claims that in October 2015, he suffered severe brain damage as he was knocked unconscious when he fell over after being pummeled in the stomach with a baseball bat by another brother. “I’d forget my backpack to class. He is pictured with him and his second wife Amy in January 2015. Blake Novacek, 20, claims a hazing ritual left him with brain damage and memory loss. You watch these stories and you think, if I don't do it who will. Usually, five or six pledges would wind up in the room of an active member. “When I heard the Piazzas’ story, it broke my heart,” Amy says. The Beta house’s security-camera footage refreshes every two weeks and wasn’t saved, and lawyers are squabbling over students’ cell phone records, so without eyewitness or other evidence to corroborate Novacek’s version of events, Cooke will depend on medical records and communications among Beta associates that he says harpoons their claims of ignorance. I don’t know.”, “I was scared,” recalls Novacek, who, to that point, had witnessed member-pledge interactions that were disgusting, disturbing and demeaning, but never physically violent. Novacek claims Muselmann took off the pillowcase and blindfold and forced him to perform a “wall sit,” positioned with his back on the wall and legs bent, only without a chair. I had a concussion in 2010, and it wasn’t the end of the world. It’s made me anti-social. 'He used to be able to tell you any statistic from any game. He’ll tell me the same exact story three times in one day without realizing it. As he shuffled toward the bathroom, Novacek claims he was approached by active member Gavin Martindale. According to statistics from StopHazing.org, an 18-year-old fraternity pledge is being hazed as you read this story. He had his own sports radio show and was supposed to have a show in the spring of his freshman year. “I mean, what the heck was that video? Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. In the Cowboys’ locker room we had organic bonding, but not this forced, power-hungry hazing. There was no public mention of Blake until after her death, Novacek is pictured with Sienna Miller (left) and Jennifer Lawrence (right) at movie premieres and plays.

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