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Goods & Services:Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark., Computer hardware, and computer software for data aggregation for use in the fields of home and industrial security, safety and surveillance; hazardous ... Owners (2):Intergraph Corporation, 305 Intergraph Way, Madison, AL 35758Augusta Systems, Inc, 3592 Collins Ferry Road, Suite 200, Morgantown, WV 26505, Industry:Accomodation and Food Services, Food Services and Drinking Places, Drinking Places, Inactive reason:Voluntary Dissolution (Domestic), Addresses:206 Michigan Avenue, Smithers, WV 25186 (Physical)Mark Adkins, Hurricane, WV 25526 (Physical), Members (2):Mark Adkins (Incorporator), 22 Chemar Drive, Hurricane, WV 25526Riley Gibson (President), 3818 Noyes Ave., Charleston, WV 25304, Oliphant Furnace, PA  ·  Morgantown, WV, Inactive reason:LLC Termination (Domestic), Addresses:219 Pittsburgh Street, Uniontown, PA 15401 (Mailing)W. Jeffrey Hostetler, Morgantown, WV 26508 (Physical), Member:W. Jeffrey Hostetler (Manager), 2032 Magnolia Drive, Morgantown, WV 26508, Inactive reason:Name Change (Reserved for old records). When we first looked at Ventrac to do slopes on a steep bank we were using out-fronts and zero-turns and they couldn’t hold the slope, but the Ventrac could. The Mountaineers won 19–18 against the Top 10 ranked Terps. Hostetler was named to the WVU all-time roster. All the machinery, equipment, parts, and accessories we sell are made in the USA. 1, Worthington, WV 26591, Information on every company and professional organization, Corporation Service Company D/B/A Csc-Lawyers Incorporating Service Company, Construction, Construction of Buildings, Residential Building Construction, 702 - SECTION 8 & 15-ACCEPTED AND ACKNOWLEDGED. We’ve shoveled and used the broom and we prefer the broom. Hostetler threw for 2,345 yards and 16 touchdowns his senior season.[1]. Hostetler during his collegiate career with West Virginia, West Virginia Mountaineers starting quarterbacks, Washington Football Team starting quarterbacks, "Sports of The Times; Not a Quarterback Controversy. First of all, I knew I had one of the best dealers and friends and that was a huge factor in my decision. As it turned out, Simms had suffered a severe foot injury and thus would be out for the remainder of the season, giving Hostetler his long awaited opportunity. In 2007, in the episode of America's Game: The Super Bowl Champions that profiled the 1990 Giants team, Hostetler noted that he was frustrated with his lack of playing time and volunteered to play other positions, including wide receiver and blocker on the punt return team. This is a big leaguer. I have never seen this much snow at one time in all my life. He led the Giants to two victories, a second win to secure a season sweep over the Cardinals and a surprisingly close victory over the team with the worst record in the league, the New England Patriots, and secured them a first-round bye with a 13-3 record. Over the years there have been 9 major incidents in my immediate neighborhood where 2 wheel drive lawn and garden tractors have either rolled or run-away downhill out of control. It’s been a huge savings through both workers comp and through the speed in which ponds get cut. All the other trucks and jeeps (with 4wheel drive) kept spinning out and getting stuck. Hostetler graduated with a 3.85 GPA in Finance from West Virginia University. We’ve taken care of them and we do our own maintenance on them. With his wife, Vicky (the daughter of his college head coach), he has three sons. They don’t have the Hawaiian shirts on yet, but they’ve threatened to do that just to make the other fellas feel that much worse. After I got out I did all my neighbors driveways as well. (2) 4000 series tractors, (1) 3000 series tractor. Hostetler led the Mountaineers to the 1982 Gator Bowl, where they lost to Florida State 31–12. Sunset Outdoor Supply is your number one Ventrac dealer. Hostetler Construction Company, 595 Weaver Rd, Morgantown, PA holds a license and 3 other licenses according to the Pennsylvania license board. You have the safety factor where the skin can freeze in 10 minutes. In the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers, Hostetler suffered a knee injury in the fourth quarter when Jim Burt, his former teammate, hit him low after Hostetler released the ball. After test driving Steiner. Frey’s business now runs three Ventracs all year long – one 3000 series and two 4000 series. Anybody that I see, I’m always telling them “I do all of this on a Ventrac”. We have a minimal training from the standpoint that the men learned so quickly how to operate the machines. No one else is running any kind of equipment in the residential market like we have. What caught my attention was they had this Ventrac out in the front parked on a hill side and I was thinking how in the world did they even get it there. The 36-year old Hostetler signed a contract with the Washington Redskins for 1997, with the team signing him as a backup for their fourth-year starter Gus Frerotte. Over the years, we have bought approximately sixty-five Ventrac’s. After reconsidering his retirement, he elected to return for the 1991 season. The first winter with the Ventrac was a trial by fire for Frey. But Todd Blackledge soon beat him out for the starting quarterback job, and Hostetler transferred to West Virginia. We maintain, build, and repair storm water systems throughout the Southeast United States, and right now we operate in about ten states. I was the winning quarterback for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV. We use the snow blower attachment to remove the snow from the ice, a straight blade to form the rinks, and the sweeper attachment to make it perfect.Jay White. Following the 1993 regular season, Hostetler led the Raiders to an impressive 42-24 playoff win over the Denver Broncos. Although he was injured, Hostetler was able to walk off the field on his own and later returned to the game and engineered two late scoring drives, that culminated with a Bahr field goal, and a 15-13 victory. It gives you a lot more control where you put the snow. One sidewalk we maintain is over 1200 feet. The crew cited the broom as being one of the most valuable assets for the daunting task that snow removal can be. Please contact your local dealer for details. His nickname is "Hoss.". Impressive performance when we needed it most! The unit’s versatility meant he could attach a blade or a power broom on the front end and a spreader filled with calcium chloride on the back. When they we standing in their driveways with their shovels when I pulled in and plowed them out 1 driveway at a time. Hostetler graduated with a 3.85 GPA in Finance from West Virginia University. We had a moving deck done just for us adjustable that work great with the Ventrac. The rough-cut mower does a great job clearing the vegetation between the rows of trees. I have added the extra spotlight light bar and emergency beacon to the top of the roll-bar for when I venture up onto the roads in winter to blow out the driveway, and some added features of my own like stereo system and headphone jacks to make the mowing a little more enjoyable. This would take 3 employees, and take 4 times longer to complete.Bill Wilbur. The versatility of this unit is unmatched!!! ), and even for pulling out stuck vehicles. They are faster, easier to maintain, and do a better job on the wet slopes.Glenn Garrett. Anybody that I see, I’m always telling them “I do all of this on a Ventrac”. I’ve been a contractor now for the past ten years and on the professional level, build some homes and develop some property. During a late season Sunday night matchup against Hostetler’s former team the Giants, Frerotte scored what would prove to be the Redskins’ only touchdown in a 7-7 tie. He brought it out and said here, try it out. When I saw that the Ventrac had the attachments to handle all of that and then some, I knew it was the machine I had to have.”. Without the Ventrac sweeper or blower we would be back out there behind a walk behind blower. For example, the broom has helped them to prevent breaking up bricks when clearing snow from brick walk-ways. Simms, meanwhile, lost his first three starts against the lowly Cincinnati Bengals (who won only three times that year), the Philadelphia Eagles (a loss which eliminated the Giants from playoff contention), and the eventual Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins. We use the finish mower for many areas including hills and striping. Charles “Chick” Bittner, who spent 87 of his years on a Golf Course, explains why he should win Ventrac’s Top Fan prize:, 4231TD VXD, Dual Wheels, 72″ HM722 deck, Slip Scoop and 60 inch plow. I was the winning quarterback for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV. The contract requires walks to be clear for the safety of employees and public. With my Ventrac and a dozer blade I was able to plow my driveway. So we have a lot of hillsides and challenging areas to cut and mow. Then I happened upon Ventrac.”, The Ventrac immediately impressed Frey. The versatility, to be able to have those attachments, those units, be able to change so fast, do that quick change over, and then be able to meet the needs of your clients like that is something that I think is very unique to Ventrac. I feel 100% safe on this machine. With the size of our vineyard project any attachment we can add to the Ventrac can only simplify the work of my 20 men. I am also very pleased with the responsiveness and competence of my Ventrac dealer. Then of course, I knew I would be able to leverage all of my investment in my Steiner attachments that fit perfectly on the Ventrac with some slight adjustments in belt sizes. A lot of them have got walk behind mowers. In the 1983 Hall of Fame Bowl, Hostetler pulled out a come-from-behind 20-16 victory over the University of Kentucky, throwing two touchdowns. I have approximately 3.5 acres of grass on my property and after finishing a major remodel to the house I was left with 400 tons of earth to keep. Hostetler was named to the 1984 GTE/CoSIDA academic All-America team and that same year won the National Football Foundation postgraduate scholarship. This machine is built with incredible toughness and with the right maintenance, performs just like the day I brought it home new. Perhaps most impressive about Hostetler was his ability to perform very well in the post-season. When the 1992 season began, Hostetler was again the backup as Simms managed to regain the starter’s spot. We start out blowing their snow and then they say “Oh, can you do aerating for us”, and yes, we can do the aerating, we can do the lawn, we can do the mulch, their grass cutting, and in the fall we can do their leaves. The dealer, Tony Kowalchuck, Sr., was truly so enthused about his product that his passion was infectious, and I soon became as passionate about my tractor’s performance as he was. Ventrac 4500, Tough Cut, Finish Mower, Broom, Trencher, Power Rake, Aera-Vator.

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