john n' gathegi

I had him for 6271&6409 and he doesnt even seem to care about LIS. The account number for this parcel is CCX-4053600708. Dr. John N. Gathegi is Professor of Information as well as Courtesy Professor of Mass Communications at the University of South Florida. He starred in the movie X-Men; First Class, Gone Baby Gone, Twilight et al. 1990 – 1993 3 years. A Kenyan-born Hollywood Star. Didn't actually teach anything. We had a quiz every week and the quizzes were tough, but I liked the fact that we were forced to read the book because the book was very interesting! Expects deep understanding of research methodology, but the textbooks are useless and he provides no guidance whatsoever. and can be described as a Resid. I do not know why this class became part of the Information Science. I don't know how this class relates to any concentrations of Information Science major. It could be a signature product, an image of your entire staff, an image or your physical location, etc. The professor, & the TA are disconnected from the class and from each other. I am absolutely appalled by this professors teaching methods. Does not do anything to help the students or teach AT ALL. He is accusatory and impolite. As soon as the semester started a bunch of students pelted him with questions because he gives such poor information. Online class. and has a legal description provided by the local assessor of CCX:4053600708. Tallahassee, FL. Edi Gathegi is a famous actor who is known for his work in Films, television and also the theater. Arivify. He only gives minimal feedback and what he does give is negative. Doesn't tell you his expectations, so you're pretty much left in the dark until he gives you a grade. He seems like he could care less about teaching. and has a legal description provided by the local assessor of CCX:4053600708. The class is fine, the professor I would not recommend. Law Office of John N. Gathegi. This block is great for showcasing a particular feature or aspect of your business. University of California at Berkeley Click this text to start editing. Sorry, couldn't locate any properties near 2658 MEADOW CREST CT. Worst class I've taken in the MLIS program. TA is just there, 0 help. 1996 – 1998 2 years. Much more friendly than what I expected after reading on here. Dr. Gathegi has practiced law in California, was previously Director of the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida, Dean of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Division at Merritt College in California, and has been a Fulbright Senior Specialist to Chile. John Gathegi is a professor in the Library Science department at University of South Florida - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. His assignment descriptions are extremely vague. Class was enjoyable and the essay topics were interesting. Oakland, CA. 2 discussion boards a week. Professor is also unenthusiastic of his work. 2658 MEADOW CREST CT contains 2,516 square feet of living area and was built in 1984. Edi Mue Gathegi was born on March 10, 1979, in Nairobi, Kenya to his This parcel is owned by His key interests include: information law & policy, intellectual property rights, emerging information technologies, First Amendment issues, information access, government transparency and information security. Writing the paper gave me a crash course in doing experimental research which is what I wanted. The weekly quizzes are fine if you don't put them off to last min, it's all in the text book. He has an older brother named Nate Dawg and a younger sister named Betty G. Though born in Kenya, Edi grew up in Albany, Cal… His expectations and feedback are completely vague. He is tenure and lazy as ... Subject is interesting, but the prof is not involved, just gives vague assignments and no feedback/communication. Discussion boards were sometimes a bit annoying to do but overall a pretty easy class, I recommend this professor. This parcel is owned by John N Gathegi and can be described as a Resid. His father, Dr. John N’ Gathegi, is a Professor at the University of South Florida with a Ph.D. and a JD from the University of California in Berkeley. He began his teaching career at Florida State University. Zero involvement, except to answer the 1 million questions that students have to ask because his assignment guidelines are so vague. degrees from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was articles editor on the Berkeley Technology Law Journal. All rights reserved. I will be taking Prof. Gathegi again in the Fall. I think professor needs to reassess whether he wants to teach because he is unmotivated. This property has an improvement value of $223,793. I wouldn't reccomend taking this professor. Double click the image to customize it. Same experience as all other commenters. Single Family. Useless. Wish I could retake this class with someone who cares about teaching and facilitating learning. Single Family. The account number for this parcel is CCX-4053600708. John N. Gathegi is Professor at the School of Information and a Courtesy Professor in the School of Mass Communications at the University of South Florida teaching and researching in the area of information law and policy, media law, and the First Amendment. No interaction from prof, ambiguous assignments, just read textbook / take chapter quiz each week. He doesn't provide any constructive criticism just slightly rude commentary. John N Gathegi Just as previous students have stated, this professor provides ambiguous assignments and has unrealistic expectations.If taking this class, you should expect to teach yourself because his online presence is nonexisitent.This class was dissapointing and failed my expectations. TA says something else, professor says something else. USF curriculum quality is bad. Extremely disappointing, especially at graduate level and $. Gathegi is also recognized for his role as Cheese in the film Gone Baby Gone which was directed by Ben Affleck. Useless. Not as bad as I expected. 4 five to six page papers on prechosen topics and a 4 part civic engagement project over the course of the semester. 2658 Meadow Crest Ct is a parcel of land located in Richmond, California I thought this was a very good class. The last assessment recorded was taken in the year 2015 with a value of 331210. The final project seems huge but he grades it fairly and pretty leniently. For more information regarding 2658 Meadow Crest Ct including construction details, assessments, previous owners, and sales data please look below. Edi Gathegi was born on 10th March 1979 in Nairobi, Kenya, with the birthname Edi Mue Gathegi. Professor and the TA are not helpful. He is the second among the three children born to his parents. He plays Laurent in the Twilight movies and the recurring character of Dr. Jeffery Cole in the television series House. Probably the absolute worst professor I have ever had. He earned his Ph.D. and J.D. They expect us to do most bizarre assignments from outdated material possible. John N. Gathegi is Professor at the School of Information and a Courtesy Professor in the School of Mass Communications at the University of South Florida teaching and researching in the area of information law and policy, media law, and the First Amendment. © Copyright Professor doesn't know that many students have work and other classes, yet gives unrealistic workload. For more information regarding 2658 Meadow Crest Ct including construction details, assessments, previous owners, and sales data please look below. Assistant Professor Florida State University. Even then, the info he provides is often contradictory (e.g., requesting MLA or APA style, but then saying you should single space your paper). Education. His interests include intellectual property rights and emerging information technologies, information security, free speech and access to legal information. Gathegi also plays the recurring character of Matias Solomon in the NBC television series, Matias Solomon. You are pretty much on your own with understanding the methodology of research. Unrealistic workload.

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