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This can also refer to the Stand's physical power having incredibly limited fields of damage, only capable of dealing damage similar to that of a toddlers strength. Stands are also shown to protect their users in certain instances, such as when Jotaro tries to shoot himself,[6] or Weather Report tries to commit suicide,. Stands change appearance as their Users age. to view the gallery, or A special category of Stands that can evolve into different forms or ACTs, is also able to change form and therefore appearance. This category encompasses all Stands that are inherently bound to a physical object. If a User demands it, the Stand will perform any task within its capacities, which includes attacking someone, defending the User, or any miscellaneous order. In the case of audiovisual media such as the anime or a video game, a Stand's voice will possess a ghostly echo and mechanical tone. And since it stands next to you, it is called... a, references to musicians, bands, albums, and songs, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, the subject of renaming in English localization of JoJo material,, Stands in this category have physical characteristics similar to human beings, most often their users. ), and are often referred to a "Power Types". can you give a wiki about the tiers ∅, S, and ※ ? The E-Stat for Precision shows that the Stand has a extremely poor reactionary abilities, can intake barely any information, has extremely poor accuracy when performing tasks, or all three. with no usage of bow and arrow :P. A Stand User will need practice to develop their Stand's potential and manipulate it in a more precise manner. Rarely, these Stands are uncontrollable and have no true master, and instead, move from host to host and actively seek to harm their "user" with their powers. The B-Stat for Speed gives insight that the Stand is capable of impressive speeds when considering it's attacking speed, manifestation speed or generalized movement. The mundane use of a Stand has been likened to a poltergeist phenomenon by normal people. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Enter. Hidden subtleties and applications of the Stand's power may require time for the User to notice. As seen with Jean Pierre Polnareff's Silver Chariot[10] or Jobin Higashikata's Speed King,[11] young Stand Users have typically childlike Stands and when they become adults, the Stands' features also become adult-like. In addition, some Stands can simply be devoid of appearance, simply manifesting themselves as a special power. This Stat can also mean that the Stand has a limited range of utilization when considering it's ability. As the Vampires and therefore the Ripple which was needed to fight them, became less relevant, there was a need to innovate the way characters in the series would fight each other. Consistency in durability can be similar to that of thicker cloth, glass, a 1/4th inch layer of ice, etc. jojo deaths. An incredibly rare stat that shows a Stand has a near limitless potential to cause fatality if it's ability is to be utilized properly. Stands this precise tend to keep up with the movements of most A-Stat Speed Stands (although not all). (Hierophant Green, Echoes ACT1, Beach Boy, etc. As such, these Stands are independent of the Stand User's will and mental strength, and their power does not drop as a result. Follow @Cat33131> Log in now to save your BracketFight. Although Stands may take different forms, or be split into several entities, no one is able to summon several Stands at once. As a trend, short-range types display great power, many of which excel at direct blows or destruction (Star Platinum, Killer Queen, Sticky Fingers, etc. Method of Activation. [8] In both cases, a Stand can accidentally work against its user's interests through their unsupervised power. Usually, siblings like the D'Arby Brothers or two rats can roughly have the same power. Legal Information: Know Your Meme ® is a trademark of Literally Media Ltd. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. The E-Stat for Development/Learning shows that the Stand has learned quite a lot, and/or has not much to learn to begin with. Throughout the majority of Part 3, Stands were named after Tarot cards often followed by another element such as a colour or a number, such as Hierophant Green and Death 13. As a result, they take the appearance of an object that is visible to all, even non-Stand Users, an object which exhibits supernatural properties. What's Your Stand? Occasionally, a Stand can emit a Stand Cry, shouting repeatedly while delivering a beatdown. Sorry if I'm forgetting something obvious but I was trying to explain the joke to a friend. Sometimes it can be strengthened through training, such as with Stands like Silver Chariot. The speeds are averaged from around 12-28 MPH due to the range of average human speed. The concept of Stands were inspired by the 'guardian spirit' from Jiro Tsunoda's Ushiro no Hyakutarō manga. Whenever a Stand talks, their otherworldly nature is indicated in the original manga material as a text written with KatakanaW. Long-range types typically have a special ability that can let them indirectly attack. An incredibly rare stat that shows the Stand is capable of perfectly reacting and accurately performing tasks that it is specifically given; however this does come with specifications. However, the reverse is just as widespread, as Stand Users like Pannacotta Fugo with Purple Haze's virus, and Muhammad Avdol and Magician's Red's flames are stated to be just as vulnerable. When first presented, the term is written as \"Stand\" (幽波紋(スタンド), Sutando), with furiganaW to change the pronunciation of what literally means \"Ghostly Ripple\" (幽波紋, Yūhamon) in kanjiW. User(s): The B-Stat for Durability/Staying gives insight that the Stand has a fair ability to defend itself, and it's User. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. A Stand's power can wildly vary between Stands. Stephen Forgets That He Isn't On The Internet In This Exploitable Webcomic Meme, Of Course Kendall Jenner Threw A Big, Maskless Ball For Her Birthday, Christian College, Concordian University Of Michigan, Denies Connection To Third-Party 'CUM' Merch, Travis Scott Deletes Instagram After Getting Mocked For "Mom, Help" Energy Of His Batman Costume, Glenn Greenwald's Resignation From The Intercept. Inversely, some Stands can survive beyond their Users through exceptional abilities like Notorious B.I.G. The E-Stat for Power shows that the Stand is near incapable of utilizing it's ability for a direct source of damage. Stand Parameters are also used in weekly web radio programs like ORAORAdio and Morioh RADIO 4 GREAT to rate the hosts and guests. ); this is usually because the Stand or its full capabilities have not yet been revealed in the storyline. His interrogation about how psychic powers could affect the physical world without any medium led him into illustrating the psychic powers through Stands, which could make the reader visualize the way characters affected the world with their minds. While not required, I do suggest the community give a read over and decide whether or not this method of deciding a Stand's Stats are accurate. What is your JoJo stand? Stands are defined as personifications of "life energy" (although it's later changed to "spiritual energy") whose abilities are given visual form. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. (includes chart :^) @XD6417: 919,352 people diagnosed : Hot! SC Episode 1 - A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit The defensive capabilities are quite simply from the likes of Steel and beyond. It allows the User to use their Stand unnoticed by a large majority of the population. The A-Stat in Power can also show that the Stand has physical abilities that are near flawless, extending from easily breaking apart tough metals to the nigh-infinite; however not quite exactly infinite. As such, these Stands are independent of the Stand User's will and mental strength, and their power does not drop as a result. A Stand's range and power are inversely proportional; the further the Stand moves away from its firing range, the weaker and less subtle it becomes. X. In Steel Ball Run, Stands were described as being granted by the Devil's Palm and the Saint's Corpse which both bestowed power to those that could seek them out and survive their presence. Defense is almost never an option. Defense is an option. A Stand's appearance is not set in stone. In the case a Stand is sentient, they can occasionally advise their User that an order is unwise but will carry it on all the same. This includes vehicles, weapons, tools, and machines. Cutcutfutcutc. Create New Template. Some can be incredibly powerful due to their User's outstanding grit, others can be highly situational because of a defining quirk of character, or even detrimental to their User if they do not have the necessary fighting spirit. Another factor to keep in mind is that the Infinite Stat does not mean that the Stand itself does not require the precision, but more-so has perfected Precision, and should not be mistaken with the Precision Stat of None. Sutando is a supernatural power in the manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.When first presented, the kanji used is Template:Nihongo3 with スタンド over it; it means ghostly ripple and it is similar to the ripple of the first two parts.. This Stat should only be used in Extremely Specific Cases. In the anime from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders onward, Stand parameters appear as Eyecatch illustrations displayed after commercials. Finally, a Stand pierced by the Bow and Arrow can evolve into a brand new form called a Requiem Stand. Range. However, the reverse is just as widespread, as Stand Users like Pannacotta Fugo with Purple Haze's virus, and Muhammad Avdol and Magician's Red's flames are stated to be just as vulnerable. Stands are defined as personifications of \"life energy\" whose abilities are given visual form. Stands comparable to instruments or mechanical objects are placed in this category. If a Stand possesses a "None" stat for Speed, then the Stand is quite literally incapable of movement in any sense of the matter without assistance from the User or other forces. Stands that may be described as "monster-like" are often applicable here. As an embodiment of someone's psyche, Stands are therefore as varied as human minds can be. This stat does not make a Stand immune to surpassing abilities; such as illness, abilities that have much higher priority, etc. Stands with E-A Power can potentially handle this Durability. Each statistic is ranked from A to E; though rankings of None and Infinite are also possible. Araki explains that Stand abilities are often the first element he thinks of when he creates a character, and that he then develops the character's personality and appearance based on the harmony with said Stand power. This is an incredibly difficult stat to obtain naturally, but it is not impossible. Araki explains that Stand abilities are often the first element he thinks of when he creates a character, and that he then develops the character's personality and appearance based on the harmony with said Stand power. Anime Debut As a related note, certain Stand abilities do not have specified ranges (Earth Wind and Fire), an example being time-based powers, such as The World or King Crimson. Updates can be made, and an Update List will be listed below: When a Stand possess the "None" stat, it is completely incapable of dealing any physical damage to a target or other Stand User without the necessary use of it's Ability, and/or assistance of another party. Appearances that resemble robots, cyborgs or androids are applicable here. Stands with only specific abilities, and/or Infinite-Power can possibly get past this Durability. Stands such as Green Day and Notorious B.I.G, with infinitely increasing abilities, will be evaluated very high in this parameter. For example, Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum is Rank A in Developmental Potential during Stardust Crusaders, but is given Rank C during Stone Ocean, as Jotaro has had many years to hone Star Platinum's power.

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