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NATO operates a major trauma hospital at the base, treating battle casualties, including Afghan civilians and enemy forces.[26]. It is assigned to Kandahar Airfield and is also the host unit at Kandahar. [18], Fighting in the Kandahar area was particularly intense. [24], Since 2007, the airport is maintained by NATO under the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) banner, although a prominent base for the US and Canadian Forces, many other Armed Forces are based there. [4] The group's last mission was flown on 26 April 1945 against marshalling yards at Sachsenburg, Austria. Construction on all 18 silos at the six launch complexes was completed by 4 August 1961. The interior gardens, pools, kitchen galley, restroom facility, and ticketing areas have been restored. [16][17], During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the airfield was used intensively by the Soviet Air Forces, both as logistical facility for flying in troops and supplies and as a base for launching airstrikes against local Mujahideen groups. The wing assumed the missiles, personnel and equipment of the inactivating 703d Strategic Missile Wing. The deployments in February 2006 brought Task Force Afghanistan in Kandahar to about 2,250 personnel. The airport is used for both military and civilian flights.
This is not so. Fast jets and combat helicopters are also deployed as this is the main airport in the south of the country. Ahmad Shah Baba International Airport[4][5][6] (Pashto: د کندهار نړيوال هوايي ډګر‎, formerly called Kandahar International Airport[7] and by some military officials as Kandahar Airfield, KAF) (IATA: KDH, ICAO: OAKN)[8], is located about 9 nautical miles (17 km; 10 mi) south-east[3] of the city Kandahar in Afghanistan. It is assigned to Kandahar Airfield and is also the host unit at Kandahar. The first predecessor of the group was activated on 1 May 1943 as the 451st Bombardment Group at Davis–Monthan Field, Arizona, with the 724th, 725th, 726th and 727th Bombardment Squadron]]s assigned as its original elements.

[11] The group assembled later in the month at Dow Field, Maine, where it was inactivated on 26 September 1945. The United States Army Corps of Engineers began expansion work with the addition of new facilities for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), particularly the Afghan Air Force (AAF). Interactive map of zip codes in Kandahar, Afghanistan. While the Americans were busy building the Kandahar Airport, the Soviets were busy in the north, building the Kabul Airport.

Forces, the ESC was chosen for the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) mission, as well as, coordinating sustainment distribution with joint, strategic and coalition stakeholders. FedEx and UPS do not ship to APOs. FREE ZIP Code Finder.

[1] The airfield itself was completed in 1962 by an American company known as Morrison–Knudsen, which was contracted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

John Ferguson • Follow Following Unfollow. Lookup ZIP Code of any City, State, County or Area Code. [20] After June 2009 under Operation Herrick they were replaced by a squadron of Panavia Tornado GR4 aircraft, carrying out close air support and recce missions. Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. [11], The second predecessor of the group was organized at Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado as the 451st Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Titan) on 1 July 1961. All wing missiles went off alert status on 26 March 1965 and the wing phased down for inactivation. The airfield itself was completed in 1962 by an American company known as Morrison–Knudsen, which was contracted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). [35], The 2009 surge in NATO operations in southern Afghanistan pushed the number of aircraft operations at the base from 1,700 to 5,000 flights a week.

It was also the site of the Indian Airlines Flight 814 incident in 1999. [4], When returning from the Regensburg attack, runway conditions at Gioia del Colle were so poor that the aircraft of the 451st Group were unable to land there, but spread out among a number of bases in Italy. It was used for the 2006 Hajj by Muslim pilgrims. On 18 April 1962, Headquarters SAC declared wing's the 724th Squadron operational, and two days later the first Titan Is went on alert status. It helped prepare the way for Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France in August 1944. [6] The group continued its training at Fairmont Army Air Field, Nebraska, starting in September. [37], Between 2008 and September 2014 the Belgian Air Component operated F-16s from here.

[1] Bearing a great resemblance to typical U.S. architecture of the time, its original purpose was a safe and modern refueling stop for long-range piston engined aircraft traveling between Europe and Southeast Asia.

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