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I spent about 15 of them at The Independent but have also worked regularly for The Financial Times (where I won Lifestyle/Interiors writer of the year at the 2013 Property Press Awards) and The Daily Mail. I think the number of comments received shows you have hit on something a lot of people have empathy for. Duralex is a French tempered glass tableware and kitchenware manufacturer located in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in Loiret.

She lives in Crouch End with her husband, their two teenage sons and a cat called Enid. But John Lewis are doing something.

Sie ist Journalistin, Interior-Stylistin, Gründerin des bekannten Mad About the House Blogs und jetzt auch Designerin.

There has been plenty of publicity about the potential damage exposure to unobtainable ‘perfect’ lives/homes, as created on social media, can do for the well-being of followers, maybe we need to think about the environmental concerns too.

To the vegan who isn’t aware of homelessness… to the climate change activists who aren’t aware of fast fashion….. There are always honourable exceptions of course, and some are dedicated to showcasing the benefits of re-using, recycling and creating individual homes without breaking the bank and damaging the planet. I read about someone who has taken a vow not to fly and can’t see her sister who lives in Spain. In absolute agreement with Tallulah here-I found that meme hugely problematic, almost tipping into self parody: given up plastic straws but still flying every week- well done! But if you buy a new mattress, what happens to the old one? They suggest asking your mattress retailer or manufacturer – whoever they may be – if their take-back or disposal service involves deconstructing the old mattress to enable recycled raw materials to be reused in other industries. It should make your heart sing when you open the front door.

Dit vorm tans deel van die permanente versamelings van die wêreld se bekendste ontwerpmuseums, waaronder, New York se Museum of Modern Art, Londen se Ontwerpmuseum, Berlyn se Duitse Historiese Museum en Kopenhagen se Deense Museum van Kuns & Ontwerp. Yes to all the messages in this post! 'n Naakte Kate Moss is ook op die foto, wat deur Nick Knight geneem is. My main sofa was new when I acquired it, but I gave my old one to the daughter of a neighbour for her first home. Many of them seem to redecorate on the principle of the Forth Road Bridge, no sooner have they finished than they start all over again, presumably to create ‘content’ for their followers – very few of them make any mention of recycling, donating or re-selling any of the usable items they are replacing.

Or what about the bedding company Rise & Fall, whose factory runs on wind power, using dyes and chemicals that are Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified, and where 99 per cent of the water used is recycled and the packaging is plastic-free?

Whilst you're here, sign up for daily blog updates delivered straight to your inbox, as well as my monthly newsletter full of interiors tips with tales from behind the scenes and a little more lifestyle. I think you’re onto an excellent idea to create a resource for the 3 E’s and you have the readership/followers to help ! Are they investing in better environment and ethical choices?
I used them because that way I know where everything comes from which felt correct for the nature of this post. Find The Great Indoors with Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson in all the usual places you get your podcasts from.

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And totally agree every small step should be applauded. He was arrested in 1997 during an investigation into the drowning of Guide Nyachuru, a 16-year-old adolescent, at the Marondera camp. We need to know.

I want to come up with a list of questions for companies to answer about how they are doing less harm. Mad Doctor Tv Tropes. [16] Shortly after the initial media reports, the Bishop of Guildford , Andrew Watson , released a statement accusing Smyth of giving him a "violent, excruciating and shocking" beating as a young man on a single occasion.

[4], Oor die jare is die Pantonstoel, wat aanvanklik as Panton se S-stoel bekend gestaan het, wyd in Denemarke en in die buiteland uitgestal. There was a great post on Aja Barber’s @ajabarber Instagram about this along with inter-sectionality in sustainability titled ‘this is not our very best’. "[14] Smyth was excommunicated from the Church-on-Main in Cape Town after church leaders said he refused to return to the UK and engage with police. I was struck by a meme posted on Instagram which said, among a much longer list: “To the person who uses metal straws to save the fish but consumes animals, I’d like to say thank you. In the meantime, I want to build up information on flooring and lighting, furniture and fixtures.

We’ve set ourselves a couple of goals; to try and buy UK manufactured products which reduces transport carbon emissions and also supports UK employment etc. It just leads to a sense of despair that nothing we do is good enough, so why try at all? He was challenged by reporter Cathy Newman, while on a Christmas and New Year visit to friends in Bristol, England. >. Oh je, mit deinem Browser lässt sich unsere Website leider nicht darstellen. And of course, there will be those who say that’s not enough. Hi Mandy – there are social enterprises out there who will take and use old paint – one near me in Leeds is called Seagullsreuse :https://seagullsreuse.org.uk/. [6][7] He then moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where he ran the Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA) for some years. Jede Saison arbeiten wir mit visionären Designern zusammen – entdecke hier ihre Entwürfe. Why bury it? However I do think that meme you reference does serve to make people be complacent, to justify still shopping as long as we just ‘cut down’ or do ‘a bit’. [15] Smyth commented that he was "not talking about what we did at all" and said some of the claims were "nonsense".

I also run an interior styling consultancy Mad About Your House. To #dolessharm. Totally agree that we should acknowledge companies that are trying hard (fascinating to know about Hypnos) and also keep the pressure up on ones that could do so much more, or that use greenwashing to lull us into a false sense of less harm doing (H&M).

Don’t judge, educate. I’m Kate Watson-Smyth, a journalist who’s been writing about property, interiors and design in national newspapers for the last 20 years. My house, which I (I mean “we” if I’m being honest and actually I should probably say “they” as it was mostly the builders) completely renovated was created from two dingy rental flats which we bought in 2010. Yksinkertaisimmillaan naulakko on rivi lautaan kiinnitettyjä koukkuja. [1], He was chairman of the Iwerne Trust between 1974 and 1981. Desmond John Smyth (born 12 February 1953) is an Irish professional golfer.He won eight times on the European Tour between 1979 and 2001.

Bitte bestätige deine Anmeldung in der Email, die wir dir in Kürze zusenden. © 2012 - 2020 Mad About The House. And always some natural wood.

[8], "Duralex – the glass tumbler that would not be broken", "The Secret History Of: The Duralex glass range", "Gobelet [Gigogne] - Centre de documentation des musées - Les Arts Décoratifs", "Duralex's OvenChef Named to This Old House Best Products List - Home Furnishings News", "The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2014", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Duralex&oldid=979614900, Manufacturing companies established in 1945, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 19:03. [6] Smyth claimed that to introduce same-sex marriage, would result in "violence to the mind and spirit" of the religiously devout and would discriminate against them. as carefully as we can. It’s not that wonderful…, If you don’t like her house then you definitely should find a different blog to read!

The older I get the older my possessions seem to be! We’re all trying our best.”. Wähle die Interiors aus, die dir am besten gefallen.

(I thought for one moment there would be no Enid in any of the photos, but thankfully she is there.). Duralex is a French tempered glass tableware and kitchenware manufacturer located in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in Loiret. Leider unterstützt dein Browser oder Betriebssystem nicht die Technologie, die wir einsetzen, um deine Informationen zu schützen. And I need your help for this. I hope you will enjoy your visit and do drop by again soon; the Mad door is always open.

Corporations I feel have a duty to not produce items that are actively harmful to the environment. Well I like to call it Urban Glamour. I have re-upholstered two sofas and bought vintage chairs from eBay. It would be nice if we could completely transform for the world but it’s much more practical to work with how it is and to seek solutions within that framework.

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