kelvinator commercial refrigerator not cooling

Help! I have a 13 year old Frigidaire Pure source (model # FRS26R4AW5) side-by-side refrigerator that stopped working after a power outage a week ago. The refrigerator is only 3 Months old. Do you have any recommendation what to do next? Either the Defrost Timer or the Defrost Heater could be the issue. Can you supply us with make and model of your fridge? Thanks for your great site/page. Here is how to test a capacitor on a fridge. I have a Maytag M8RXEGMAB refrigerator with ice maker, the compressor runs constantly and the freezer will not make ice, refrigerator section does not get very cold. I did just plug it back in after sitting for a week plus, so will check it tomorrow morning. I tested the capacitor with a multimeter and it tested at 12.5 microF, and it’s supposed to be 12 microF. I have also cleaned everything, and visually it looks good. Behind the freezer or in the back bottom of your refrigerator? If this capacitor is bad then the compressor will not start. 5 To put off having the refrigerator repaired for a few days, you may be able to defrost it manually with a hair dryer—if you can access the cooling coils in the freezer section. Problem was not cleared what should i do? Actually right not now the compressor doesn’t shut off at all. Not knowing if a part has failed during transport… leave the fridge plugged in overnight, on the lowest temp for freezer and fridge. Michael, please assist. Have a Samsung fridge/ freezer, The freezer temp shows -22 deg. date of 08/05 located in a fruit cellar basement. I removed two screws at the top portion and removed ice, right side also heating but not cooling bottom portion. This cycle is continuously going on. If so replace it with the same as original. When I open the doors the noise stops and then restarts. I had a GE refrigerator in my storage for a couple of years. After you tripped the breaker and turned up the cooling dial the fridge was working perfectly? -RR. We looked in the back the fan wasn’t going. Last night it was making a terrible sound. Both are very easy to replace. Sunil, Well, I started pricing because we refuse to pay a service fee along with parts with a fridge that’s 11 (not that old but not made like they used to be either). Please check the above and let us know. I have a Frigidaire all fridge upright model about 7 yrs. Refrigerator section is good and will stay where its set (set at 37). You may have a possible capacitor that is on the fritz. It could be the Evaporator Fan Motor. Have looked at the board. We carry more than 4 million parts from over 175 major brands, so chances are, we've got the part you need. What could be the issue. The repair company returned and added refrigerant (not weighed in). Since then I’ve heard a noise from the fridge when I open it like a fan kicking off. If top freezer, it is behind rear panel in freezer. Is the refrigerator section cold and working properly? How To Remove And Replace The Bottom Seal On A Shower Door? Orlando, Most likely bad thermostat or compressor, use a multi meter to find the issue or better off replacing. If the unit is cooling and freezing but lights are out, it could be the door switch. -RR. If neither works (ice or water) it could be many things. It shut off for a while and then started back up again. Compressor is very hot to the touch. Instructions for replacement will be inside the package. If so the problem is fixed. Check that the fans are working. So ice will build up. Remove any obstructions in freezer. If the fan in the freezer is NOT running, and you see ice in the drain hole… You most likely have a frozen drain tube which can cause the fridge section to not be as cool as intended. Fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed! My fridge stopped working… it turns on but it doesnt cool/freeze. In order to start working normally again i flick the power off and then on but that only works for a few hours until it shuts down. If this works, the fridge has a defective defrost timer that needs to be replaced.

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