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More often than not there tend to be a lot of people who watch TV shows or movies based on comic books and don't know much about the characters that are being represented. King Shark's augmented flesh provides protection against the pressures of the deep and physical attacks. As part of this group, he took part in a large scale attack on the Secret Six's hideout after its whereabouts were given away by Cheshire. Affiliations King Shark is recruited into Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains and is one of the many sent to attack Sub Diego. While he is consistently referred to as the son of a God, initially that origin was shrouded in mystery. It is later revealed that he was working under Black Manta. Demigod In the DC comics, King Shark is a super villain hailing from the Pacific Ocean waters of Hawaii. splattered tank top; and a plethora of scars. While King Shark's comic appearances span over the last 30 plus years, he only started appearing in other media within the last 11 years. The character will make his cinematic debut in James Gunn's DC Extended Universe film The Suicide Squad (2021), voiced by comedian Steve Agee. King Shark has enhanced strength and endurance, and he can also regenerate lost bodily tissue. King Shark is a "man" of few words, but he packs a bite that speaks wonders. It is later revealed in a flashback sequence that he was asked to do so by his father: "The currents of destiny bend and twist around that young man. King Shark first appeared in Superboy #0 (October 1994). Shake the sea floor with her power, shall she, shake the destiny of all beneath the waves...". Marital Status Male In live-action, King Shark featured as an opponent in the Flash TV series. You will protect him. [1], When Superboy and Makoa were assigned to the Suicide Squad to destroy the Silicon Dragons, King Shark was forced to help by Amanda Waller, given that the base was at the bottom of the sea (and, as Waller put it, in his element). They managed to apprehend Nanaue, but during the deed Makoa was wounded. This is a bit different from traditional takes on the character as he's usually depicted shirtless and pretty slick, you know, besides the extreme musculature he consistently sports across the board. King Shark also made an appearance during the Joker's Last Laugh riot with Orca. For years he acted as a serial killer in Hawaii before his presence was discovered by Superboy. Other characters, such as special agent Sam Makoa, have dismissed this as superstition and referred to Nanaue as a "savage mutation" with no mystical nature. You will be my agent in his camp. He then was imprisoned by priests of the Thorny Crown for three years before escaping; Nanaue mentions that he was tortured during his captivity. So, who is King Shark? It is later mentioned by Lyla that Grodd has been placed in a medically-induced coma in a special cell that would adapt to his growing mental powers. Since Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League isn't coming out for some time, there's a chance to study up and get to know the main characters in the game. His specific qualities seemed to be rather valuable to the team, thus sometimes leaving them no choice but to look past his propensity to eat less important team members (at least he didn't actually KILL Yo-Yo). His father is known as "The King of all Sharks" also known as the Shark God. During this series, it was finally established that King Shark is truly the son of the Shark God. Born of coral, of life-in-death, of long prayer. Some unknown amount of time later he eventually found and attacked The Flash however before he could kill him he was soon … Born the half-human son of the Shark God, Kamo, hailing from Hawaii, Nanaue first encountered Aquamanin Reef's End, a little Atlantean border town in the Coral Sea. He was next seen as a member of the Legion of Villains led by Manchester Black. DC Universe Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Born of a shark god father and a human mother, King Shark is a half-shark/half-man mutant. Furthermore he can identify the place he is on the planet just by tasting the water. A couple of things are known for sure though: he is going to be big, he is going to be beefy, and knowing James Gunn's style of filmmaking, he's going to pack a bit of humor behind that bite. to be tortured by Amanda Waller into joining the Suicide Squad. He toyed with Makoa as much as he can. Thus brandishing him a demigod of sorts. During this state he is stronger than Aquaman and has also been shown to be able to temporarily overpower an. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Superman Villains category.". New Earth Although alternate origin stories and versions of King Shark exist, Nanaue's main origin story is that he is the child of a human native woman and the shark god of the pacific, Chondrakha. [2], King Shark headed to his mother's house. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. [9], Most recently, he has joined the Secret Six[10] as a brawler. Single Aided by his family, he had viciously eaten the kidnapped persons. Sacrificing his restored humanity, Shay Lamden of Earth-2 becomes King Shark again and fights Grodd. [5], King Shark later turned up in the Wild Lands (where the implication that he was really a Wild Man was made) and fought Superboy and his allies. holding tank, Lyla and Diggle travel to Central City to warn The Flash. [7] He is a major character in the series, acting as an unwilling caretaker for Arthur Joseph Curry. After a fierce battle he was defeated but no body was recovered. [4] Nanaue is not interested and kills his liberators before heading to his mother's house. Shark ambushed the kid, but Superboy managed to take him down by firing a point blank blast of heat vision from his "X-Ray specs." Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be the first time he will be getting the primary character treatment in a video game. King Shark turned up alive and well shortly thereafter, duking it out with Superboy, but he was defeated again and driven out to sea before later turning up in the Wild Lands (an uncharted island located in the Pacific Ocean between the continental United States and Hawaii) and fought Superboy and his allies. Other than the basic attributes of heightened physical strength and speed, he's got a few other tricks up his sleeve. Afterwards he was imprisone… That's probably why King Shark fits in so well with The Suicide Squad, has gone head to head with a multitude of DC heroes, and has a whole island nation afraid to leave the shallows. Superboy later manages to take the demigod down again with his heat vision glasses. King Shark often features as a minor villain, but he actually has a fascinating origin and comics history. This decision definitely emphasizes the more rugged version they seem like they're working to portray. King Shark's first animated appearance was in the DC Animated Universe movie, Superman/Batman: Public enemies, where he had a minor cameo in the villainous ambush fight scene. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Suicide Squad members" category. Once the Squad told him about their mission, Deadshot sedated Flash as they went after Hart. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is set to be released in 2022 and King Shark is a part of the line-up. King Shark appears on the Arrowverse television series The Flash, voiced by David Hayter while Dan Payne portrays his human form, and in the Harley Quinn animated series, voiced by Ron Funches. They invited Nanaue to work for them, but he refused and killed them before returning home where his mother allows him to bite her arm off to feed. Similar to James Gunn's upcoming movie, the video game will also feature its own version of King Shark's Great White design, only a bit more hardcore. In issue #15, Lori Lemaris and Topo had to convince Sha'ark not to eat the former Atlantean Purist Ronal (who was pardoned by Aquaman). In the Batman: Arkham Knight prequel comic, King Shark didn't appear, but his son "Kid Shark" makes an appearance. His origin has been definitely given as him being the son of the Shark God, due to the new Aquaman book being more magic-based than previous incarnations. See more ideas about King shark, Shark, Shark art. However, he was taken out of the fight by a confused Solomon Grundy. His origin has been definitely given as son of the Shark God, due to the new Aquaman book being more magic-based than previous incarnations. It has also been implied he was one of the "Wild Men", evolved animals based on those in Kamandi. Movement When going after one of them, Cisco Ramon intervened, leading to the Flash to show up, but King Shark severely injured Flash, forcing him and Cisco to retreat. Born the half-human son of the Shark God, Kamo, hailing from Hawaii, Nanaue first encountered Aquaman in Reef's End, a little Atlantean border town in the Coral Sea. King Shark has powerful teeth and claws that can cut through concrete and steel alike. You will be my agent in his camp. Considering he's a demigod and half shark, it's no surprise that he packs a punch as far as his powers are concerned. Xaba July 4, 2015 at 3:44 am. Of course, King Shark became more than those events. He was recently brought to Earth 1 by Zoom to kill The Flash and if he succeed he would be able to return home to Earth 2. King Shark was knocked out and taken back into custody. Nanaue had been killing several Atlantean priests that were members of the Order of the Thorny Crown. His shark-like physiology includes teeth and claws, which are used as weapons, and gills that allow him to breathe underwater. Now, if that isn't some intense motherly devotion, what is? Either way, both depictions present to us a King Shark that should not be trifled with. However she and The Flash were soon saved by Harrison Wells of Earth 2 who shot him with an energy gun knocking him out cold. Eyes King Shark is a cannibalizing, homicidal maniac. Where Do Hulk’s Muscles Come From When He Transforms? Born in Hawaii, Nanaue is a humanoid shark, his father is \"The King of all Sharks\" -- also known as the Shark God. King Shark also appears in Teen Titans where he kidnaps a reporter and plans to overthrow the surface dwellers, but is foiled by Jackson Hyde and Damian Wayne. Secret Identity An explosive belt was strapped to his waist, set to detonate if anything happened to Makoa. Atlantis With help from Flash and XS, King Shark defeats Grodd and removes the telepathy crown from him. Black Just like the verwoerds and p w bothas of this world. Both have chosen voices that very much fit each's own particular brand of entertainment. King Shark is able to breath under water, as well as on land, very well. King Shark toyed with Makoa and murdered a team member, Sidearm, when Sidearm tried to force Makoa to abandon the mission. Height King Sha'ark is also the ruler of the Atlantean city-state Nanauve. Weapon So far all we really know about King Shark's big-screen counterpart is that he will be sporting a version of his original Great White Shark design and will be voiced by comedian, Steve Agee. Whereas in all of his previous appearances he had only two lines of dialogue, in this issue he was quite chatty (although that may have simply been because of Black's influence). Villains The Flash Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Kid Shark attacked Batman on the street. He has been a member of the Secret Six, the Secret Society of Super-Villains and the Suicide Squad. Citizenship This caught the attention of Superboy who stepped in to help get the situation under control. Identity In addition, he has the ability to use sonar detection to increase his senses far beyond the average human; plus he has regenerative capabilities, even in drastic cases (i.e. King Shark was responsible for a number of missing persons several years before Superboy arrived in Hawaii. In all of his previous appearances he rarely spoke, but during this issue he was very verbose (although that may be because of Black's influence). 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