kingdom hearts birth by sleep trophy guide

C’est-à-dire que vous devrez auparavant avoir réalisé les 4 défis de la course folle, gagner 7 parties à la chasse aux commandes (en jouant seulement dans l’arène) et que vous ayez obtenu les trophées suivants : Exclusif à la cette version Final Mix, les missions des Nescients sont au nombre de 9 et correspondent à des mini-jeux. Utiliser 10 fois le Lien dimensionnel avec Pat Hibulaire. Treasure Hunt in the World Within - Open all of the treasure chests: Objective 40. Simply complete all 3 star missions, and this trophy will pop.

Vous pouvez jouer aux courses folles à Disney Town auprès de Tic et Tac ou à l'Arène des Mirages.

Defeat the Water Cores - Defeat 20 Water Cores: This can be achieved anywhere in the Dark World. It can summon projectiles like before.

When you get a "Maximum HP Increased" bonus, it's half that of Standard mode. Don't spam it, because Vanitas will teleport away and attack from behind.

For example the Fire Cores are weak to Blizzaga and the Water Cores are weak to Firaga (Not Thundaga).

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, the secret ending, Another Guardian of Light, is awarded after unlocking a certain amount of trophies.

Streetlamp Striker - Hit 20 streetlamps: This can be achieved in Castle Town. for more information), because that one will quickly deplete Monstro's remaining health.

Because it's basically a race.

I beat it while level 56 so you don't have to grind levels to beat it.

In the arena, you can choose the number of players, so always make sure to always choose 2 players. Afterwards, swim/glide to his tongue and unleash 6 Mine Squares to inflict massive damage. In this stage you collect every collectable in the game. Definitely keep this in mind for situations like if you weren't finished with the finisher that you were working on, or something like that.

in the Festival Dance. After completing the first few worlds with any character, the Mirage Arena will appear at the top-left of the world map and you will be able to visit it at any time.

If it starts spinning then use block. Clear the Destiny Islands episode of Aqua's story. This attack is telegraphed by a green aura emanating from the area around MF's feet. It doesn't matter which board, but you have to play on all 6 of the currently unlocked boards in order to unlock the final board.

Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone. You need to win a total of 7 times. You'll find the Break Time command in the Disney Town underground, in the pinball area. When you get a decent level, better commands and abilities then the rest of the game is not that hard anymore. This trophy can only be acquired in Proud or Critical Mode, due to the EXP Zero ability.

Proof that you have maxed out every Spirit's Affinity Level.

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