kira japanese meaning

Our mission is to make it accessible to fans all over the world. YouTube And Videos Blaspemy! Spin-Off Matsuda (2008 Movie) Her first name Raira (written as 来笑 in kanji) was later explained to be inspired by the lilac, her mother’s favorite flower, and similarly pronounced. HIKARU KOBAYASHI & YUKA NIHEI Japanese family names are more than one Kanji? Traditionally each name has its own special meaning given by their parents. English words for きらきら include glitter, twinkle, sparkle, flash, glint, glisten, luster, glow, spark and brilliance. October 2015 February 2014. Welcome to the forums! L Misa Amane L-change-the-world-2008-movie This is called, “Ateji(当て字、あてじ)” that are Kanji’s phonetically to represent native or borrowed words without regard to the underlying meaning of the characters. Let’s Make the Swan Heart in Inokashira Park!! What to Expect for Halloween 2017 in Tokyo? Tetsuro Araki (Dir.) Yumi Aizawa HIKARU KOBAYASHI & YU-KA NIHEI, 【Tokyo Girls' Guidebook vol.1】Summer Roppongi Walking with Kuriemi JavaScript is disabled. Mrs-mikami Intervewing PINK CRES. [5], Kira is one of several Anglicized forms of the Irish name Ciara, which in Irish means "dark haired". Warner Bros Death Note (2008 Manga One Shot Special) Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! It is a large collection of Shinto mythology, comissioned by a japanese empress who feared the stories about the gods might be forgotten lest they be written down. Kira is a Japanese Romanization of the English word ‘Killer’. Check these out.. on Their Second Single “Roulette“ and Major Debut!! Academia But here's the thing: 月 actually would be pronounced tsuki (つき), meaning moon. Beyond Birthday 10 most commonly used Japanese words for expressing surprise, I am not really OK with “daijoubu” (だいじょうぶ), Intercultural Presence of a Refrigerator 冷蔵庫の異文化間存在. It is a unisex Japanese given name that is predominantly used for males.There are several kanji for Akira.. *Keep in mind that English name for each name below is actually how it is pronounced in “Japanese”. "kira-kira" (きらきら) itself means "sparkly" and, in this context, has a bad reputation - because there is no way a japanese person could guess the pronunciation of a kira-kira name from the kanji. Nippon-television-ntv ライト is how his name, Light, is written in katakana - but there's no way one would know that from the kanji 月. It seems to apply in Korea as well. Wear a Kotatsu This Winter! Kson; Wild and Sexy Streamer on Niconico From the South, Talks About Her Love of Japanese Games. April 2014 Eriko Aizawa Matt Death Note Relight (2007-8 Anime) Shō Nanase Demegawa (Hitoshi) (Char.) How about personal names? Adam Wingard (Dir.) Real World Influence Former 2nd generation member of HKT48 Raira Ito, who was active from 2012 to 2016, stood out with her unusual name. If you are not familiar with Kira Kira names, these are names that sound totally different from traditional Japanese names, they literally mean “twinkly” and “shiny.” Most of these names are names of popular characters from animation, manga, movies and games. Hirokaku-ukita-char Our Team. Updates, discussion, events and news about Death Note. People in Japan often name their children based on the “hope” or “wish” that they want their children to carry on. ≠ ME Nanaka Tomita Delivers Bright News! These examples might be extreme and—so far—few in number, but kira-kira names are indeed rising in popularity. Sponsored Links [3] Therefore, it is also in use as a feminine form of the Greek diminutive form Cyril. With the kanji for both “princess” and “treasure” included in her given name, it precedes her with a charming air. Squad Six Cosplayers Columnists For Death Note News She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids. Cosplay languages, including English, Transparent Lang…… Retweeted by Transparent Language, The Japanese cucumber conundrum — and other fiendish lockdown puzzles for language lovers…, See how our Content team publishes 40+ lessons every week covering current events in politics, tech, and beyond to……. Nowadays however, some of them might just be becoming a little too creative. Momohime Kiyono, Hello! I found some of other Kira kira names that are totally unusual. They are used in religious ceremonies. Project, their kenshuusei (trainee) branch currently consists of girls aged 12 to 18. Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. Sayu Yagami Launched The Digital Contents E-Commerce “01Familia EXPRESS”. Yeah, I'd say that 80% of all family names are composed of 2 kanji. Back to Yagami Light (夜神 月). Another-note English words for きらきら include glitter, twinkle, sparkle, flash, glint, glisten, luster, glow, spark and brilliance. Would an idol’s name help them in the career? Takeshi Ooi (Char.) Franchise Philosophy And Theology Viz Media Japan Is Celebrating “Nice Boobs Day” On Social Media And Hey, Why Not? In Russian Kira (Ки́ра) is the feminine form of the masculine name Kir, meaning "mistress, ruler", but can translate to "leader of the people", "one the people look to" or "beloved". Former AKB48 veteran Minami Takahashi also once joked that she felt like she should use the polite honorific and refer to her as “Bibian-san”. Erm..the main character in Gundam Seed is called Kira, but I don't know if that's meant to have a meaning, or it's just his name (it's written in katakana, a script mostly used for foreign words or words of non-japanese origins). Fortunately for her, the fanciful name worked in her favor and immediately created buzz for the former child talent. Death Note (2017 US Movie) Katakana is generally used when words are from a different language – whether that language be Spanish or English. It Matters Series Food And Drink In my opinion, these Kira kira names that were popular for 2015 all sound like they were just put together because they sound “popular” or “cool” influenced by famous characters, etc. Teru Mikami - Definition of kira, meaning of kira in Japanese: 1 definitions matched, 89 related definitions, and 0 example sentences; Kotobukido: Home of the Surprisingly Spicy Taiyaki! As for the last kira-kira name from a 48 group, we have HKT48 member Murakawa Bibian. Intervewing PINK CRES. You are using an out of date browser. In the midst of numerous other idol hopefuls, Momohime quickly became a name to remember thanks to the sheer star quality of her name alone. Н. А. Петровский (N. A. Petrovsky). Project Kenshuusei. This year I'm recieving formal instruction at my university, so I no longer have to rely completely on books and friends to learn ^^. Death Note: Light Up The NEW World (2016 Movie) Renting Girlfriends and Middle Aged Men!? Death Note Tarot Tales Misa Amane even says that in the series as she researches his name: she thinks Light is called Tsuki, but then, through her internet research, finds out he is not. Sakura Gakuin, A Book About The Love Between The People Who Support and The People Being Supported! March 2015 In Japanese there are many verbs which can be as a suffix to another verb in order to enhance the other verb’s meaning. Such a distinctive name would surely make an impression on the audience. Death Note Month Of... May 2014 on Their Second Single “Roulette“ and Major Debut!! December 2014 Born and raised in Japan. The word 'kira' used in Death Note is not a japanese word meaning 'killer', rather, it is the english word 'killer' the way the japanese actually pronounce it. Live Streaming Circuit Festival “@ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020” will be held!! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Japanese names are often chosen based on their meaning and the image that parents want their children to grow up to be. When parents decide to veer off the course of traditional and common baby names, some try their best to create a name as original as they can. Secret Tips to Style Them Perfectly, Combat Uniform for Kyaba Jyo! Shonen Jump Rod-ross Lately, trending Japanese baby names are shifting towards a new unknown level of weirdness. While overly fanciful names may be an odd choice in general, some of these might actually work for those who want to make a name for themselves in the entertainment world. Kirai- A japanese word meaning hate and loathing A name one uses in order to make themselves sound cool In prominent idol agency Hello! Shane Black Gifts And Merchandising As the wave of younger talents began to descend, there’s no doubt we’ll begin to see more and more kira-kira names in the mix—you might already have noticed the trend among idols born in the 2000s. Ever heard of kira kira names? Kira Worshipper The verb which is being enhanced comes first and is always in the pre-masu form (i.e. Shō Nanase From health and kindness to good fortune, well-meaning parents have pondered over such meanings for generations. This happens when parents use complicated kanji that are difficult to read, force meanings into them, or name their child after a pop culture reference. @JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020 Performers 2nd Wave Announcement!! I think this was in about 700 A.D. You must log in or register to reply here. November 2014 Soichiro Yagami Not directly, but it does help in stirring up an interest. Toko It sounds so unique in that it doesn’t sound like Japanese name at all. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is any parents out there who doesn’t care about their children, so there must be some meaning associated with each name. September 2014 Just getting started with a new alphabet or writing system? This might certainly pose a bigger problem for fans of the AKB48 idol umbrella, when there’s that high a number of members within the groups. Attain the Trinity of Beauty at Gazzara Design!! Find more Japanese words at! Sachiko Yagami Gus Van Sant たべる→たべ or のむ→のみ). Music And Soundtracks Lawliet-movie Do you like these names for your babies? Kimiko-kujo May 2015 They don't have a r or l sound its more of a combination of the two! Having such a striking name does catch the attention of the fans, although many joke that they couldn’t read her name at first. Death Note (2016 Movie AMG) Another-note-novel Death Note (2015 Musical) What is a kira-kira name? Names are not just the way it sounds, it goes deeper in that it always reflects love of their parents. Business And Marketing Live Your Life and Shine Doing What You Love! Wedy The phrase kira kira means "glittery" or "shiny," but the single noun kira is written phonetically with katakana due to the fact that its a foreign word borrowed from the English word "killer." June 2015 Kanzo-mogi - Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Kira is Mithun and Moon sign associated with the name Kira is Gemini.. Site News Rem Kira is a mostly feminine name of multiple origins and meanings. Throughout the years, idols have had the potential to become household names. : TOKYO GRAVURE IDOL FESTIVAL 2018. In Hindu it means sacred bells. PINK CRES. Selecta Visión Death Note: Year One (Movie) His first name, Light, is written like that: 月. [4] Kira could also have arrived into Russian from the Persian-Greek name Kyra. The Hoopers’ 2nd Album "FANTASIC SHOW" Stay Cozy and Kawaii! Takeshi Obata (Artist) [6], There is also a Japanese name, romanized as Kira, which is common in Japan, as both given name and family name.

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