kiwirail dl locomotives

CNR Dalian says they are achieving significantly higher levels of reliability than specified in the contract. In 2012 KiwiRail published a comparison between the new DL class locomotives mean distance before failure (MDBF) and older DX class locomotives. [17] They also have the same Co-Co wheel arrangement as the DF and DX classes, as opposed to the Bo-Bo-Bo layout of the EFs. They are the most powerful diesel-electric locomotives in service in New Zealand.[5]. The main alternator and traction motors are of Chinese origin, and we expect the control systems mostly are as well. In some cases these replaced services previously operated by two locomotives in multiple, also eliminating the need to turn the locomotives, though it has been noted that they are regularly turned anyway.[25]. Fifteen new Gen 2.3 DL locomotives depart KiwiRail's Mt Maunganui yard, shortly after arriving at the Port of Tauranga, in 2018. The overall reliability of these classes also tended to fall well below EMD/GE locos. It was reported that the risk from asbestos was minimal and that levels of asbestos were insignificant. It was surprising therefore that after the experience of highly reliable locomotives built in North America that the Kiwirail management chose to purchase the DL class locomotives from CNR because there have been as many questions over their usability as there were for English and Japanese built locomotives in decades past. They are the second class of twin-cab diesel locomotives to operate on the New Zealand network, the first being the 1950s-era DF class. A KiwiRail document obtained by Radio New Zealand said the alternator cooling fan on several DL Locomotives which came into service in the past two years was found to be defective. A hoist at work in one of KiwiRail's Container Terminal sites. [4] and first rolled off the production line on 13 March 2013,[21] incorporating changes based on experience with the first batch. [8][22][23] This batch arrived on 15 March 2015. Guests included Prime Minister John Key and Minister of Transport Steven Joyce. KiwiRail is revitalising Northland's rail network, by replacing bridges, improving tunnels and upgrading the rail line to Whangārei to enable more freight to be carried by rail. The order marked one of the first steps of considerable investment in KiwiRail,[9] and the first order for a Chinese-built locomotive from a western country. [26] The Rail & Maritime Transport Union claimed that the problems were beyond those usually experienced with new locomotives. The remaining 14 of the first batch had been manufactured by April 2011,[20] and were shipped by the Tasman Trader, arriving in Auckland in June 2011. The DL class are visually similar to the electric EF class locomotives used on the North Island Main Trunk line, being of similar dimensions and both twin-cab designs. Thanks for visiting the KiwiRail image library. Interislander ferry Kaitaki approaching Allports Island. In 2012 KiwiRail undertook testing of a DL locomotive along the lower North Island main and branch lines. [24] They arrived in early to mid October 2018, and were towed to Hamilton on 12 October. The scaremongering from certain elements of the railfan community that many of the locomotives would not last the distance has not been validated. In July 2008, the fifth Labour Government purchased Toll Rail from Toll, renamed it KiwiRail, and merged it with ONTRACK, creating one company that controls both operations and rail infrastructure. I request the most recent MDBF figures KiwiRail for both the DL and DX class locomotives. The idea of building the locomotives in New Zealand as advocated by the Fifth Labour Government was promoted as a way of creating jobs at a time when the economy was entering a recession and unemployment was rising. Twenty of the locomotives have been put into service and more will soon be added to the fleet. The twin-cab design also provides operational flexibility as locomotives no longer need to be turned or operated in multiple when working terminating lines. [27], In February 2014, all 40 DLs were taken out of service for tests after samples from one locomotive tested positive for asbestos in a resin used for sound-proofing. The first six arrived at Mount Maunganui on 20 November 2010,[1] and were moved to Te Rapa, Hamilton three days later for commissioning and driver training. Following the introduction of the second batch DL locomotives were introduced to operations along the Marton - New Plymouth Line - including the milk trains to Fonterra's Whareroa complex near Hāwera - and the Palmerston North - Gisborne Line, the latter as far as the current operating terminus in Napier. CNR officials were also present, with the chairman of CNR Cui Diangao explaining to media that this was the first time that Chinese locomotives have been exported to a developed country. DL 9020 on a freight train near Papakura, Auckland. Kiwirail claims that is acceptable for their current service expectations for their business. They are planning to order 10 more DLs, probably so they can write off what is left of the DC class, and it is currently rumoured the DLs will soon be introduced on the Main North Line in the South Island. In July 2016, it was announced that KiwiRail has put an order for 15 more DL locomotives. The DLs were the first new build diesel-electric mainline locomotives on New Zealand's rail network since the DF class was introduced in 1979. The first freight train to travel on the Main North Line after the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake makes its way south in September 2017. The DL class initially had poor reliability with availability only 50% of that of the rest of the fleet. The introduction of the DL class has allowed KiwiRail to transfer all of the DX class locomotives to the South Island. In March 2009, the government announced that it had authorised KiwiRail to invest $115m in new rolling stock: $75m for 20 locomotives, and $40m for new carriages for Tranz Scenic, (now KiwiRail Scenic Journeys). The data chart from RNZ shows even this figure is hard to achieve, with practically all of the locomotives in service at that time achieving about half that one year ago. Here you will find a range of print-quality images of our ferries, trains and people. [10], The acquisition of new locomotives was first proposed by Toll NZ after they purchased Tranz Rail in 2003. 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For the point of this article we are going to assume 80,000 km MDBF is a reasonable number. [7] KiwiRail stated that the teething problems were normal on new locomotives and that reliability was improving. There’s been a report today in Radio NZ News regarding the reliability of the DL Class locomotives, with the suggestion that many of the class members are not achieving the expected rate of reliability and that therefore Kiwirail should be choosing some other type of locomotive to purchase. It has been difficult to get an objective picture of the usefulness of the locomotives because of the political heat generated over their introduction, from one side with the rail union and some drivers questioning management decisions, and from the other side with the enthusiast community and politicians attacking mainly the Chinese origin of the locomotives. [19], The first six were used for driver training and rail system compliance testing,[4] and the NZ Transport Agency gave the locomotives certification for New Zealand in May 2011.[2].

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