klx300r vs kx250

The KLX is heavier, 248 compared to 240 on the WR250F. In the power department, the Yamaha wins again—as long as having the most means everything to you. The KLX has smooth power, not massive but is still pretty reasonable. There really isn’t one in this bunch. However, new carburetion changed all that in ’09—for a while at least. The first video is a The KLX’s fuel injection is a major improvement over the previous carbureted KLX. The WR250F hits hard on top, the KLX has a bit of a midrange but not much hit. The 12.0" ground clearance coupled with the generous 11.2" of rear travel allows the 300R to handle more aggressive riding on a variety of terrains. Like the KLX140G, the KLX300R doesn't have any direct competitor. It's been 2 years since I had the KLX though. Smooth, precise and predictable low rpm throttle response is critical for riders new to motorcycling, and all three bikes have just that—excellent throttle response. All good stuff. The image below shows the KLX300R ERGO-FIT® handlebars (image courtesy of Kawasaki). It takes lot more to get the Yamaha’s suspension to bottom out compared to the Honda’s or Kawasaki’s. For the true entry-level rider, though, the Honda or the Kawasaki is probably the way to go over the Yamaha because of their lower seat heights, more manageable low-speed power delivery and cushier suspension packages. The 2020 KLX300R is being marketed as a bike that bridges the gap between a weekend play bike and a full-on race bike and that's a good description. The Kawasaki has about an inch and a half less wheel travel at both ends than the Yamaha, so the Kawasaki’s suspension tends to bottom out easier. The Kawasaki’s is low, as well, but the Yamaha’s is downright high for an entry-level motorcycle at 36.6 inches. All three bikes, especially the Yamaha, would be better off with lower final drive gearing for riding on dirt. It's great that consumers have more beginner dirt bike choices, and the KLX300R is a good choice for beginning riders who have enough confidence in their riding abilities to handle a bike with more power, or someone who has outgrown a smaller bikes and is ready to step up, without breaking the bank. This is could be a deal-changer for some—mainly beginners and novices—who would just as soon sacrifice some suspension performance for being able to solidly and confidently plant both feet on the ground, or at least one foot without having to lean the bike over too far. In comparison, the KLX250S—the Yamaha’s number-one competitor at the time—sold for about a $1000 less. I have been posting a lot on this topic lately on various forums. However, a true beginner or first-time rider won’t complain at all but will instead enjoy the Honda’s ultra-cushy ride and low seat height, by far the lowest of the three. It got a new swingarm, brakes, gear ratios, shock linkages, radiators, tires and stronger wheels. Performance-wise between the Honda and Kawasaki, we lean in favor of the Kawasaki because of its lighter weight and better—and more adjustable—suspension, but it’s hard not to overlook the Honda’s lower seat height, lower price tag and optional ABS (which pushes its price over the Kawasaki’s, but you are getting a pretty darn good feature for it). It also had some cool things like a twin-spar steel frame that was painted silver to mimic the CRF-R frames. Also the forks and shock are not as good and that shows itself at the higher speeds as well. The 2018 KLX250, which sells for $5349, took on a few other minor changes besides FI. Capacity for the Honda is 2.1 gallons and 2.0 gallons for both the Kawasaki and Yamaha. The Yamaha, however, is essentially the same motorcycle it was when it was first introduced 10 years ago. There's an electric start, but no backup kickstarter. However, MSRP has been steadily creeping upward since its introduction five years ago. The KLX300R is 17 pounds heavier than the Honda, and 28 pounds heavier than the Yamaha. The KLX300R is the largest adult-size beginner dirt bike and has some features that the other beginner bikes don't have. The KLX300R doesn't have the bells and whistles of the WR250F such as a headlight and instrument panel, but the 300R doesn't have an $8599 price tag either. But what it really needed was FI. 43mm USD, cartridge, telescopic fork, compression adj. The KLX300R weighs 282 pounds so it's the heaviest beginner bike, but that's understandable given the larger engine size and larger gas tank (bike weight is calculated 'ready-to-ride', with all fluids added). It also has petal-style disc brakes, generous 11.2 inches of ground clearance, sturdy engine guards, a large and informative meter and a claimed ready-to-ride weight of 298 pounds.

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