knack 2 treasure locations

Whispers Of A Machine Review: An Exercise In Subtlety, With... World War Z Review: Great Potential Tainted By Mediocre Online... Far Cry New Dawn Review: Smart Gameplay Makes Up For Lacking Story, Amazon Prime Day 2020: Five Movie Collection Deals To Save Big, JoBlo Partners With Rock Steady To Bring Arcade Dreams To Life, 6 of The Best Sonic The Hedgehog Collectibles Every Fan Must Own, Marvel United Kickstarter Campaign Now Live From CMON And Spin Master, 5 Home Decor Items To Make Your House A Marvel Paradise. Before exiting the mines by hitting the spinning lever, look to the right of the pillars to see a small hole. Before dropping down to defeat the goblin on the turret, platform up to the ledges to the left to find a hallway leading to a treasure chest. 10-1: In the first smaller area (where you have to push a small pillar to avoid detection from spotlights) push the pillar to the wall. The box conceals a space. Ride the spinning column down. To the left is a treasure area. All the way on the back wall you’ll see a sunstone. None of the collectibles are missable! Go toward the right side of this area to find a previously blocked room. Jump up to the room and through the notch on the left side of the wall. After you drop down during Xander’s crazy speech, turn right to find an entrance leading to a treasure chest. Take this to the right to find a hallway leading to a treasure chest. Every treasure chest contains one RANDOM reward. Then, instead of going up the stairs, look for a small hole at the right end of the room. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Discontinuing Online Features On... Dota 2 ESL One Germany 2020: Team Liquid Crawls Its Way To The... Harry Potter: Wizards Unites Wants You To Join Dumbledore’s Army... PUBG Mobile Officially Removed From India, Observation Review: The True Terror Of Deep Space, A Plague Tale: Innocence Review - The Ties That Bind And Shape Us, Rise of Industry Review: Industrialization At Its Finest. Look for a hole leading to a treasure chest. Fight past them and drop down below. 5-2: There’s a fountain at the start of the level. 3-2: After riding an elevator, take metal Knack and stand on the pressure plate on the right. If you’re hunting for that last necessary part for a cool transformation, here’s where you should look. Make sure you are playing on Normal / Hard / Very Hard when collecting the chests. Then, enter the hole here. ". Then, backtrack to the right and drop the metal pieces to activate the switch on the right. You don’t have to collect the treasures again if you die. After opening a chest in chapter select you can quit out to the main menu right away and don’t need to reach the next checkpoint. The little guy with surprising moves and the ability to transform from big to small and back again in this family-friendly adventure! Then, jump back to the left to find a small passage leading to a treasure chest. Here, you’ll find a tiny opening which leads to a treasure chest. Say goodbye as Tencent pulls PUBG Mobile out from India. After defeating the enemies with the turret, look for a small hole on the right-hand side of the wall. Pull it and you’ll reveal a small hall with a treasure area. 5-3: You’ll fight three robots. After jumping to safety, follow the path to reach some more enemies. 1-2 Viktor's Challenge . Then, stand on the pressure plate to the right to reveal a relic energy chest. It can be a part for a new gadget or a colored crystal relic. The treasure chests are the same as those from level 1-1 The Invasion. 9-1: Lucas lands his plane and you’ll be plopped in a courtyard with statues. 8-1: At the big wall puzzle, hit some switches so tiny Knack can make his way to the wall’s left side. Knack 2 is available now on PS4. It’s still a good idea to collect them all because the crystal knacks make it easier to complete medals and bonus challenges. Required fields are marked *. Hit some boxes there and you’ll find a nook filled with treasure. This leads to another treasure chest. 6-4: In the section where you have to drag a platform with stairs on it, push the second one all the way to the right to access the very visible hole in the wall. The Doctor’s Disciple [Silver], 15-2 11-2: In the room with the first group of enemies, there’s a ground-floor treasure area hidden off to the right before you jump up. 15-1: While Xander babbles on about his plan, follow the path and drop down as the level dictates. Break it to reveal a treasure hole. 15-2: When you come to the part where robots toss projectiles at you from a distant platform, ignore the stairs and keep going straight. As you exit the cave, hop across the gap ahead. Follow it along, dodge the poles and you’ll reach a window. Tell us in the comments section! 5-1: Before jumping down to kill a turret goblin, hop up the gray ledges to reveal a treasure space. 14-2: Freeze the side-by-side spinning spikes and head to the path to the right to find a chest. At the end of the giant rolling balls, head through the opening on the left. Here, you’ll find a small passage leading to a treasure chest. A relic energy chest blocks the next treasure entry. After clearing the laser beams and fighting the enemies ahead, grab the crate on the left side of the room and drag it to the right. Before crossing, look up to the left to spot a small ledge. Break the box here and you’ll find another passage, this time leading to a treasure chest. Just after passing the first moving titan, go to the right and break the boxes. Before reaching the highest roof, jump to the ledge on the left, marked by a sunstone. Behind one of the workers is a small notch to the left.

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