lake baikal monster

Reports about the 'Devil' or monster date from the 19th century and gained credence from a trip by Soviet geologist Tverdokhlebov to the lake in the Stalin era. As a result we have this photo (the picture changes every second): We think it is a big animal like a lizard. You’re not alone. Therefore, it proved to be possible to preserve nature and fauna of the place in its original form. In the southern part of Russia, there is a lake unlike anything else of Earth. Legends, different opinions, anomalous phenomena…. I say little, it’s actually a giant. The feeling of satisfaction will never come.” Despite having walked hundreds of kilometres on the lake’s frozen surface and taken thousands of shots, she says she has only touched upon its mystery. 2. The researchers of Baikal also discovered some new unknown underwater flora and fauna species, but no Baikal Monster …. More than 80% of the animals are endemic. Keep reading for indoor plant maintenance 101! He wrote of the 'Devil': 'There have been all sort of hypothesises about what kind of creature it could be: a giant pike, a relic reptile or an amphibia. The alleged monsters of Lake Baikal are also represented in ancient petroglyphs found along the Baikal cliffs. There is a myriad of mysteries at Lake Baikal. “Mirs” were working at the depths of 1637 meters. In exchange for the sacrifices, they hoped to achieve success in military affairs. “Because of its exceptional biodiversity and importance to evolutionary science,” Live Science reports that the lake is well-known for its exceptional ecosystem. Water Dragon: A Monster from the Bottom of Baikal. And as soon as this “music” is heard by people, there is no doubt that the cattle coming to the lake to drink water will definitely disappear. Siberian Light © 2020. Get our FREE new updates about Russia directly to your inbox. The oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. For all bookworms: add these sci-fi wonders to your reading list! Moreover, even the captains of the vessels claim that the size of the monster is very large. Considering its enormity and its remote location, it’s not surprising that it has a long history of bizarre events. We cleared a picture on the stele from earlier and later images. The faith of the local population in some kind of ancient underwater creature was confirmed by rituals that were performed back in the first quarter of the 20th century. What was that? At 1642 metres deep and 25 million years old, the lake is the world’s deepest and oldest. In Buryat legends this strange beast are called Lusud-Khan or Usan-Lobson Khan, these names mean “Water Dragon-Master”. The Buryats call the monster “Lusud Khan” - “The Master Water Dragon” and are still afraid of him. In 2008-2010 there was also an expedition with the two unique deep water vehicles “Mir”. It lies in a cleft where Asia is literally splitting apart, the beginnings of a future ocean. Some theorize an extraterrestrial base is lurking beneath the picturesque exterior. Get creative and have a great night with your gals! According to the first option, this horrendous creature looks like a giant sturgeon with an unusually evil muzzle and a huge armored fin along its entire giant back. There are researchers who do not deny the possibility of this fact. The lake is known for its magnificence, and its exquisiteness is … It is the most ancient and deep lake on the planet, and people even call it “The Pearl of Russia.” It is a majestic place, remarkable for both its beauty and its mystery. Local residents saw nothing supernatural in these accidents. An annual ceremony of offering sacrifices has been held there since ancient times: meat and fish were put on the rafts on the darkest and moonless night, and then the rafts were released into the water, as a sign of reverence to the mysterious and formidable deity. The researchers are constantly discovering in the lake new kinds of animals, most of which are endemic (species are unknown to science). Check... Tis the season for an absurd number pumpkin-spiced everything to stock the shelves of your go-to grocery stores. Live Science, that “during the summer, when the lake is full of melted ice from the Siberian mountains, it is sometimes possible to see more than 130 feet (39 m) down.”, “Because of its exceptional biodiversity and importance to evolutionary science,” Live Science. There are even tales of Jesus visiting the Lake at some point. Published January 18, 2008. Of course, the information about them was classified, but it was still impossible to hide the facts of the bodies found on the beach - these were torn apart literally in half. Lake Baikal is not just pretty. One of these is, of course, the presence of the Lake Baikal Monster which the locals fear. There are some who suggest that this sturgeon-like monstrosity is the result of the massive amounts of pollutants, which are spewed daily into Lake Baikal, but others insist that the beast is a vicious mammal… perhaps this lake is home to both? Copyright © 2016 New York Minute Magazine, Visit the Magical Herstmonceux Castle in England. Probably the most famous of these species is the nerpa, the world’s only exclusively freshwater seal.”, While the lake’s features and biodiversity are certainly intriguing, what is most captivating about Lake Baikal are the natural phenomena that cannot be explained by science. Early Chinese explorers also reported seeing this beast. 4. Thermal hot springs are located on the bottom of the bay, warming the water in winter and in summer, heating it up to the temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. All in all, you might want to go and see the lake for yourself if you are ever in the area. The lake is located in a cold climate. This one feeds on the organic matter, like dead insects and fish, that drifts down through the water. Original pic from the stele: by Yuri Esin | “Sayan Altai Scientific review”, 2012, № 1. It is known that in the 18th century, prior to complete colonization of Baikal coast by the Russians, Evenki, Nenets, Yakut princes sent people bringing rich gifts - cattle, furs, precious stones - to the coast of Baikal. Enter your email address: We put our heart into the project. There are many ancient carvings that depict a creature similar to the described Water Dragon Master, which some believe adds validity to the sightings. Thousands of species of plants and animals live there, and some 60 per cent of them, including the photogenic Baikal seal, are found nowhere else. Perhaps the most fascinating stories come from classified Soviet era documents. Angara became the only river that flows from Baikal, like a girl running to see her beloved. There are also earlier remarks on this subject. Perhaps the most fascinating fact about this lake is that it is one of the world’s clearest lakes. Exoplanets that orbit close to their star may have been pushed there. People never met such a water giant in this region, so, it is possible that the monster could have been noticed here during its “journey” from Baikal along the Angara River. This article appeared in print under the headline “Russia’s Galapagos”, Magazine issue Hidden deep within the frost of Russia lies a natural phenomenon so beautiful and mysterious that it attracts the interests of many visitors and scientists. Secondly, they talk about an enormous stone located on the bank of Yenisei, where the only daughter of Baikal, Angara, once fled. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now we are going to talk to you about another Buryat legend. Peter Nalitch’s “Gitar” video – at last, Russia has its own Borat, The strange case of the Patriarch, some sand, and 20 million rouble lawsuit, Russia and Georgia destroy the McDonalds theory of war. Lake Baikal is also famous for legends, stories and unusual facts. There is a myriad of mysteries at Lake Baikal. Some enthusiasts who tried to solve this mystery presume that the mysterious inhabitant of the Baikal depths chose Mukhorsky Bay of Maloye More Strait as the place of its residence. There are many tales regarding the lake’s creation and several stories about odd events occurring on and beneath the lake’s surface. Long-agoone day Bogatyr Horidoy was chasing a water dragon and at last he visited the largest Baikal island of Olkhon. Key to Baikal informs you about the rite of fortune-telling that existed on Baikal a couple of centu-ries ago. This is how the lake’s strange history began. There have been lots of reports of strange lights and alien spacecrafts over the lake. We humans have felt the weight of those possibilities for some time, which is why I think there are so many monster stories that come from the water. This lake is also a record-breaker. She got married to the Bogatyr. 5. nothing more than an abnormally large sturgeon? – It is still unknown. It’s easy to see why. The native Buryat people of the region call the creature Lusud-Khan. One of the most horrible legends passed from mouth to mouth by the inhabitants of is probably the story about a terrible bloodthirsty monster living at the lake bottom. Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake, curves for nearly 400 miles through south-eastern Siberia, north of the Mongolian border. The researchers of Baikal also discovered some new unknown underwater flora and fauna species, but no Baikal Monster … 6. Meals for Students: Easy, Healthy, Affordable. Your email address will not be published. There have also been numerous accounts of UFO and alien sightings. 3. The gas hydrates can be used as fuel in future! Baikal has more than 350 species of amphipod, occupying the full range of lake habitats. Perhaps, it is a signal that Lake Baikal will turn the great new oceans into? Make Lake Baikal your next destination to visit, if you dare. Scientists discovered a strong magnetic anomaly in the rift zone on Lake Baikal, where the Earth’s crust pulls apart. Live Science reports that “during the summer, when the lake is full of melted ice from the Siberian mountains, it is sometimes possible to see more than 130 feet (39 m) down.”, Though the lake is record-breaking and beautiful, it is much more than just the Pearl of Russia.

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