level 3a body armor

Additionally, while it can be about 6mm (about ¼ inch) thick, it can be worn covertly under your clothes. The soft and comfortable wear allows tactical advantages in dire situations, allowing you to move freely and quickly without assistance. These include hard and soft cover plates. This means that after the testing is done for the resistant vest for an additional caliber and also those rifles specified in the NIJ standard, the inclusion … [28] Artillery shells, mortar shells, aerial bombs, grenades, and antipersonnel mines are all fragmentation devices. and .44 Magnum, which level 2 armor does not protect against. Neutral water at room temp does not affect para-aramid or UHMWPE[11] but acidic, basic and some other solutions can permanently reduce para-aramid fiber tensile strength. Here are some awesome features of the body armors on our collection. Our Level III armor vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum. This complexity requires very elaborate bio-morphic backing material systems for accurate ballistic and stab armor testing. The Level IIIA body armors are nearly weightless; therefore, you won’t even feel that you are wearing such a protective armor underneath your shirt. PLC controlled CNC tables and cutters provide repetitive quality in each product produced. foots, Invalid value: chest size should be in the range: 30-45 Our single curve, full coat AR550 steel plates are NIJ certified level III. v0 is difficult to measure, so a second concept has been developed in ballistic testing called the ballistic limit (v50). Body armor comes in all different shapes, sizes, and levels of protection. Probably the biggest confusion in the world of personal defense is the difference between Level III and Level IIIa body armor. For more information about all of our protective products or to learn more about Body Armor Megastore, contact us through the website or give us a call today at 51-ARMOR-GUY. If for example, the v0 of an armor design is measured to be 1,600 ft/s (490 m/s) with a 9 mm FMJ bullet based on 30 shots, the test is only an estimate of the real v0 of this armor. In addition SK 4, the highest protection class, is specified to withstand three hits, while Level IV needs only to withstand one hit - although by a bigger caliber (7,62×63mm). But, once we get a hold of the nomenclature, all differences, advantages, and drawbacks, become apparent. Body Armor Megastore has you covered! Enter your values to calculate your optimal size. This shape has a length equal to its diameter. $516.99 $ 459.99. Unlike conventional body armors, our Level 3A soft body armors are extremely comfortable to wear. If you’re looking to buy a bulletproof vest that stops rifle rounds, level 3 is often the best option for you. Additionally, the armor might be referred to as NIJ Level II using Roman numerals, as these styles are used interchangeably. This concluded that water, long-term use, and temperature exposure significantly affect tensile strength and the ballistic performance of PBO or Zylon fiber.

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