lg lfxs29766s recall

Funny enough I had one of their defective phones as well. The LG was repaired with a new compressor in mid-July. We have to pay 435.00 labor. We just found out about all this because our LG compressor just went out! Stick to US manufacturers and they actually try to help. I would also like to be added to the list. LG Compressor went out just like everyone else.Will have it replaced since compressor has a 5 year warranty. My LG refrigerator just stopped making ice and everything in the freezer started to defrost. I was given a number to call and an appointment was arranged for a diagnostic report on the refrigerator. We have a 14 month old LG model LFX25973D and serial 702TRKH24365 that stopped cooling. Repair to frig is est $900- $1200 with a failed result to leave consumers with the continued problems. Nether LG or pacific sales are helpful, Please add me to class action suit. They’re having major issues but hopefully the updated version gives us 5+ more years. Because the Linear Compressor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG confidently backs the Linear Compressor with a 10-year limited warranty. Additionally, LG’s Door-in-Door® design keeps all your favorites at your fingertips while reducing cold air loss by up to 47%* to help keep foods, fresher longer. Longer works. He said that the LG tech added tubes on the front to try to compensate for the poor design. We lost all food in fridge and freezer. This time I was told that I need new compressor and that first repair was not done correctly.Ten days later here we go again fridge not working again wasted food. I asked if they could possibly expedite the repairman as they dropped the ball ordered the compressor on Sept 4th, we have someone coming Oct 8th. Occasionally still Leaks Water!!!! Thank you. To properly experience our LG.com website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). Weeks waiting for parts and no fridge and a possible $1000 out of pocket. Ethically, LG should put out a recall on theses refrigerators! The last person I spoke with was from the executive service department , and she was the worst one of all. No good! First no ice. They told me my favorite Kenmore brand is just a label, their parts are of LG, or else!! We went through the same thing with our LG refrigerator and after 1 1/2 years of service calls and Unfortunately this POS was made by LG. ? Our frig is 6 years old and stopped working. Today is Sept 24 & I still don’t have a working fridge. Please add me to the list; cannot explain the time, frustration and other, when dealing with Customer Service with the same problems. Legal Notice LG uses only 3 known outlets for the replacement parts. Sept 4th I call LG customer service explaining what the previous repairman had done and what was wrong with the frig. This refrigerator was suppose to last a lot longer than 4 years! Please let me know if there is a was to enter this law suit? We’ll see what happens! I paid way too much money to have these issues. WOW! The refrigerator was purchased in 2015, now I notice that refrigerator is not cooling again. The next one worked. That’s why no charge, Mine made it 1 year and two months And no help, Mine made it 1 year and two months and mo help. We bought our French door LG 7 months ago. Coincidence.. LG corporate has been horrid and every time I call I get told something different. My LG fridge just broke down last week. LG sent out a 3rd party company to install new compressor. The LG Tech fixed in a couple of days and said problem was with the fan freezing up with ice and a defective motherboard. The technician said they are encountering about 20 LG failures (compressors) per week. LG is junk! We called in again for another service call 3rd man comes today and asked us what was the problem were having. I’m anticipating it will be even longer. our LG refrigerator was bought in March of 15 and failed July of 2018, talk to LG they gave me the of the name of 2 repair people and they refused to come look at it, I finally found somebody to come look at it and they quoted me over $1, 100 to fix it and told me to stay away from them, I just went out and bought a new fridge, something needs to be done with LG because he’s linear compressors are junk. So frustrated & angry with them. They said that parts were hard to get and that LG didn’t pay. Called LG and they tried calling a few other companies but they are all out 2-3 weeks. We paid a little more for the LG because of the compressor warranty. A GOOD COMPANY WOULD HAVE PULLED THESE FROM STORES. I reset the internal breaker by unpluggingit for 30 seconds. Ridiculous! It’s appalling! Definitely not happy. We cannot allow these companies to take our money and not back their products the way they should. We have the same problem but we bought it through Costco and it is still under warranty but LG is still stonewalling after 1 1/5 months and 2 failed repair attempts. I do have to wait two weeks for the repair – parts being shipped to my home, but it’s better than what some of you folks are reporting. Was asked by the rep. for my 3 available dates next week 6-11 to 6-15 and they will call me back on the day of to let me know if a technician is available. We purchased an LG Refrigerator two years ago. I have an LG refrigerator that I bought at Home Depot, paid for a 5 year plan , I had a fan replaced under the plan . Compressor just died 7/2020. Same story! Placeholders.enable(); We purchased locally so it could be serviced by the folks we bought it from….that was the point. How can I also get in on the lawsuit? This is not right for a company to do this to people on purpose. So they know about this problem. I will join any class action suit as there is way to much crap being thrown into the dump that could have been built to last. They are scheduled to come 2/29/20. This LEMON now sits in my garage waiting to see if this class action lawsuit is approved. Another $300. My french door, LG refrigerator, model LPXS30866D went out a week and a half ago, the technician tells me it’s the compressor. It doesn’t help it all happened during the holidays. Same problems here. After less than 3 years of use. From these reviews I’ve seen, not going to go well will it? Ditto. Over this past weekend the fridge totally died and we lost over $500 in food! Our ice maker went out May 2. It’s criminal, My LG French door was purchased 2/19. I have a kenmore refrigerator French door ice maker 3 years old refrigerator stopped cooling service man from sears said interior temperature reading is 74 degrees compressor is back ordered after one I called they have no idea when or if I would get the part after 3 weeks no refrigerator they were going to send me $158 for part that never came. Needless to say I refuse to buy LG. What a rip off! They don’t make things like they use too!! this LG product sucks, Replaced first lg lmsx30776s/03 under warranty now second one doing same thing. My 3 door LG Fridge failed after 5 years. I thought when purchasing an LG that I was purchasing from a reputable company who stands behind their product but I was clearly mistaken. However l had to pay for the diagnostic and labor. Jan 22, same problem! People need to stop buying these Korean products. Am without a refrigerator for 1 month now with no end in sight. Bought my refrigerator 11-2018 just went out. LG French door frig compressor fail. Shame on them for not standing behind the products that they sell and they sell a lot of LG’s. My LG fridge is 4-5 years old. I shouldn’t have to pay for this. My LG French door model LFCS22520S is 1-1/2 years old. Cheap parts!!!! The technician said “keep your fingers crossed” after he replaced compressor. Currently, we show 1 past recall matching LG Refrigerator. The repair shop stated the fridge will soon follow. It has failed 5 times now and it is 2 1/2 years old. I think not! Yet its been a week and our refrigerator still does not work. According to my research, the case was “dismissed” because LG finally settled. Updated April 10, 2019 with a statement from LG.

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